Beauty In Paradise…


Que pasa my fashionistas? I was so inspired by my previous post about what to wear on vacation that I wanted to keep the momentum going and write a “part two” post on what beauty products to take along on your getaway. This has also inspired me to start planning my own vacation pretty soon. I desperately need to get on a plane and go somewhere! I haven’t done so in several years (bummers!)… But this year, I am definitely finding my own paradise on a beach somewhere… or maybe a cruise! Yes! :).

In any event, my vacation trip is really a whole other story so let’s get back to the subject at hand. What beauty products must I take along on vacation you might ask? Well, I have several of my own choices which I am going to share. I would love it if you’d share yours because honestly when it comes to beauty products, everybody is different. We all have different needs and different tastes. We all have different skin and hair types as well as different skin colors, tones and textures. Some of us have special issues such as eczema or acne so really, you need to make your choices specifically for you. However, it’s still fun to see what other people use and you can always get some really good tips that you may not know about. So let’s get to it my loves!

Ahhh *sighs* Paradise

My daily beauty regime is pretty simple. I do, however, have specific items that I love to use and have become a “must” for me. When I pack for vacation, I take my daily regime with me. Why deter from what works? Vacation is a time to look especially fabulous, and having the right beauty products is important. I do pack a little bit extra though when going away. For example, for my daily routine I moisturize my face, but I don’t wear any makeup except a colored lip gloss by L’Oreal which I adore! I’m always rushing out the door so I don’t have time for it. However, for a paradise getaway, I will pack blush, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and some bronzing powder. You know for those nights of dinner and dancing when your face has to look just as gorgeous as your fabulous outfit. Yet, it’s not just playing up your face but keeping the rest of your body moisturized and smelling wonderful. Plus making sure you have what you need to ensure your hair looks amazing. The entire package you might say.

So here is my list of beauty essentials that work for me at home and on vacation. You will notice that I stick to certain brands, and this is only because I have very sensitive skin and ridiculous allergies so not every brand works for me. Any products that make me sneeze, breakout or make me itchy are a no go. Here are my preferred choices:


Wash – Olay Regenerating Cream Cleanser.
Toner – Olay Oil Minimizing Toner for Normal Skin.
Moisturizer – Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream or Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.
Moisturizer – Oil from one capsule of vitamin E (I love the GNC brand).

The cream cleanser has little exfoliating beads that gently scrub your face clean not to mention, it smells terrific. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for Olay’s Regenerist line and I promise you that it’s as wonderful as they say. Keep in mind that I vary between both facial creams. I can go a week using one then switch to the other.

I use the vitamin E oil over the cream to give my face a dewy glow (note: do not use the entire capsule in one shot so you won’t look too shiny). This oil does wonders for your skin. It’s also great to rub under and around your eyes. It will provide extra moisture to that delicate eye area as well as reduce fine lines. I also rub a tiny bit on my eyelashes before applying mascara to help it glide on. Note: if you have oily skin, using this oil may not be a good idea.

Acne – If you have acne, I have the most amazing product that will get rid of pimples very quickly. It’s called “AcneFree” and it’s sold in most drugstores. It contains the facial wash, toner and lotion. Years ago I broke out in moderate acne and had a hard time getting rid of it all.  I tried this product, and I can honestly say that for the past 5+ years I rarely get pimples. If I do get one or two, I use AcneFree and the next morning they’re gone.

Vitamin E Oil Is Wonderful For The Skin


Blush – Clinique Blushing Blush Powder in Mysterious Mocha.
Bronzer – Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder in Sunkissed.
Mascara – Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Black.
Eyeliner – Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black, Ivy or Midnight.
Eye Shadow – I hardly use shadow but when I do, I go for browns, dark greens or dark blues.
Lipstick – Victoria’s Secret in Sensual or Don’t Stop (both dark reds), Also a lovely lip tint by Tarte called Moody which is a deep berry color. As you can see, I’m partial to reds. 🙂
Lip Gloss – L’Oreal Colour Riche in Rich Nude paired with a lip liner by Victoria’s Secret called Red Light (which sadly, is no longer available so I need to find a replacement). This combo of liner and gloss is what I wear daily and I adore it. I pray that the lip gloss is never ever discontinued!
Lip Moisturizer – Before applying lip gloss or lipstick, I dab either some blistex or some vitamin E oil to soften lips. Also, if you apply some coconut oil at night, your lips will be super soft in the morning and will dry less often.

