Beauty Trends … Fall/Winter 2013



Well hello again my dears. How are you all doing and how was your day? Mine was pretty good. It was a beautiful fall day in NYC and I loved it. I hope wherever you find yourselves at this moment that you also had or are having a good day.


So as you may know because I’m hoping that you’ve already read it, last night I posted the “What’s Trending … Fall/Winter 2013” fashion edition. If you haven’t read it yet, please go and check it out. I’m sure you’ll like it. Anyway, this morning as I’m riding the train to work, I got to thinking… I said to myself why not write a second post about fall/winter 2013 beauty trends. I mean we all love to dress up in the best there is, but what is a great outfit if your hair isn’t just right and your makeup isn’t absolutely radiant? The answer… It’s blah! Beauty routines play an important part in our overall appearance so even if you’re wearing an incredible outfit, if your hair and makeup aren’t up to par, your outfit will not shine. Therefore, as a result of all this thinking, I got excited because those thoughts led me to tonight’s post; which meant that Iโ€™d write two consecutive posts as opposed to slacking off and posting every few weeks as I’ve been doing lately. I know, shame on me! ๐Ÿ˜‰


In any case, I rushed home tonight and I combed through many images along with fashion and beauty sites to bring you the beauty trends that I feel stood out the most on the fall 2013 runways. Keep in mind that every designer chooses their own makeup looks and hairstyles to complement their designs but usually in the end, it turns out that there are many similarities among all of the shows. So without further ado again…


Let’s get started…




RED LIPS: Red lips were popular for this season which I love because it’s my go to color. When wearing red whether it’s matte or with shine, the rest of your makeup should be subtle so as not to take away from the sexiness of that gorgeous shade of red.






WINE STAINED LIPS: If you’re not big on red, try a wine color instead or any berry color. The preferred tone on the runways was a matte finish but hey if you want to shine, go with just a little bit of lip gloss. Keep your eye makeup nude to complete your look because again, the lip color will be the focus.






SMOKY EYES: Definitely “IN” this season. However, it is my opinion that the smoky eye should never be out. It is so sexy and glamorous if done correctly. Be careful and do not go overboard as the result could be what we like to call “raccoon eyes.”






Here is a smoky eye look for those of us with caramel or darker skin… So lovely!






PURPLE SHADOW: I’ve always been a fan of purple shadow, mostly the darker shades. This season the brownish purple was popular at some of the shows like my favorite man, Oscar de la Renta, also at Max Mara and Gucci. I’m in love with the luminescent look in the photo below. The darker shade of purple goes well with every skin tone.






LONG EYELASHES: Just gorgeous! Long lashes define glamour and they are so trending this season. I have to gloat just a little bit because my eyelashes are naturally super long, top and bottom! I hardly need to use mascara. Yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚ … Okay I’m done. As I was saying, long lashes are hot. I love the look below because her dark lashes are the center of attention while the rest of her makeup is subtle, almost transparent.






PINK BLUSH: The girly, sweet look as I like to call it… Just add a light dusting on your cheeks to give your face that rosy, dewy glow and you’ll look like perfection this season. Add a touch of lip gloss to complete your look but not too much as you want this look to appear effortless and barely there.






BOLD BROWS: ย Yes! I’m so happy about this look because my brows have always been bold and full. If you like this style, you should start growing out your brows right about now. My brows are also a bit long so I keep them from getting bushy by trimming the ends and applying a tiny bit of vitamin E oil and using an eyebrow comb to keep the brows smooth through the day.






Other trends in makeup this season were cat eyes, orange shadow, nude lips and metallic liner.




THE SIDE BRAID: From the moment I saw this look I fell in love. I’m so happy that my hair is long enough to pull off this style. You can go with the messy braid as in the photo below or nice and neat. As I mentioned in my previous post, you can also wear a side braid when wearing a beanie or slouchy hat. All in all, braids in any style are in but this is my favorite.






LOOSE WAVES: This look is super girly and so sexy. It can be pulled off even if you have short hair so go on and give a try. Loose waves go with any outfit from casual to glamorous so go ahead and rock that hair!






LONG SIDE BANGS: Very pretty and sleek. If you have longer bangs in front, part your hair on the side and sweep it on over and behind your ear to get this look. You can leave the back loose or put it up in a ponytail, braid it or even tie it up into a messy bun. This is a cute and versatile look. My bangs are shorter now, but they should grow out in a few weeks so I’m going to try this. ๐Ÿ™‚






LOW PONYTAIL: No caption necessary. This look never really goes out of style. The ponytail also goes great with any outfit and you can vary between sleek and neat, messy, high up and bouncy or low on the nape. You cannot go wrong with any style you choose.






MESSY BUN: Chic! While I’m not really one to put my hair in a bun, I really like this look and may try it. This goes great with red lips as shown below… It’s also one of those styles that works fabulously when going out on the town or dressing for work and/or a business meeting.






…And last but not least:


SUPER STRAIGHT: Again, this look requires no caption. It’s beautiful, classic and never goes out of style. A super straight short bob is so glamorous if you have short hair.






Other trending hairstyles were the sleeked back look off the face as shown in photo number four, punk hairdos in colors like pink or blue, and hair with lots and lots of volume.



– The End –



So there you have it love bugs. Once again, it was hard to pick just a few because there were so many great choices. This season is full of diversity and extremes. You can go from bold and intense to natural and sweet; from messy hair to sleeked back and neat. It’s really your choice. With the exception of a few, I plan to try most of these out this season. I’m in the mood to change things up and have some fun. Will you? Are you willing to try something completely out of your element and see how it turns out? I say go for it because you never know if you might like it and will choose to stick to it at least until spring. Plus we all know how much fun it is to go shopping for new makeup.



My goal with this beauty issue was to give you an array of new ideas to try. I know most of us find a beauty routine and stick to that, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to change things up. Go for that bold smoky eye, those super red lips, maybe try the nude, barely there look on a Saturday afternoon, try that messy bun on a night out on the town and then mix it up the next day with volumes whether it’s curls or loose waves. You all should know what’s coming next…. “Play with it,” your hair and makeup choices, and choose what “works best for you” but don’t dismiss the chance to have fun and be daring. Go ahead and try it then come back and let us all know how your new beauty routine worked out for you. Take some photos and post them in the comment section because I’d love to see the outcome.



As always, if you have suggestions or ideas or would like to share some of your beauty habits with the rest of us, you all know the deal… please feel free to comment below. Let’s start a conversation on how to make us look and feel more sexy and beautiful than we already are. Go! #engage



Once again, thank you for stopping by my “Open Closet.”


Until next time my loves.



AnnaCris โค



*The pictures in this blog are not my own. They were borrowed from Google Images. Please contact me if any of the above photos are yours and you’d like them removed from this blog.


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