“Matte” About My Mani


How goes it my lovelies? I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed, fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday. I, of course, spent it with family and it was an awesome time had by all. It’s a wonderful thing when you’re surrounded by those you love.

So when you’re Hispanic, you take the holidays seriously. At least my familia does. We go all out with the food, the music and we get all dressed up. I’m talkin’ about guys wear shirt and tie and us girls, well we get all decked out in dresses and heels. In fact, my familia gets all decked out for just about any get-together because that’s just how we roll. 😉

Now that I’ve set up the scenario, I wanted to share my fabulous manicure. I’ve fallen in love with the “matte” look that’s so “in” this season, and below is the look I created on Wednesday night for Thursday’s big get-together. Surprisingly, the colors matched my ensemble (something I rarely do because I usually just choose a nail color that I’m in the mood for and never worry about matching to it to my outfit). Take a look at my nails in the photo below and the steps on how I did it:



*Image on the right is just a brighter view.

How To Create This Look:

  1. “Grow Stronger” base coat by Essie.
  2. For the black color I used two coats of “Licorice” by Essie.
  3. For the blue color I used two coats of “Pret-A-Surfer” by Essie.

I allowed the polish to dry for about a minute or two then proceeded with the following:

  1. I added the glitter to my middle finger using “Be Awesome” by OPI and allowed that to dry.
  2. I tried a new trick this week as I noticed when I first started using the matte top coat three weeks earlier, that the color would start cracking after a day or two so for this look I decided to try a new method – I applied Essie’s most wonderful top coat “Good To Go” to all my nails and let it dry completely. I’m hoping that by applying this clear coat before the matte coat that the color will not crack and last longer. Will let you know on that.
  3. I followed this with “Matte To Go” only on the black color to give my nails that awesome matte effect and ta daaa…  All done! 🙂

*Side note: The “Matte To Go” even gave the glitter a very pretty muted effect while not completely dulling the glitter’s shine.

One confession: my nails were ruined while washing the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner so unfortunately, they didn’t last and I had to redo them last night. I will give you an update on the whole “cracking” deal in a few days.

Other than that, dassit… (how “that’s it” sounds in Spanish when my mom says it, and a word I use all the time on Facebook for effect so get used to it) :). This entire process took me about 20 minutes not including the prepping I do to my nails (i.e.: filing, pushing back cuticles, soaking nails, etc.).

*Side note II: I’ve discovered that soaking my nails by adding apple cider vinegar to warm water works wonders. After applying cuticle remover and pushing them back, soak your nails in this solution for about two to three minutes. The apple cider vinegar loosens off any excess skin making it easier to remove, leaving your nails super clean and ready for your manicure. It also helps with healing any cuts on your fingers should you have any.




And there you have it my darlings. I am so in love with this look that I think I’m going to stick with it for a while. Plus the colors are perfect for this season. You can also alternate the blue with any other color and just keep the matte effect on the black which is what I will probably do. What do you think of this look? Will you try it or nah? You know you can always ask your manicurist to try this look on you if you prefer to get your nails done at the salon.

So you all know the drill… comment and let me know what you think of my mani. I tend to lean towards Essie products although I do love OPI and Sally Hansen as well. If you go on Essie’s website, you can find ALL their colors plus their special collections, instructions on how to create pretty nail art and even products for nail care. Check it out here: Essie Products.

I look forward to your feedback and comments below. As always, please feel free to share photos of your fun creative nails. I love trying new ideas and would love to share yours and give you a shout out so go ahead and post your photos. Let’s share, discuss and make each other feel fabulous. Let’s chat. Go! #engage

Until next time…


AnnaCris ❤






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