My All Time Favorite Lip Gloss in Rich Nude by L’Oreal
Clinique’s True Bronze Pressed Powder in Sunkissed


Wash – Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash in any scent.
Lotion – Olay Ultra Moisture Body Lotion in any scent, Johnson’s Baby Oil or Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Lotion in Heavenly.
Gauze/Loofah Sponge – I adore these, especially the ones in bright cute colors!
Perfume – Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels “Heavenly.”
Body Exfoliating Secret – Mix a half cup of sugar or enough for your whole body with some baby oil. Don’t add too much so the sugar is not completely saturated. During your shower rub the mixture over your body in circles to exfoliate your skin. I promise that it will leave your body softer than a baby’s butt! Also if you don’t have time to exfoliate, after your shower while your skin is still wet, rub baby oil all over. Not too much but just enough to leave your skin silky smooth. Go ahead and try it. Let me know what you think. 😉


My Very Favorite Perfume “Heavenly” by Victoria’s Secret


For my hair I use a brand called UNA Phytology Range. My cousin is a hairstylist and she recommends all hair products to me. The shampoo is amazing and leaves your hair smelling delicious. For conditioner she uses one called “green conditioner” sold at her salon. It does wonderful things to my hair and leaves it so soft and shiny. Again, there are so many different hair types that you should always use what works best for your own hair. My vacation hair secret is before going in the ocean or pool I apply some conditioner to my hair so that the salt or chlorine won’t damage my hair too much.


Don’t forget that awesome manicure and pedicure. Bright bold colors, neon colors, dark colors or pastels… whatever you love, go for it. When it comes to manis and pedis every color goes. Whatever your mood tells you, that’s what you should go with. You can match both or go with different colors. I usually don’t like to match both. It’s so much fun to play with different colors on hands and toes so why not! Have fun! Be spontaneous!

Last, please remember to always use sunscreen especially if you’re traveling to hot weather. They say the higher the SPF the better so do your research to see what your skin type needs. I also use suntan oil because I have to admit that I love getting that “sun bronzed” look. I mix a little bit with my sunscreen and it works great.

So there you have it my sweets! These are my choices for looking fabulous during those lazy days in paradise. I hope this gives you a general idea on what you can choose for yourself. You can go with different brands, colors, etc… But hopefully, this list won’t let you forget anything you need when packing. I’m more on a budget so I have to watch what I spend (you know striving to be an entrepreneur and all takes sacrifices lol), but if you can afford to go all out for the expensive items go for it! Please feel free to add your choices, tips and anything you think would be indispensable. Add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Let’s help each other look marvelous on our getaways this year! Go #engage!

Until next time!

AnnaCris ❤

Stylish In Paradise…

Here we go again my loves! If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve had or are having a super fabulous day or night!
So my last post (A Letter To My Father) was pretty intense, quite heartbreaking but so incredibly beautiful and liberating. If you haven’t read it, finish reading this post then please go read the letter :). I promise you will like it. I’m extremely happy I wrote it, and that I received so much wonderful feedback and comments so thank you all!
This week let’s lighten things up a little bit shall we? Since we’re almost upon summer, I know many of us will be going on some type of vacation soon so it’s only appropriate that I write about what to wear on vacation (as you can see in my picture below, I prefer vacationing on the beach). Plus, I was so flattered that I was asked by a reader to write about this topic. It means that there is interest arising in what I have to say so thank you! Now let’s get started…

I was browsing the Internet the other day, and I found the most fabulous link on Elle Magazine’s website which contains examples on what to wear on vacation to different places.  The options vary in price from affordable to expensive but nonetheless, you can get a general idea on what to wear if you’re traveling to these cities or similar ones. I will post the link later in this blog because of course I want you to continue reading ;).

As for me, when I travel on vacation, I tend to pack what I know I will need with extras for emergencies, variety and unexpected activities. I’m not one who will take three suitcases full of clothes on a one week vacation. Does this surprise you? I bet it does but hey what can I say, I like simplicity. Plus I feel like it’s a vacation for a reason. So traveling light is part of the whole rest and relaxation idea.

When I choose a vacation spot, I prefer the beach hands down. If a beach is not involved, there most definitely has to be a pool. To me, one or the other or both are essential for me to relax and have fun. I often wonder if it’s because I’m from the Caribbean that I am partial to the ocean… I just love to swim, the smell of the water, the air and watching the sunrises and sunsets right on the beach. In any case, for me packing is pretty easy. Light airy clothing in bright beautiful colors are first on the list, prints are fantastic for the summer months especially dresses and long skirts, bikinis are a must (*smile*), beautiful sandals and cute summer hats as well. However, let’s keep this post unbiased because some of us do travel to places where the weather is colder, and there are some pretty awesome outfits for this type of climate. A sexy leather jacket, super high heeled boots with comfy sweaters and scarves! Ahhh, scarves are so delightful aren’t they?! So you see you can look amazing on vacation no matter what climate you’re traveling to. I’ve included two lists. One for hot weather and another for cold, with the last being a list of accessories.
I feel that as long as you have the basics for the climate in question, you can then add extra pieces accordingly. So below you will find just a few of the items that I usually pack when I go on vacation. These are basic ideas and suggestions so of course, we will add as many items to this list as we think we will need for the entire trip:
If You’re Traveling To Places With Hot Weather:

