For The Gents… Cool Winter Trends


How goes it my lovelies? Hope all has been well with you since you last visited. Is everyone ready for the holidays? Have you all done your Christmas shopping? I’m good. I just need one more gift to buy and I’m done. Yay! I truly dislike holiday shopping… I can’t deal with the crowds, the lines and the mess in the stores. I just can’t. It drives me bananas.

Did everyone catch my last post “Brrr… Winter Chic Trends?” If you haven’t, please go check it out after you’ve read this one. It was such a fun post to write because all the trends are truly chic. I plan to wear most of them and you all know I’m a huge believer in creating your own style rather than following trends. However, these are so cute that I MUST try them. 🙂

If you DID read that post, you caught at the end that my next post would be dedicated to the gentlemen and what is trending for them this winter. I mean, the guys want to look good too and sometimes a woman’s opinion goes a long way. Well… Here it is. It took me a bit longer to do the research as this will be my first time ever discussing men’s fashion. #yikes 😉

After checking out several fashion websites, I chose to go with suggestions from GQ (because, of course) and Vogue because both seemed to hit it just right with what I saw on a few of the men’s fashion shows. I’m also going to include what I like to see a man wear because again, of course… Why wouldn’t I? So below are my favorite winter trends for the fellas. Let’s do this my darlings:




Thick sweaters are also trending for the gents this season. the difference with the men is that designers decided to layer them. I think they thought it would be a super cold winter 😉 *HAA*… Nevertheless, go ahead and layer away guys. Wear a thin turtleneck under a chunky sweater. Don’t forget to mix colors as this can add a pop to your outfit. Pair with slacks for work or jeans for a more casual look and you’re good to go.

Photo from: GQ Magazine.

From left to right: Christophe LeMaire, Margaret Howell, Missoni, Pringle of Scotland, Corneliani and Bally.



The color gray was definitely an item on the runways for the guys. Sweaters, dress shirts, blazers, slacks, coats… Just about everything. You can mix different hues to get that classic look or add a color – red, yellow, purple – be adventurous. Gray is one of those colors that work well with almost any other shade.

Photo from: GQ Magazine.

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Boglioli, Gieves & Hawkes, Ports 1961, Canali, Lanvin, Calvin Klein Collection, Cerrutti, Prada and Brioni.




Say buh-bye to the slim look my dear men… The baggy pant is back in full force and I have to say I’m definitely feeling the look. I was never a fan of men wearing slim jeans or slim anything for that matter so please embrace this trend. It’s a looser fit and I’m sure a more comfortable one as well. This pant is not only meant for a suit, you can rock it with a nice chunky sweater, a turtleneck or just a dress shirt.

Photo from: GQ Magazine.

From left to right: Oliver Spencer, Versace, MSGM, Vivienne Westwood Man, E Tautz and Maison Martin Margiela.




Browns and burgundies were all over the men’s runways. Brown is also trending for the ladies so as I said in my “Brrr… Winter Chic Trends” post, brown can be paired with several unlikely colors like burgundy as shown above. I also noted that there are different hues of brown that aren’t boring so just pick what pops for you and mix with something bold. Burgundy is such a rich and beautiful color especially for winter and I’m happy it’s trending. You can be adventurous with burgundy and match it with several fun colors.

Photo from: Vogue France.

From left to right: Maison Martin Margiela, Berluti and Wooyoungmi.



The right shearling jacket/coat can keep you nice and warm during the cold winter months as well as give you that cool, chic and classic look. If you’ve ever shied away from this material, now is the season to try it. I’m feelin’ this for you guys. Just make sure the Shearling doesn’t wear you. Pick one that won’t overwhelm your body type.

Photo from: GQ Magazine.

From left to right: JW Anderson, APC, John Varvatos, Coach, Topman Design and Hackett London.




The three-quarter length coat should fall just below your knees guys. I loved this look on the runways because it gave the men a very charming appearance. Pair it with a long scarf over a layered look and you’ll have the ladies giving you a second glance.

Photo from: Vogue France.

From left to right: Calvin Klein Collection, Lanvin, Ami.



The turtleneck is making a comeback for both the gents and the ladies this season. For the fellas, the look for winter is layering the turtleneck under a sweater, a dress shirt or a blazer. For a more casual look, just wear the turtleneck with a great pair of jeans. I’m lovin’ the zippered style shown above.

Photo from: Vogue France.

From left to right: Ami, Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela.




Green was also the “IT” color for men this winter. I adore the color and with so many beautiful different shades, there’s got to be one or two or three for you. Given that it IS winter (or is it?), perhaps you’d like to go with a darker hue like forest green or olive but even the lighter shades are perfectly acceptable and could be fun to rock. A nice chunky sweater, a turtleneck or a dress shirt with a bold colored tie… I see endless possibilities here.

Photo from: GQ Magazine.

From left to right: Tiger of Sweden, Burberry Prorsum, Berluti, Hardy Amies, Dunhill and Bottega Veneta.




No more fitted anything! That’s right things loosened up on the Runways for the winter 2015/2016 season especially outerwear. The coats were a bit over-sized, low on the shoulders and longer. Whether you choose a three-quarter style or a longer/shorter length, go for the over-sized look for a nice change. This also helps with the layered look that is so “IN” this winter.

