It’s A "Colorful" Season

How are all my fashionistas doing today?

So I’ve chosen my first official fashion blog to chat with you about “color.” The obvious choice would have been to discuss the upcoming “clothing trends” for spring/summer, but I’m not an obvious person so “color” it is! 🙂
I personally think color is very important in a wardrobe. It’s among the first choices we make with any ensemble. When we’re shopping, we choose what color matches with what, what shade will draw attention, make us look sexy, elegant, classy and beautiful, what works best with our skin tone, etc. Some of us even color coordinate our closets. So yes, color is a major factor in the world of fashion. I believe that there is nothing more refreshing than a splash of something bright and eye catching in an outfit. While I am a fan of the basic neutral tones (whites, browns, tans, grays), I can’t exclude lovely hues of yellows, blues, greens and yes, even orange from my closet. These shades go very well with your basic neutral tones as well as with the ever popular black.
For the spring/summer season of 2013, the prediction is looking quite colorful. The most popular fashion runways were a delicacy of delicious brilliant, dusky blues, emerald greens, poppy reds, gorgeous violets, vivid oranges and sunny yellows. The beauty of these colors is that they can be mixed and matched. Yellows, oranges and greens go very well with blues. You can also wear any of these shades with “white” which goes well with just about everything, and is a great option especially during the hot summer days when you want to stay cool. Other neutral tones can be played up with any of these gorgeous colors as well. Have fun and play with your outfit to see what works best together; you will be pleasantly surprised at the unlikely matches. Go with whatever makes you comfortable and happy. Just think of how lovely spring and summer will look if all of us beautiful women decided to add any or all of these lovely, bright colors to our wardrobes. It would be simply delightful! Go ahead… Give it a try.

Check out this cute summery, design by yours truly in green and yellow. This design will be a part of the dress collection that I plan to develop in the coming months so please stay tuned. This is the perfect example for you to see that unlikely colors can work well together:

With that being said, I’m not suggesting that you completely disregard darker tones such as black for the spring/summer months. However, if you are going to wear black, I would recommend keeping it at a minimum. Perhaps a cardigan or a jacket over a bright dress (you can always take it off during the day). Wear a black pair of slacks, a skirt or a dark pair of jeans (indigo is fabulous), but add a “splash” with a bright top. I know black is pretty much the “go to” shade for most women and is considered safe, but this season I would ask you to try something new and take a risk. These colors will stand out in a beautiful way, and they can make you feel so sexy and confident plus give you a “light and airy” feel during those breezy spring days and hazy days of summer. So go on and work it!

As for myself, I have to confess that yellow is one of my favorite colors. It is definitely a nice “splash” for most of my outfits, plus I really like how it compliments my skin tone. During the summer, I love wearing different shades of yellow either with a pair of jeans, a white skirt or pant. This works for me. Find what works for you, and have some fun.
So… what are YOUR favorite bright colors for this spring/summer? Are you excited to put away the dark hues of winter and bring on the lovely shades of the season? Comment below and let me know what colors you are most looking forward to adding to your wardrobe and how you will match them up. If you have to go on a little “shopping spree” before you comment, I encourage you to do so and then please come back and share ;). Otherwise, let’s chat below and give each other fabulous ideas. Go… #engage!
Until next time!

Annacris ❤


8 thoughts on “It’s A "Colorful" Season

  1. I have always been afraid of colors due to the fact that I have always been a bit stocky dark colors have always been my safe place. BUT, I have discovered a passion for purple. I am also venturing into the coral pinks/orange along with minty/light greens. I'm loving it. 🙂


  2. Kary, first off thank you for commenting honey bun!For some reason, the fear of color has been instilled in women who are stocky, and they feel that black is their only option but I feel that if you choose the right shade, everybody can look fabulous in bright colors. I would say as long as it's not a printed material, go for it! I love that you're expanding your horizons. You are beautiful so don't hold anything back. Hmmmm, you just gave me another blog topic idea… prints!! 🙂


  3. How do I love this blog? Let me count the ways…Your voice and enthusiasm for fashion are as bright as the colors you suggest wearing! I went shopping with my fashionista mother today and she steered me towards shades of green and yellow! Great minds!!! I so agree…they are so flattering!! I love your dress design! I would so wear that!! Congrats on your blog, and much luck on it and your designs! What say you about spring/summer sandals?!!


  4. Aaahhhh such a CUTE comment doll!! You and your fashionista mother are most certainly on the right path to fabulousness!! I'm so happy to hear that you chose two of the colors I suggested. I'm sure you will look amazing. I'm super happy that you like my design as well. That will be part of my first collection… Thank you my dollface!! As for spring/summer sandals, stay tuned because that will be a blog topic very soon. 🙂


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