DIY Manicure – Get Creative

Happy Friday night my loves! I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, that you’re having a fabulous time. I’ve chosen to stay in tonight as I try and alternate my weekends between going out and staying in. Tonight it’s the latter.
Since I’m in, I figured I’d write a quick random post…
So on Tuesday night I decided to do my own manicure. I usually do them myself as I feel I do a much better job than when I have them done at the nail salon. The only difference is that I don’t get the pampering I would get when someone else is massaging my hands, etc. Another reason I do them myself is because for whatever reason, when I have them done at the salon, the color starts chipping the very next day and that just gets on ALL my nerves! Grrrr! However, lately I have been taking the easy road and just having my nails done at the salon. This is out of pure laziness and impatience and nothing else.
Now back to Tuesday night… I was supposed to attend an event the following evening and so I threw all laziness out the window and got right down to it. I had recently bought a new nail color by Essie and several weeks ago I purchased the cutest glitter by OPI. I figured it was time to make use of both. BTW, I adore adding glitter to my manicures. I think glitter is fun, cute, girly and eye-catching. Anyway, I wanted to share the outcome as I’ve gotten many compliments from my “creativeness.” 😉 …Check it:

I pretty much go through the whole process myself.

1. File nails (usually square shaped).
2. Cut any hang nails and excess dry skin.
3. Soak in warm water (I add a few drops of lemon juice to strengthen nails)
4. Push back cuticles (never cut).
5. Thoroughly wash my hands and scrub off any excess dead skin.
6. Apply lotion.
7. Dab a Q-tip with some nail polish remover (without acetone) and swipe each nail to remove excess oils.
8. Ready to polish…

– Base coat: “Millionails” – by: Essie (Strengthens nails)
– Nail Color: “After School Boy Blazer” – by: Essie (two coats)
– Glitter: “Be Awesome” – by: Nicole by OPI
– Top Coat: “Good To Go” – by: Essie (Shines, Dries Super Quick, Prolongs Polish)
– Rings: Purchased at H&M

A Closer Look
Above is a closer look. Just so you know, this glitter was a bit hard to scoop out of the bottle which in a way made it better to strategically place them on my nails. I could only get about two or three on the brush at a time so that kind of helped for me to place them around the nail. Allow this coat to dry before applying the top coat to seal the color. My nails are still intact on day three. Usually by now they’ve started to chip.
So there you have it ladies… What do you think? I’m in love with this look and I think I will try it again next time. How creative do you get with your nails? I tend to do all sorts of designs. Glitter, stripes, two different shades, polka dots and one time I even did cute little flowers. It takes time and practice but it’s so much fun and kind of relaxing for me. The other thing is that I LOVE bright colors especially in the spring and summer months. Do you ever do your own nails or do you prefer going to a nail salon? If you go to the salon, do you ask your manicurist to get creative or do you just polish and go? You all know the deal… comment below and let’s share our fabulousness with each other. I’d love to hear your routine and/or how creative you get nowadays with all the fun ideas for fun and pretty manis. Go ahead comment below. Go! #engage
As always, thank you for stopping my “Open Closet.”
Hasta Luego,
AnnaCris ❤

6 thoughts on “DIY Manicure – Get Creative

  1. Your nails look very cute, babes… And very good tips to do your own mani.. I have always done my own nails.. They are very strong, always have been.. And Essie is my new “go to” nail polish.. Sometimes OPI or Loreal.. But 90% of the time, it's Essie.. I love so many of their colors.. But for my top coat I use Sally Hansen “Mega Shine”.. This stuff is like teflon and the shine is incredible.. And I can go 7-10 days without one single chip, I swear… And you can put this stuff on wet nails, too.. Within 60 seconds they are totally dry.. It's a little pricey, $7.00- 8.00 a bottle but so worth it… But then, Essie costs that much too.. I don't mind spending the money on nail color & top coat since I save so much at the salon, if I were to go… Rock on!! ❤ xo


  2. Thank you babes! Mine aren't as strong because I'm not very careful with them and I don't always polish them. Do you use anything specific to strengthen them? I LOVE Essie! They have so many beautiful colors that it's hard to pick just one. I actually also use Sally Hansen's Mega Shine. I agree with you in that it's freaking fabulous when it comes to shine. That was my go to top coat until I found Essie's “good to go” and it stole my heart. But the Mega Shine is also fabulous. My second on the list :).

    As always I heart you for always posting a comment and taking the time to read my posts! You will forever rock my world! ❤ xoxo


  3. You're very welcome.. I love reading your blogs..

    I have never used anything to strengthen my nails.. But since the age of 15, I have always had polish on my nails.. My mom taught me how to care for them and I haven't stopped.. So perhaps because of that, that is why they are so strong.. I'm glad you know about Mega Shine.. I'll have to give “Good to Go” a try and see which I like best..

    I heart you right BACK, Sweetie.. I will always support you with all you do.. Especially your dreams… ❤ xoxo forevevah!!! 😉


  4. I'm trying to be a good girl and keep the polished. Mine break pretty easily which sucks. I think both products are great and I may just alternate. 🙂

    Thank you love and right backatcha!! ❤ xoxo


  5. Do you have advice for good product lines or polish brands you have noticed that last longer/are better quality than others?


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