Look Book #2 – My Latest Finds…


What’s going on my fellow fashionistas? How’s life treating you these days? Can you believe it’s already April? Sheesh! I need for time to slow down just a little bit because I have so much to do, or maybe I just need to pick up my pace… 😉

So I hope everyone has already read my last post “Spa Time… How to DIY At Home” and that you even tried some of the recipes I shared. They really are super easy and affordable so you should at least try a couple. If you haven’t checked out the recipes yet, go on over after reading this post and let me know what you think. I plan on doing more DIY posts in the future so if you liked that one, stay tuned for more. If you have any that you’d like to share, comment them or email me and I will include them in my next series and give you a shout out.

Alrighty then, I know I’m really behind in my “Look Book” series and I figured now would be the perfect time to introduce the second installment. I’ve actually made some really cute, fabulous and cool purchases in the last few months. However, I’ll only post a few as most of what I bought was for winter wear. I did buy some adorable and affordable accessories so get ready for some cuteness. If you don’t know the “Look Book” drill, the idea is to post photos, descriptions, prices, brand names (if any), and links to a website if available so you can go and perhaps do some shopping yourself. Now let’s get started my loves!

~ ~ ~

So a few weeks ago I had a couple doctor appointments scheduled and I took the day off to make traveling to and from easier. My first appointment was in the city and when I was done, I had enough time to check out what was new at TJ Maxx which is where I found this beauty…

The “Jazzy Geos Satchel” by Anne Klein. At TJ Maxx for $49.99 (original price was $89.99). This vibrant blue was what first caught my eye being that it’s already spring plus given my love affair with bright colors, how could this bag not be mine. My one and only con is that the bag does not have enough outside pockets. I like these pockets for easy access to my metrocard, office key card, tissues, etc. Other than that, I adore it. It’s very comfortable, and it does have a slit pocket on the outer backside where I can fit my metrocard. I’ve made it work. The lining is black with white polka dots which I find simply adorable. It also includes a strap which I’ve attached and shorten to the perfect length. I usually just carry it on my elbow because that’s the “stylish” way of carry bags these days. So if you like it, check out the link:

Note: The above link is to the Anne Klein website as I’ve combed TJ Maxx’ and the bag seems to not be available online. However, you can go the Anne Klein site and check out the other colors that are available or visit your local TJ Maxx store. 

~ ~ ~

So for the longest time I’ve wanted a pair of cowboy boots. I think they are so cute and they go great with summer dresses and shorts. I never really got around to shopping for them because I have this issue that all my boots have to be fitted around my calf since I have slim legs. Most of my boots are taken in for this reason but obviously, you cannot take cowboy boots in because of their shape. Anyway, my lovely friend Gretchen put me on to these cuties below… She’s quite the expert as she’s been riding horses for like forever. She promised that they would fit perfectly around my calves – not completely fitted but not too wide and she was right.

The Ariat Magnolia Sunflower Stitch Cowgirl Boot in brown. Purchased online at Sheplers. Discount price of $149. The original price is $169.99. I have yet to wear them because we’ve had such awful winter weather in New York City and I didn’t want to ruin them. I do plan on wearing them soon with jeans, maybe with a cute summer dress and perhaps throw all caution to the winds, and wear them with some shorts this summer. Will keep you posted. 😉

The link to the boots is below:

~ ~ ~

I’m going to guess that by now, you all know that I adore over-sized watches. I have several but I really wanted a rose gold watch. I found the perfect one online at my favorite store Express. Again, I got it on sale with a discount so try to grab one of the many sales at Express if you’d like to buy.

The “Multi-Function Watch” in Rose Gold. Purchased online at Express. Price: $88.00. The original price is: $148. The color is so lovely and it goes with anything you wear whether it’s casual or dressy. It’s a bit large on the wrist, well at least on mine because I have the wrist size of a toddler LOL. I had to re-size it which by the way, I learned how to do it myself. Hmm, that could be another DIY blog post though ;). Anyway before I continue to digress, the watch is still available online along with other beauties so go ahead and click on the link below to have a look. Simply said, this watch is gorgeous!

