When Friends Become Family…

How is everyone doing? I’m hoping that with my last post “Style Is What You Do With It,” you all got to know the person behind this blog a little better. That you got to know my fashion style and tastes, and that perhaps some of us have something in common. I would love it if you went back to that post and shared yours with me. Give me some insight on your style and/or what you find is missing in the fashion world that could make you more fabulous than you already are. 🙂
So my loves, in this post I’d like to veer off of the subject of fashion and instead talk about FAMILY. Yes, that wonderful word that brings to mind unconditional love, loyalty, support, unity and so many other positive emotions. Family, and I’m of course referring to “blood relatives,” are really some of the most important people in our lives. We learn to love because of them, we learn our core values, morals and principles because of them as well. Our parents teach us all these things in our early years. They are the key to how we are raised. Our first interactions when we’re born are with our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. They become some of the people we love the most throughout our lives. Our cousins can easily become our first best friends. We grow to cherish our family and turn to them in times of need, during happy and sad times. There is nothing sweeter than a family that is united.
Yes, the love of a family is incomparable. Whether the family is large or small, it does not matter. What matters is the bond. There are so many lovely families in the world that get along no matter what goes wrong. They know how to put differences aside and resolve their issues.  These are beautiful families that support each other in everything. When one needs help, they all unite and support, when one has a dream, the family pitches in and makes it come true. One of the most amazing things to me is hearing stories about a family-owned business and how the family got together and made it happen then passed it on from generation to generation; or how someone lost their job and the family got together to help out until the person was back on their feet. There are so many great stories of support and unity. If you have this connection with your blood relatives, I beg you to cherish it and maintain it no matter what. It is one of the most important and sought after relationships.
So what happens when that familial structure changes and not in a positive way? What happens when you grow up and you realize you have nothing in common with one of your siblings, one or both of your parents aren’t all they should be (because let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to be a parent), the fights begin within the family because of gossip, instigators and lies spread that can sometimes be irreparable? The once unified family as we saw it begins to deteriorate, breakdown and yes, it breaks up. What do you do then? Who becomes that loyal support system that we all need?…
Yes, FRIENDS! Another wonderful word that brings to mind unconditional love, loyalty, support, unity and so many other positive emotions. There is a quote that I love that says:

…I believe this to be the absolute truth. There is no doubt that we all have that friend or friends who we consider part of our family, if not more than. Isn’t this a wonderful thing? When we find those people that you know in your heart are the realest of the real, your heart soars and is at peace because you have made that special connection that will be everlasting. You’ve found that person you can count on, turn to, trust with your life, secrets, hopes and dreams and know that they support you and believe in you 100%, that person you can spend time with and just be yourself with, the one who you can completely let go with and just be crazy, those friends who you can laugh hysterically with over the silliest things… That, my dears is also called being “FAMILY.” I mean, if not for that friend or friends, we’d be a bunch of lonely souls with nobody to turn to when we feel we’ve lost that primary family connection.
FRIENDS! We all have them. You just have to know which ones are real enough to call them family. Which ones will stand the test of time? Which ones can you ultimately trust with your feelings, emotions and best kept secrets? Which of these friends will be there for you no matter what, no matter how crazy you drive them or how many stupid things you do? Those that are willing to stick around regardless of your flaws are those friends that become your family.

Keep in mind that sometimes we out-grow some of our friends. This is not terribly bad because they can still be a part of your life just not as close as you were. This is sad but people change, their lives change (marriage, kids, careers, etc.) and you may no longer have much in common. When we out-grow certain friends, we are making room for the new ones that God is about to put in our paths. Haven’t you ever met someone and instantly “clicked” with them? In a matter of minutes you’ve shared quite a lot about yourself with this “stranger” and before you know it, you exchange phone numbers, you start texting, you become Facebook and Twitter friends, and you invite each other to outings, the movies and OMG shopping! :)… Mmmhmm, I’ve just described what can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This could be something that may have been missing in your life without you knowing it. These are the little miracles we live for, and are so grateful and thankful for when they happen. Friends are blessings and angels in disguise that are sent to us to fill a void, to comfort, love, understand, support, laugh and cry with, to share our lives with and expand our horizons. They can teach us new things and see our problems in a different light and thereby, making us feel better. Friends are simply the best and that is why we come to consider some of them our “best friends” and then are considered our “family.” 

It’s happened to me a few times, and it is just the most wonderful occurrence. I never thought I’d have such amazing people in my life as I have now. Most of them are friends who I now see as my family. Most of them I haven’t even known for that long and some I’ve known for years, but they are very important in my life. I just adore them to pieces and I thank God for sending each of them to me at just the right moments. They offer support, they help me and most important, they believe in me. I may not have many blood relatives that I can count on and share my life with, and I am thankful for the few that I do have because they are awesome (ahem, my mommy – lol), but my friends make up for that missing bond. My “girls” are amazing (and wow, I now have several amazing guy friends as well). I am so lucky to have all of them in my life and for that I say thank you. I am at a place in my life where I don’t need a million friends just a bunch that I know are sincere and I know I can count on. They give me love and I give it right back, and I honestly feel like I’ve finally cultivated a “harvest of friends” who I can now call my “FAMILY.”
So there you have it. This is my take on a very important subject in all of our lives. If you agree or disagree with my views, please feel absolutely free to comment respectfully below and share your opinions. This is really a lovely topic to discuss and it’s even lovelier when you can say you have a little bit of both. So I encourage you to please comment your story. To end this post, I’d like for you to go ahead and reflect on those people in your lives, your family and your friends and think which ones fall into any of the positive descriptions above. I hope you’ll need more than ten fingers to count because that would mean that you, my dear, are truly blessed!
Until next time…
AnnaCris ❤


4 thoughts on “When Friends Become Family…

  1. Slam-Dunk, my love… This is the best blog to date.. Your fashion blogs are spot on and written very well… This one however, touches on something completely different and close to home for me.. You and I have had MANY conversations about family (or lack there of) and friends, true and some, not so much… I know exactly where you are coming from and I couldn't agree more on everything you wrote about…All I can add is, I'm very glad you're my friend and a part of my life.. Albeit from texts and emails, (because we don't like the phone too much 😉 lol ) I know if I need to talk, vent, or just tell you something silly, I can… And if I truly need an ear, you'd give me one.. And I would do the same for you, my friend… When I think of my friends, you certainly are one of the top ones that make me smile.. I'm looking forward to the day I come to NY and we can hang out… ❤ xoxo


  2. AWWWW *sniffle sniffle* … I ADORE your comment! Yes we've had so many conversations about this topic and that is why I told you that you are one of the people who inspired me to write this. Ditto to everything you said. I'm here for you and always will be. The wonderful thing about our friendship is that even if we don't talk every single day, it's almost as if we did… I heart you to pieces and thank you so so so much for being my friend, my sister, my family! <3ps: I'm also looking forward to you coming to NY so we can hang out. Oh the fun! XOXO


  3. That's a true friend, when you don't talk everyday, you know they're there.. Like the saying: friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they're there..I ❤ you to pieces and I too, thank you for being my friend, sister and family.. You rock xoxo


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