Prints Anyone? …Oh Wait!

What’s new my fashionistas?
So… now that you’ve seen the title of this blog, can you guess what I’ve decided to chat about this week? If you guessed “printed fabric,” you are correct. I figured since color was last week’s theme, why not elaborate a bit on solid colors versus print and what is most popular. So let’s go…
While I believe that solid colors are by far more popular than print, printed fabrics always seem to find their way onto our fashion runways. Some are quite beautiful and eye-catching. There is no denying that some designers use print in a lovely way. It all depends on your personal tastes and what type you prefer. Some of the more common prints are floral, polka dots, stripes, animal, plaid, geometric, paisley, hounds tooth and conversation print which is most often used on t-shirts. They can be bold, bright and busy or more subdued. Again, it all depends on your taste.
As for myself, I prefer solid colors. I actually went through my closet before writing this blog just to see what I had going on, and I admit I’m guilty of going pretty much “print-less.” I have a pair of Hollister plaid shorts which I adore, and a few other prints but not too many. I do like a pretty, tasteful animal print, a hounds tooth coat or short dress is also very pretty. Hmm, I just may invest in a printed coat this winter ;).
Now then, if you are going to go the print route, I would ask you to keep it to just one article of clothing. Everything else you wear should be solid and subtle. Let the print speak for itself and stand out on its own. Mixing prints is hardly ever a good idea except on the runway or if you find prints that really work together which is very possible. Here are some “how to wear” suggestions by yours truly:
  • Animal print goes perfect with black or dark brown, depending on which color is used on the fabric. Both of these solid colors will give the print an elegant look and will allow the print to shine.
  • Floral goes well with neutrals (black, white, brown, gray), depending on the type and the colors on the design. You can also choose one of the stand out colors on the print and wear that shade as your solid color.
  • Hounds Tooth looks great on a skirt, blazer or coat. I usually prefer this material for winter which makes it easy to pair with a dark solid color. Very lovely!
  • Stripes and Plaid again, depending on the design you can match accordingly. A well designed plaid pant can be really cute (i.e.: my cute Hollister plaid shorts).
When I choose print, I usually go with a top, dress or skirt. It’s kind of tricky finding a really cute pair of pants with a nice floral design, polka dots or animal print. I feel like it would be too much; too busy. I would, however, suggest a striped pair of pants in a subtle design with a gray, navy or black background. You cannot go wrong especially if you need to dress for business.
As far as body type, some printed fabrics can be tricky. Horizontal stripes are not a good choice if you are on the curvier or stocky side. Same goes with prints that are extremely busy (too much floral, polka dots). These prints can work against my curvier fashionistas. Definitely go with animal, a delicate hounds tooth or a very subtle geometric print. Remember you can tone these down by wearing a solid black. All in all, there are great choices for everybody but you just have to choose the right ones. Go ahead and try, work it!
So there you have it my loves. My take on print… Going back to my title and the reason I added “oh wait” is because I would prefer that you not go overboard or jump right in. Think it through first. I repeat, prints are very tricky but as long as they are worn correctly, anyone can wear them. Stop and make a wise decision when shopping. Make sure you have purchased or have a solid color in your closet that you can pair the item with. If you take these ideas into consideration, you will be one sexy, confident and fabulously dressed woman in print! I promise.
So what do you think? Are you a fan of any or all prints? How do you wear them? Do you agree with my point of view? Have you ever mixed prints and if so, did it work? Let us all know. Comment below and let’s chat. Go… #engage!
Until we meet again! Hasta luego.
AnnaCris ❀
ps: Thank you to the lovely “Gretchen” for her input. πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Prints Anyone? …Oh Wait!

  1. Anna thanx for the great blog…as for me im scared of floral prints..but i luv paisley and plaids,,,i adore plaid shorts in the summer, and i have a pair of high top plaid sneakers i luv. i think i might jump outside of my comfort zone n try something new this spring. xoxo Melanie


  2. Aww Melanie you're welcome and I'm so happy you liked it! I agree that floral prints are kind of scary. It's hard to find one that really works. I'm intrigued by your plaid sneakers though! I would love it if you posted a photo of them :). If you do try something new this spring, come back and share honey bun. I would love to hear what you chose to jump outside your comfort zone. Thanks for commenting! xoxo


  3. Well done babes… I enjoyed reading this.. And as for wearing prints of any kind, I have a few.. I wear mostly solids, darker ones in the fall/winter.. But in the spring/summer, I've been known to wear very bright colors.. lol I wear whatever the mood fits.. You're definitely on a roll with your blogs.. Enjoyable reading, for sure… xoxo


  4. Great advice! I have a pair of leopard print pants I wear with a solid black or brown shirt. I'm glad I'm on the right track! You are so right about that, and about wearing only one print at a time. When people do an animal print as a top, bottom, and shoes, it hurts my eyes. Lol! This blog just keeps getting better!! Thanks, lovey!


  5. Oh yeah!! Thank you doll!! LOL, yes prints from head to toe makes me say "my eyes, my eyes," πŸ˜‰ …You are definitely on the right track my sweet fashionista. I'm so happy you are loving my blogs! Thank you and thank you also for commenting and sharing. xoxo


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