Check it out here:

~ ~ ~

I purchased this flirty skirt below at Express as well. I actually picked it up on the very last day of 2013 during one of their best sales ever. The original price was $59.90 and I think I only paid about $30 for it. It’s no longer available but it’s so cute that I still wanted to include it. This style is great for the summer months to wear with a sexy pair of heeled or flat sandals. It will go great with a dress shirt for work or a tank top/t-shirt for a more casual setting. Plus my favorite thing about this skirt is that it has side pockets!! Oh the loveliness and what a great surprise for me! I love dresses and skirts with pockets.

~ ~ ~

Accessories are in my top five must haves. They undeniably add flair to any outfit whether casual or dressy. There’s a store in New York City called “Afaze” which I love. They have walls of costume jewelry at great prices. I mean let’s face it, until we can all afford to go all out on diamonds, rubies and such, costume jewelry will have to do. So a few weeks ago I went in to check out what they had and found this cute little set. A little bling, gold and chains cannot steer you wrong. They were a hit with my girls and the price was perfect: $5.95/set. Not available online.

~ ~ ~

So let’s go back to boots… Every time it would rain, I’d say to myself “AnnaCris, you HAVE to buy a pair of rain boots.” The thing was I didn’t want just the same old boots I saw everyone wearing. I wanted something stylish, cute and different and I finally found them. Check out these beauties…

The “Everham Rain Boot” by Sperry Top Sider. Purchased online at Zappos. Price: $60. How fabulous and stylish are these boots? They’re waterproof, with a micro fleece lining to keep your legs warm. The great part is that the fleece is not too heavy so you can get away with wearing them during a rainy spring/summer day. The checkered shaft is made of a canvas like material that also remains dry and the even better part is that they fit perfect around my calves! I get so many compliments when I wear them and one of the ladies at my cousin’s salon went as far as to buy a pair for herself. 🙂 #flattered

Unfortunately, the boots are no longer available at Zappos, but they are at Sperry Top Sider for $64.99. Check them out at the link below:

~ ~ ~

Hat’s and scarves are also on my top five. These days I’ve a soft spot for “slouchy hats.” They are so cute and comfy. The same goes for “infinity scarves.” I love them in bold and bright colors as well as prints as seen below. Spring is the perfect time for both. Be cautious not to choose fleece or wool material as these will be too warm for the weather.

I purchased both items at a store called Joyce Leslie. They’re similar to Forever 21 in prices and cuteness. The price for both items: $8. A colorful or neutral slouchy hat and a bright scarf both go great on a casual, kind of windy spring day. You can wear either or both if you’re wearing jeans and a light jacket. I included a photo of two different ways I wear my favorite hat to give you a sense… Website was not available.

~ ~ ~

This little number is all kinds of cute. I purchased the flirty skirt at H&M several months ago so it’s probably no longer available. This skirt is great for the warm weather months. The mix of dark, light and bright colors of the material make it easy to pair with any solid colored top. It will look great with a tank top or even a t-shirt during the summer. The price in store: $29.95.

The black short-sleeved crop sweater has no buttons and is perfect to wear over a maxi dress or a tank top during the summer months. I found this at Joyce Leslie as well. The price: $16.

~ ~ ~

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I had traveled to Colorado for work back in February. While at this fabulous hotel called the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, I found these adorable pair of wedge booties by TOMS at a cute little shoe boutique and I just had to buy them!

The “Suede Desert Wedge” in Chestnut has a 2 3/4 heel and has a cute lace up front. Available online at TOMS. Price: $89. I wore them that same night to a dinner and then drinks and fun until the wee hours, and I must say that these are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve worn in a while. Not to mention that these are my first pair of TOMS shoes, and I have now participated in the “One for One” program where when you buy a pair of shoes, you are also helping to improve the health, education and well-being of a child.

