Style… Is What You Do With It!


How are my lovely fashionistas doing? I know it’s been quite a while since I added a new post, but sometimes things come up, little setbacks that in the end help you to grow just a little bit stronger. I’m back though, and here’s hoping that you are all relishing in the wonder that is your fabulousness… πŸ™‚

So a few weekends ago two things happened. First, someone asked me on twitter what is my fashion style. I thought about it, and my answer was way too long for 140 characters so I responded by saying “anything that I feel good in” and “whatever catches my eye”… The reason I answered this way is because I really do not have one specific style when it comes to fashion. I love so many different aspects of it that I can never choose just one specific type. The second thing that happened was one of my girls sent me the picture below, and captioned it “Inspiration For Your Blog” … I loved it! It amazed me that I was asked the fashion question and then received the photo both in a matter of minutes. It had to be fate because it instantly inspired and motivated me to write a post about personal style, mine to be exact.
I completely agree with the above quote! You can buy the most expensive outfit but if you don’t add your own personal touch to it (even in the smallest way), it’s just an article of clothing that you bought. Just think when you see two people wearing the same outfit. Usually one of them stands out because they’re wearing it different. It could be the jewelry, the shoes, a scarf, a belt, an extra item of clothing that enhances the outfit, the bag they’re carrying or even the way the person carries themselves. Are they strutting their stuff, and walking with the ultimate confidence? The one who went the extra mile stands out more than the other person because they’ve added their own personal style or touch to the ensemble to make it their own.  This example explains the second part of the above quote – “Style Is What You Do With It,” and gives you an idea of what you can do to add your own personal touches to your fashion choices. Adding anything different or enhancing to what you’re wearing is what defines your style. 

The question from my twitter friend was fantastic because it made me think, and so many answers came to mind. So I figured why not write a post about my own personal style so you can get to know me a little bit more. I’m just going to describe the different styles I like and what I do to enhance my outfits. So here goes:

I have to say that while thinking about my answer, I realized that I tend to go from one extreme to another. For example, I adore heels (boots are definitely my weakness), but I also love sneakers (I am obsessed with my two tone chucks)! In the summer I love to wear cute flat sandals with almost everything, but then I can switch it up to a pair of sexy heeled strappy sandals. Also, can we talk about flip flops? There are tons in my closet because I simply adore them, and they go great with shorts, jeans or a casual dress. When it comes to clothing, my absolute favorite item is a pair of jeans. However, I also love cute short dresses, especially in the summer. Also maxi dresses are high on my list because they can be dressed up or down, they outline your body beautifully and yet, they are also very comfortable. T-shirts are a must in my closet and these days you can dress them up with a blazer for work or with jeans, and a sexy pair of heels. In the winter, cozy sweaters paired with slacks, leggings or a skirt with high heel boots are heaven, but I can also live in my favorite pair of uggs with a pair of skinny jeans. I love a little black dress to go out on the town or a long slinky one if the occasion calls for it. So you see I can go from one extreme to the other, from all done up to super casual, to anything in between. It also depends on my mood. If I’m not feeling things or I’m feeling down, I tend to go the casual way. Whereas when I’m feeling fabulous inside and out, I love to dress accordingly starting with the heels.

I also add personal touches in the way of accessories. I think they are so important and often are what complete an outfit. I love hoop earrings (these are my staple hands down, ideally in gold), over-sized watches, tons of bracelets, a great necklace or two and over-sized rings. All these are essential for me. As long as you don’t take the “gaudy” route, you can accessorize to your heart’s desire. However, if “gaudy” is your thing, go on with your bad self and work it! :). I also love adding a scarf to my outfit because they add a touch of class and a pop of color. Even in the summer you can wear a scarf in the office because nine times out of ten, the office will be cold (mmhmm lol, you all know it’s true). The last accessory I cannot live without these days is an over-sized handbag. Oh yes, I simply adore them. The bigger they are the better. I love them in neutral and bright colors as well. You can most definitely dress all in black and your personal touch can be a bright bag. Trust that it will draw attention to you. Large bags add elegance, they just make you feel confident and sexy, and let’s not forget that you can carry the world in them.

