DIY Manicure – Get Creative #2

How goes it my fellow fashionistas? How has this lovely day treated you? It was rather cold in New York City but other than that, for me it was a pretty good day.
I have to tell you that I loved writing my last post “DIY Manicure – Get Creative,” I’m thinking I’m going to do more of these as I do more manicures this summer. I’m ecstatic to let you all know that last week’s mani with the pretty glitter lasted SEVEN days. Yes, that’s a record for me. I only had to touch it up once but other than that, the manicure lasted until yesterday. Woop! 🙂
So after removing the polish last night, I figured I’d continue the creativity trend. I’m elated to say that the outcome was once again fabulous. So without further ado, check it out…
Note: I know last week I listed some of the products I use as far as strengtheners and top coats so I’ve included photos of these below as well in case you’d like to purchase them. Here goes:
I call it my “Blue Galaxy” manicure:

Rings: Purchased at H&M
Note: I simply adore the mid-finger ring look for this summer. It takes a bit of getting used because it feels like their falling off your finger. However, once you do get used to them, they give your hands and mani a very pretty and delicate look. I always go with gold because it goes better with my skin tone, but you can try silver as well. Whenever I get a manicure, I love wearing rings to spice up the look.

A Closer Look
Below are the products I used to get this look:
“Millionails” base coat and nail strengthener by: Essie
* I just starting using this product so I will let you all know how good it is as far as strengthening goes in a future post. When I touched up my mani, I added another coat of this before applying the top coat.

Nail Color: “Blue Bombshell #335” by: Maybelline
* Needless to say apply two coats. This color is a bit on the matte side so you can use it either way, with or without the top coat for added shine. I went with the shine this time because of the next product I used…
Confetti Polish in “Pixel Perfect” by: Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear line
* I happened to see this polish at Duane Reade one day and scooped it up. It’s pretty fantastic. When applied over the right color, it gives your polish a very pretty and out of this world look (literally, hence the reason I call it “blue galaxy”). This polish was very easy to apply and all the little assorted confetti is easily scooped with the brush. With the blue, it reminds me of another galaxy with stars and dust all around. I love it! 🙂

Top Coat and Shine “Good To Go” by: Essie
* I adore this top coat. Not only does it add shine and seals the polish, but it also dries in an instant. I don’t know about you, but once I’m done polishing my nails, it’s really hard for me to stay still until they dry. I end up smudging at least one nail – Grrrr. This product is my savior. It dries instantly. Try it and give me feedback.
~ The End ~

So there you go my sweethearts. This week’s manicure was another hit with the girls and I am beyond in love with it. I’m hoping that this one lasts just as or almost as long as last week’s. I will let you know in my next “Get Creative” post. Well, what do you all think? Like it or nah? Will you try this look? Is it easy for you to get creative with your manicures or do you prefer to go to the nail salon? Also, are you all feeling the “mid-finger” ring look this season? Have you tried it? … You all know the deal, comment below and give me your feedback or suggestions on some creative looks that you’d like to see me try. This will be fun but you have to click “comment” and let me know. Let’s chat, share, debate… whatever you’d like to do, I’m game. Go! #engage
As always, thank you for stopping by my “Open Closet.”
Hasta Luego,
AnnaCris ❤

6 thoughts on “DIY Manicure – Get Creative #2

  1. Thank you darling! When you do them, send me a pic or post it in this comment. I'm sure you'll go for something awesome. It's so much fun coming up with these ideas and that I can do them myself and save money in the process. 🙂

    As always, thank you for reading and commenting on my posts. You always make me feel like I'm not talking to myself and I so appreciate it. Xoxo ❤


  2. I realize now that the question I posed for the last post was actually answered in this one… you are a mind reader today!


  3. LOL receive even before you ask… 🙂

    I actually saw your other comment first and responded to that one, but I LOVE that you commented on both. Thank you doll.


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