Go ahead and click on the link below to check them out. You’ll have a better photo as I could not get the right light to enhance the color of the shoes:

~ ~ ~

Let’s continue with the Colorado theme… I found this beauty in a quaint little shop in Breckenridge, Colorado. As you can see, I lean towards coppery, gold and/or rose colored metals as they complement my skin tone. This store had tons of cute jewelry, hats, socks, scarves, etc. I couldn’t decide what to buy, but I definitely wanted this bracelet. It goes with everything since it’s a neutral metal with brown leather straps. I’ve also gotten plenty of compliments about this item. I must visit Colorado again as it’s an incredibly beautiful state! The price of the bracelet was: $10.

~ ~ ~

Of course I couldn’t go without buying at least one pair of jeans. The “Super Skinny Super Low” Jean. Purchased at H&M. Price: $29.95. I actually bought three different pairs, but these turned out to be my favorite. I usually buy most of my jeans at either Express or Guess because since I’m so slim, I need something that will fit to a tee and enhance my tiny curves. You know some of us slim ladies do have cute little butts and some small curves too ;). Both Express and Guess seem to fit all my jeans needs to perfection. This time, however, since I’ve been on a strict budget I went out on a limb and bought all three pairs at H&M. The prices were very affordable (19.95-29.95). I was not disappointed. Wow! The fit is perfection all around. The color is dark denim blue which I love and also the super low rise slim fit is fabulous.

Click the link below to check them out:

I’m a true fan of stripes. Mostly thin stripes if I have to choose. This knit skirt is the cutest thing. I purchased it at H&M along with the jeans. The stripes are navy blue and white. I wore this to work the other day with a pair of black boots, dark tights and a white top. This skirt will also work during spring and summer paired with a tank top, fitted t-shirt or for the office, a short sleeved blouse. Price in store: $5.95. Not available online.

~ ~ ~

In keeping with the H&M theme, I picked these up as well. Yep, I’m on a budget but trust me that I got a good sale and did not, by any means, break my bank. These cute little rings need no caption. Price in store: $2.95 – $5.95. Not available online.

~ ~ ~

Last but certainly not least… These wonderful, amazing and super comfy UGGS are to die for! I know winter is over, but I had to include these because they are just so delightful.  The “Ugg Sunburst Tall Boot.” Purchased online at Victoria’s Secret. Price: $295 (same price as on the UGG website). I have to admit that I did break the bank with these, but I deserve to splurge once in a while. With fur trim on the inside all the way into the foot area, these boots are the coziest, sweetest things ever made. My feet were never cold during all the freezing winter days in New York City. I adore these boots with my heart and soul. They make me feel so warm and fuzzy. My heart is hurting at the thought of not being able to wear them until winter returns. 🙂

Note: The boots run a bit large so I would buy a size smaller than your usual. Also, I checked both the Victoria’s Secret and UGG websites, and could not find them so they may no longer be available. 😦 or you’ll have to wait until fall or winter to see if they re-stock.

… The End …

Phew! Can we say shopping spree? I came home with plenty of goodies in the past few months and these were just a few of them. The fun part was that I not only shopped in New York City, but I also traveled and did some more shopping. I was quite busy but also impressed that I did not break my budget (well minus the UGG boots, but I couldn’t resist). I’m looking forward to posting “Look Book #3” as that will mean that I’ll have to hit the stores again pretty soon. 😉

So there you have it my loves. I hope you enjoyed part two of the “Look Book” series. Feel free to click on any of the links and visit the stores. Even if you’re not interested in what I’ve purchased, you can browse around any of the sites and maybe see something that you’d prefer. If you do, you know the deal… come back and share. Otherwise, if you have anything you’d like to share, questions about my purchases, etc., please comment below and let’s chat about our fabulousness. Go! #engage

As always, thank you for stopping by my “Open Closet.”

Hasta Luego…

AnnaCris ❤

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