So now that I’ve given you a description of what my fashion preferences are, I have added some photos of myself dressed in different outfits so you can get a better visual of my fashion style. Check it:

Winter Style – Leggings, Sweater and  High Heel Boots

My Favorite Pair of Chucks in Blue and Yellow

Summer Dress and Flat Sandals

My Favorite Pair of  Sandals

Jeans Paired With The Boots Below…
Oh How I Love These Boots!

Casual On A Weekend…

Self-Explanatory πŸ™‚ – Adore!

All Dressed Up At A Gala Event

So there you go my loves. A little bit of getting personal with yours truly. I added diverse photos that went from dressed up to casual so you can get a sense of what different styles I like. I’m hoping you learned a little bit more of the person behind this blog and that you liked it. As you can see, I was not joking when I said that I can go from one extreme to another (lol). Now it’s your turn… Feel free to comment below because by now you all know how much I love feedback, and let me know what your fashion style is. What personal touches do you add to your outfits to make them your own? If you feel like you usually wear clothing exactly as you buy it, has this post given you any ideas to spice up your wardrobe? I hope so but in any case, let’s compare and see how much we have in common or what we can learn from each other. Go! #engage!

Until next time.

AnnaCris ❀

8 thoughts on “Style… Is What You Do With It!

  1. Love it sunshine. I have a style that is all my own. I don't really accessorize but I am all about comfortable. I'm not into name brand just what looks nice and again makes me comfortable. I will never be a fashionista but I do love reading your blog and it has definitely helped with adding color and even a little flare to my wardrobe :).


  2. OH YAY!! That makes me so happy to hear that my blog has helped you add flare to your wardrobe! I seem to remember you buying some skirts recently, oowww go my honey bun. You are on your way to becoming a fashionista for sure. I'm not into brand names either. I mean it would be nice, but I certainly cannot afford it. As long as the clothes look great and well made, it really doesn't matter. We can still look fabulous! Thank you for commenting honey bun! Xoxo


  3. Loved this post! I think I struggle because I typically have a very strict dress code for work (suits) so when i'm not at work I like to be fancy and colorful. I love the scarves also cause they can double in both work and non work environments. I struggle a lot with shoes because I try to find things that can go with both types of outfits too. Colorful shoes don't always match with suits unfortunately. Any suggestions for other ways to spice up a pretty standard, dry work wardrobe?


  4. I'm so happy you liked it G! I totally feel you about working somewhere with a strict dress code (suits, argh!)… It's hard to shop when you have to buy clothes for work separately from non work, you should read my blog about: included photos that can give you an idea. Do you usually wear black to work? You can spice it up with red shoes or any bright color for that matter or a bright t-shirt as opposed to a blouse. Try a wrap dress. That type of dress is usually acceptable where strict dress codes are still enforced. We need to go shopping!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for commenting darling! Xoxo


  5. I missed this blog, probably due to the fact I haven't been on too much lately.. Once again though, I love it.. You really could write articles in magazines…My style is rather simple.. Spring/Summer: shorts, jeans, cami's, tank tops, t-shirts.. My shoes: I wear a lot of Sperry Top Siders.. I have several pairs and colors…Fall/Winter: Jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies.. If going out, I'll wear a cami under a jacket/blazer or a blouse…Shoes are anything that will keep my feet warm and dry.. And depends on what I'm wearing and where I'm going…Accessories: that depends on my mood and where I'm going, as well…. πŸ™‚


  6. In my shoe category, I forgot to add that I do wear sandals and flops.. But never sneakers, although I love your "chunks".. I only wear sneakers while working out.. I think they're cute on other people, but I do not feel comfortable in them.. πŸ™‚


  7. Ahhhh!!! I LOVE you comments Tracy baby!! As I said in our text convo, I'm hoping a magazine editor will see my blog and invite to write with them…I dig your style because it leans to the sexy, casual look which I also love. It's funny because I don't own a pair of Sperry Top Siders because I feel they look cuter on other people, however, I may try a pair. :)As always, thank you for commenting and sharing your views babes! XOXO


  8. Top Siders are SO comfortable…. I always wear them until it snows… Then I put them away until spring, every year… Jim and Kyle wear them too.. We're a "Top Sider" family.. haha xoxo


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