The "What If" Game …. Q&A #1

It’s time to switch things up my fashionistas!
So… If you read my intro blog, you may recall me mentioning that from time to time I’d be posting non-fashion related posts as well as play a little game called “What If”… Well my loves, the time has come for us to play! The object of the game is for me to post a question (could be fashion related or anything in general; could be something relevant or something completely ridiculous – the point is to get creative and have a little fun), I give you my answers first within my blog, and then you all get to comment yours. Fellas, you can play too. I’ve decided, of course, to make the first Q&A related to non-other than “fashion.’ Ready? Let’s play:
… “What If” …

You were offered to start fresh, somewhere new and faraway, you were handed some cash, airline tickets and the name of your destination. The catch… you can only take five articles of clothing (including shoes and/or accessories) and make it work. What would you choose and why?
AnnaCris: Dark (Indigo) Jeans, White T-Shirt, Black Long Sleeved Blouse, Neutral Colored Heels, Large Sunglasses.
Indigo Jeans: Jeans are a staple and go with everything. Plus, like I said in my latest blog, they are acceptable in the business world. I chose indigo because you can wash them plenty of times before they lose their beautiful color. I’d make them work! 😉
White T-Shirt: A must-have, extremely hip and versatile. Plus, what’s more comfortable than a great fitting t-shirt! You can add accessories to play it up, wear it under a blazer/blouse or add it to any outfit for a more casual look.
Black Long Sleeved Blouse: Perfect for any business meetings that may arise, but also for a dinner date. Never know who I’ll meet in this faraway destination so again, I’d make it work! 😉
Neutral Colored Heels: This color is a perfect match for any outfit. Plus, heels go from business to pleasure at the snap of a finger. Until I can get my hands on a new pair of shoes in this faraway land, neutral it is.
Large Sunglasses: Sexy, cool, attitude, stylish, incognito, hip and the best accessory!
So these are my choices. The business woman in me planned ahead because you all know I’d establish my fashion empire in this new and wonderful place *wink*. Now go ahead and play. Let me know what you would choose and why. Your answers do not have to be as long as mine. I just wanted to set the example. So join the game, have some fun and get creative! This could get very interesting… Go! #engage!
End Game. Your Turn!
AnnaCris ❤
PS: Go on sexy ladies and gents don’t just read, comment your answers! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The "What If" Game …. Q&A #1

  1. So this will not be fashionable or sexy in any way ;). First off I would need a hoodie (a daily must have in my life no matter what the temp) Let's call it my security blanket :)Second- a comfy pair of jeans (brand doesn't matter as long as they are comfy) I'm not much of a shorts person so I wear jeans year round.Third- My Croc flip flops- must have I live in them year round. they are the most comfortable things in the worldFourth- a blue or green t-shirt ( my favorite colors)and lastly my Gander Mountain hat- tan and may not match but I wear it alot and will need something to cover my messy hair after the flight :)And I'd be wearing my boots lolSunshine you definitely have me beat in the fashion department but as a true country girl at heart I have to go with my comfort zone which is all jeans, t-shirts, hoodies boots and flip flops. WHat a combo


  2. Aaahhh I LOVE IT!! Jeans, t-shirt and flip flops are summer staple for me. You already know about my love for hoodies!! Fashion as all about feeling comfortable with what you're wearing so your choices are excellent for you! LMAO at needing your hat to cover your messy hair after the flight…. I love that you got into the game!! <3!!


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