Shorts – Denim, cotton and anything in between.
Cotton Pants – White is a must, but bright colors are winners as well.
Tank Top – Cannot go wrong with tank tops in every color.
Dressy Top – Play up a skirt or pant for dinner or dancing.
Short Summer Dress – Great for sight-seeing, walking on the beach and shopping.
Maxi Dress – I love maxi dresses. They are especially great for a sexy evening stroll or a dinner date.
Swimsuit – Bikini, one piece, tankini… in all colors! Yes!
Flat Sandals – Great for sight-seeing, shopping or a late night stroll. Comfort is important.
Heeled Sandals – Play up a dress, skirt, shorts, etc. for a night out on the town. Fabulous!
Wedge Sandals – Great for a lot of walking even if they are several inches high.
Summer Hat – A floppy summer hat is a sexy accessory for a summer dress and any outfit.
Tote/Over-sized Bag – Great for the beach or sight-seeing. You can carry tons of items in them.
Sunglasses – Always carry a fabulous pair. I love over-sized sunglasses. They add style to an outfit.
I’ve added some style boards that I found on Pinterest to give you a visual idea for warm weather ensembles. Check them out:

I love these boards because they include a little bit of everything to make an entire outfit work right down to what color nail polish to wear. Awesome!

If You’re Traveling To Places With Cold Weather:
Jeans – Perfect for colder climates and they go with absolutely everything.
Sweater – There’s nothing like a snuggly, gorgeous sweater at a snowy ski resort.
Leggings – A great option to pair with sweaters and boots. Also, under jeans/pants to keep you warm.
Jacket/Coat – A stylish jacket or coat will play up any outfit while seeing the sights. Leather is great!
Sweater Dress – These dresses are stylish, cozy and great for an evening out.
Hoodie – I adore hoodies. Wear with jeans or pants for a more casual look.
Dress Pants – For those dinners out on the town if you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt.
Dressy Blouse – You can pair with dress pants, skirt or jeans for an evening of fun.
Flat Shoes – Great if you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Again, comfort is important.
Heeled Boots – The sexiest cold weather shoe! The heeled boot can be paired with any outfit.
Sunglasses – Again, Do not go anywhere without a fabulous pair. Sunglasses are not just for summer.
Large Handbag – A tote is great for summer but for colder months, a large handbag is so stylish.

Check out this style board from Pinterest for cold weather outfits:

This board shows just how stylish and fabulous your winter outfit can be while on vacation. The leather jacket and boots complement the whole look. Oh yes!

Must-Have Accessories:
Hoop Earrings – You cannot go wrong with these. They play up every outfit, and the size can vary.
Bangle Bracelets/Cuffs – They are so pretty and stylish especially when stacked.
Over-Sized Ring – I adore these. They look fabulous coupled with an awesome manicure.
Over-Sized Watch – The “It” accessory. You can pair with a few stacked bracelets as well.
Clutch – Excellent for an evening out. You can choose a bright color to play up your outfit.
Wristlet – If you’re going dancing, this would be the way to go rather than a large handbag or clutch.
Cute Socks – For cold climates there is nothing cuter than bright, colorful socks to stay warm.
Gloves – Leather gloves will complete your ensemble for day and night.
Scarf – Bright, patterned, colorful, solid… Whatever you choose, scarves are simply delightful.
Sunscreen – Especially if you’ll be under the sun. Never forget your SPF.

Here is another style board with visuals for accessories:

Aren’t these absolutely lovely? Note, for jewelry you can go with either gold or silver. It’s your preference.

My last example is the link I mentioned at the beginning of the post from Elle magazine. This link has 13 examples of cities and what would be the best items to wear on your vacation. If your intended city is not listed, you can still get an idea on what to wear from these suggestions. I hope you find them as informative and fabulous as I did:

So there you have it my sexy fashionistas. I hope you were able to get some great options for your next trip. Remember, the items I listed are just the basics and some of the items that I would choose to bring. I hope they’ve given you an idea on what you would pack. You can add to this or change it up according to your tastes and what you’d like to wear on your fabulous getaway. Bring as many or as few (if you like traveling light) of your favorite items and make it work. Last, don’t forget to take tons of pictures so you can have wonderful memories and proof that you looked super fabulous and stylish on your awesome vacation! Happy and safe travels my loves!

Please feel free to comment below with your ideas and choices. Add photos and links if you have pictures you’d like to share as examples. Let’s make this fun! Go #engage!

Until next time!

AnnaCris ❤