Photo from: GQ Magazine.

From left to right: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Wooyoumgmi, Jil Sander, Ami, Casely-Hayford and Hentsch Man.




Scarves!! If you know me personally or have been following this blog, you’ll know that scarves are one of my weaknesses… So it’s no wonder that I am excited about scarves for men this season. It just adds a “distinguished” look to an over-sized coat or just over a suit if it’s not too cold outside. The long scarf adds the masculinity I’m sure you all want and you have options. Wear the scarf long with just one loop around the neck or under your coat and even under your shirt if you want to really change it up. You can also wear it long with no loop. Dark colors are best, thin to medium sized rather than wide and chunky. You can go with a plain, a subtle or a more daring pattern that either goes with your outfit or adds that extra pop of color. Please try this. I’m so feeling it! 🙂

Photo from: Vogue France.

From left to right: Gucci, Wooyoungmi and Bottega Veneta.

* If you’d like to visit the GQ and Vogue sites for more trends that did not make it on this post, please click here: GQ Magazine Vogue France

…The End…

So there you have it guys. These are the trends that stood out to me the most for this season. I want to add the following:

To me, there is nothing more sexy and elegant than a man in a suit and tie, pocket square and everything. You just can’t go wrong with that. The suit does not have to be expensive. As long as it fits properly, you can rock it. I love when men add a checkered shirt under the suit and a tie that adds some contrast. It tells me that he’s a bit laid-back, stylish and likes to have fun.

I also love a man in a nice sweater and jeans for that casual appearance. Even jeans and a turtleneck gives you that well put together yet chic look that women find sexy.

Also, make sure your shoes/boots are on point. Shined and no scuffs. A square toed shoe is more appealing followed by a round toe. Please stay away from the super pointy toe (a moderate point is a okay). The pointy toe even scares me for women. Yikes!!

Last, accessorize with an over-sized watch, cuff links, a scarf as stated above, stylish socks! OMG I love fun socks and why stick to boring black, brown or navy when you can go with something that adds extra style to your ensemble? Go with patterns, stripes and bright colors. Yesss! – fun socks excite me :). Wear contrasting gloves to go with your over-sized coat. If it’s a casual day, a beanie hat is super cool and trendy. And if  you can rock a well-kept beard, THAT my loves, will complete your ensemble from head to toe! 😉

… ♥♥♥ …

Well what did you all think? This is my first time ever discussing menswear. It was a lil challenging trying to choose what I thought fell under my favorite looks for men and what I considered chic for the season so I hope I did a good job.

If you’re a guy reading this post, please by all means comment below and leave your feedback and/or suggestions. Would you rock any of the above looks? How would you style your outfits to make it work for you? Are you the conservative or the daring/let’s have some fun type of guy when it comes to fashion? Also remember that you can tone these looks down for normal, everyday wear. Keep in mind that designers play their looks up for the runway…

So you all know the drill… comment below, share your opinions. If you’re a guy, I’d love to get your feedback on the trends above. Would you wear them or nah? How would you mix and match them? If you’re a lady, would you like your significant other, if you have one, or a friend or family member to rock these looks? Let’s chat. I always note in my posts how the fellas want to look good too and this is why I made an effort to dedicate a fashion post for you. Let’s discuss, give me feedback, should I continue dedicating posts to the men out there? I know we, men and women, all just want to look and feel good. We want to have that confidence when we walk out that door knowing that we’re rocking a fabulous outfit. So let’s talk about this. Guys I’m really looking forward to what y’all have to say so… Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤


7 thoughts on “For The Gents… Cool Winter Trends

  1. Thank you for doing this. I am a man who is not that fashionable. So any help I can get is good. I appreciate the information on the colors, sweaters and scarves. Some of the styles you mentioned are maybe out of my league. I am a pretty simple guy when it comes to what to wear. I will try some of these looks and color combinations. What is your take on Sweater Vest? Yes, I have a lot of them. Please do more stuff for men on here. I am not that much into looking good…but I can learn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Chris. There is nothing wrong with simplicity. Like I said you can rock a pair of nice slicks and a dress shirt, sweater or turtleneck and look great/stylish. As far as sweater vests go, I’m not a fan but if you want to incorporate them with these trends, go with the layered look. wear a turtleneck under one or a light sweater. I will do my best to continue to write posts for the guys! It really was fun to do so stay tuned for more. Thanks for visiting and for commenting!


  2. Thanks so much for finally writing for us men. I would really appreciate if you can share some insight as to where a man can find some of these fashions for a reasonable price. I know a lot of women who dress very fashionable but never pay full price for their clothes. It would be greatly appreciate if you can recommend some stores where a man can dress fashionable for less. Once again, thanks for insight.

    I guess I have to return all my tight clothes…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment Scott. I will look into men’s stores with reasonable prices and get back to you. Express is my favorite store and their menswear is quite fashionable and their prices are reasonable. Their clearance sales are great so you should lookout for that. I’ll research some other stores. Also, thanks for the follow!! 🙂


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