What’s Trending? … Fall/Winter 2013


How are all my fashionistas doing? I know it’s been a while since we’ve connected, but here I am. I hope life has been treating you great, and that you are all preparing yourselves to look fabulous this season. While I have not been posting any new blogs, I have about six in the works that I’ve been working on simultaneously so I’m hoping to complete all of them soon. Sometimes I just get stuck on how I want to word things so I leave it until I find my way and I move on to another. Haa I know, multitasking at its finest but darn that writer’s block! 🙂

So my favorite season has begun: FALL! I adore these next few months because the fashion is so wonderful. Even though the weather is not that cold, you can still wear sweaters, hoodies, jackets, scarves, hats and my number one favorite: boots! There is just something in the air that calls for the elegance and classiness of dressing up to honor this beautiful time of the year. Beginning with the outfit and accessories, and adding the outerwear with the classic coats, the shoes and not to mention the mix of delightful colors. Even the leaves feel the need to cater to the season with their change from green to orange, yellow, brown and red giving the world a charming hue. It’s no wonder many of us are in love with this lovely time of every year.

On that note, I wanted to discuss the fall/winter 2013 trends and give everyone an idea on what’s hot this season. I’ve gone through many photos and designer’s websites to pick and choose all the cool trends. There was so much variety this season. Pants, dresses and skirts (short, knee length and below the knee) …oh my! There were coats, sweaters, shoes and boots. Also, great accessories and wonderful colors that lit up the runways. I was in fashion heaven! It was hard to choose just a few to show, but I hope these will give you an idea on what to shop for.

Let’s get started:

WINTER WHITE: I laugh at whoever says you cannot wear white after Labor Day. Gone are those days. White was all over the fall 2013 runways. There were coats, tops, skirts, pants and even shoes. The runways look so beautiful and so calm. Just check out the photo below. Don’t be afraid to go all white. You’ll look so classy and elegant. Go for several pieces in white and wear them all as shown below or mix with colors.

PLAID: This pattern made an appearance in many runways. The trendiest were coats and pants. I adore the coat in the photo below because of the wonderful fall colors that were mixed. You can be bold and combine your plaid item with another print or let it shine on its own with a solid color. Either way, plaid is in! Other popular prints were pinstripes and houndstooth.

OVER-SIZED COATS: Also rocking the runways were over-sized coats in a variety of lengths, colors and prints. Coats are on my list of weaknesses so I am definitely investing in one of these. I’m in love with the idea of a plaid over-sized coat and I also adore the short capelet version in the photo below… hmmm. The belted version is great for both slim and curvy ladies as they give both shapes a different kind of contour. Over-sized coats are great for those of us who like to layer and wear bulky sweaters.

TURTLENECKS: These were very popular for this season. In the photo below you can see that “layering” look I was referring to above. Also, you don’t really need to use a scarf although I certainly would. The scarf can be your accessory. I’d go with a printed one in bold colors. You can also layer a fitted turtleneck under an over-sized sweater for those blustery days, under a short biker leather jacket or with a blouse.

*The photo below is great because it shows so much of what’s in for the season. Check out the beautifully tailored coats, bright turtlenecks, boots, leather and velvet to name a few, as well as the trendy colors: black, brown, orange and white.

THIGH HIGH BOOTS: They were everywhere. Boots! Oh how I love thee… If you don’t already know, boots are my number one weakness. If I can find a pair of fitted thigh highs, you can bet that I will be rocking a pair this season. These boots go great with skirts and jeans. Unless you’re going to a club to dance the night away, I’d stay away from wearing them with mini-skirts because well you know….

KNEE HIGH BOOTS: Do I really need to caption? I feel like knee high boots will always be “in.” You can invest in any style: Flats, wedges and heels or all of the above. Go for it!

The IT color of the season was…

GREEN: This color was used by almost every designer. Emerald green was the winning color, but anything in between goes as well. Green believe it or not, can be mixed with several unlikely colors. Don’t be afraid to go out of the ordinary. You’ll be surprised.

Other colors that the runways made popular were deep purple, dark blue, bold orange and red, dark gray, brown as well as white and black. You’ve got variety this season so take advantage of it and have some fun. You can also add your favorites to this list and incorporate them into your new wardrobe.

SLOUCHY PANTS: Although I’m still not sure how I feel about these pants because the majority were high-waisted and I’m more of a low-rise kind of girl, the slouchy pant was popular with designers. As seen below, you can pair with a fitted or loose top and even a blazer. This style looks great with heels or flats for comfort.

LEATHER: Let’s be honest, will leather ever really go out of style? Coats, biker jackets, skirts and if you’re bold enough, pants. I love that designers did not stick with black but went with bold and bright colors.

And last but not least, the cutest accessory…

BEANIE HATS: I adore these oh so cute hats. I love the slouchy ones too, and I actually bought an adorable one which I will post in my next “look book” series. Beanies look great with a casual look as well as with a cute short or a maxi dress. They can be worn whether you have short or long hair and even with a side braid for a sexy look. Plus, let’s not forget that they can keep your pretty little head nice and warm on those cold days and nights. 

– The End –

So there you have it mis amores. It was hard to pick just a few because there were so many great choices. However, these more or less will give you an idea on what’s trending for this fall/winter season. You can always add your own touch of what you like and mix it up with the above suggestions. You know two of my favorite phrases are “play with it” and “find what’s best for you.” Don’t forget to accessorize with pretty scarves, over-sized watches, large sunglasses and a great pair of gloves.

I hope I’ve helped you make your decisions on what to wear for the cold weather. I wish you all a wonderful season, may you all be the best dressed in the crowd and the ones turning all the heads. Most importantly however, don’t forget to stay warm while you’re looking fabulous. Even more so, stop in and have some delicious hot cocoa or a caramel macchiato at your local coffee shop and show off that spectacular fall outfit. Oh yeah! :).

As always, if you have your own ideas and would like to share, you all know the deal… please comment below and let’s have a conversation and help each other look like the fantastic fashionistas we all are. Go! #engage

Once again, thank you for stopping by my “Open Closet.”

Until next time my loves.

AnnaCris ❤

*The pictures in this blog are not my own. They were borrowed from Google Images. Please contact me if any of the above photos are yours and you’d like them removed from this blog.

2 thoughts on “What’s Trending? … Fall/Winter 2013

  1. loved this post! I really enjoy the layering in fall too! I'm saving the whites for winter though and trying to get in as much color as possible now. And yay for being back in boot weather!


  2. Thank you G! I'm happy you liked the post and I agree, layering is wonderful and you can do so much with it and without looking shabby. I'm glad to hear you're going with lots of color. You already know how I feel about that… LOVE! Last, boots… well they are just everything LOL!


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