For The Love Of Boots!!


How are my darlings doing on this second to last night of December 2015? How crazy is it that this year just flew by? Time is truly flying so do your best to follow your dreams and goals sooner rather than later. We must do all we can to live a better life, whatever that may mean to you so just go for it. ❤

Has everyone taken a minute or three to read my last post “For The Gents… Cool Winter Trends?” It was my first post focusing on men’s fashion and I have to say I was a bit weary because of it, but it was fun researching for it and writing it. I got some good feedback even from a few gents so that’s a great sign. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so after you finish reading this one and let me know what you think.

So with 2015 almost over and a new year soon upon us with hopefully, wonderful things in store for all of us, I decided to focus my last post of 2015 on the one fashion item that has been my “forever weakness.” It’s already in the title so yessss… Let’s talk about boots! If you know me personally, or via this blog you’ll know that I ADORE boots. The reason I love fall and winter is because I get to wear these fabulous pieces of footwear. I love ALL types of boots from heels to flats to wedges to those cozy Uggs! They all give me so much life (LOL).

The photos below are some of my favorite styles and some I added because they’re part of the boot family and some of you may be rocking them. Some of these are photos of my own boots that I thought I’d share. Alrighty then lovelies, let’s do this…





I have this pair by Etienne Aigner in the above color and also in black and I love them. The riding boot adds that stylish “equestrian” look that is so classy. It’s also a great style if you’d rather go with a flatter heel. I wear these with jeans or a sweater dress when I want a not so casual look as well as comfort. I chose these because I have slim legs and I like my boots to fit snug around my calves and these were perfect.





I seriously need these boots in my life. I mean Christian Louboutin and all plus these are just beautiful! They’re simple but classy with just a tiny hidden platform. The high-heeled boot adds elegance, style, sexiness, fabulousness to any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a short or long dress, jeans, slacks, a pencil skirt or mini, the list goes on. This boot just makes you feel fabulous and like you can conquer the world so go ahead and rock them.

My suggestion… With designers making the “heel” higher and higher these days, choose a height that is most comfortable for you to walk in. Whether it’s a three inch heel or an eight, just make sure you’re able to walk properly in the heel you choose.





This pair belongs to moi… I got them a few years ago at Nine West and they are on my favorite pair list. They’re extremely comfortable, the heel is four inches high and I love them because they’re just different… I wear them with jeans, a dress or skirt and get tons of compliments from both men and women. I wanted to add these under the high-heeled category.





Booties are just everything, don’t you agree? I mean look at all the different styles above. You have an array of choices from the heeled bootie to the chunky heel, to the wedge or the flat and anything in between. I have several pairs in different colors and styles, and I can’t even try to pick a favorite. The bootie can also be worn with anything.




get-attachment (11)

These also belong to me… The rain boot is an essential part of your winter wardrobe. On those rainy days, this boot is the key to keep the water away from your toesies and your cute socks :). I got this pair two years ago from Sperry Top-Sider. I wanted a good pair but I also wanted something different that not everybody was wearing and these fit the bill. They even have a fleece lining to keep your feet nice and warm. If your feet tend to sweat, I would say to bring a pair of shoes to your destination so you can change into them.




Women Mix No. 6 Ledy Wide Calf Wedge Boot Black - 341877

Aren’t these just the CUTEST?! Well my darlings, these also belong to yours truly… I bought this lovely wedge boot about a month ago at DSW and I’ve already worn them with a pair of jeans as well as a couple of dresses and they were a total hit. They’re by Mix No •6 and are super comfortable. The wedge heel gives you height, elegance and offers comfort if you’re not comfortable wearing the thin high-heel.





This style is for a more laid back look. These are popular for the guys and we all know that they are a staple for construction workers. The above boot is specifically for the ladies. I used to own a pair several years ago and they were dark brown. I like this boot for the weekend to run errands or even, if they’re not suede, on a snowy or rainy day.




2013-12-27 23.10.31

For the longest time I wanted a pair of cowboy boots but I wanted them to fit snug around my calves because yesss… So one of my besties (Gretchy), who is an award winning equestrian btw, suggested the website Sheplers and I found these babies. So yes, these are mine as well… LOL! Hey I told y’all that boots are my forever weakness! Anyways, I purchased these on a Cyber Monday about two years ago. Cowboy boots obviously go with jeans but how cute is it when women wear them with cute dresses. Even in the summer months, when it’s not so hot of course, you can rock them with a cute summer dress or shorts.






If you’re a bad-ass chick who does the whole “all black everything” deal, wears leather and rides a motorcycle, then this is the boot for you. This boot has a flatter heel for comfort and the buckles add the style that screams to the world “I kick ass!” I just may get a pair…




get-attachment (27)

I ADORE!!! These are my second pair of Ugg boots and by far, my favorite. Look how cozy they look. All that faux fur goes all the way into the toe area so on those freezing winter days, your legs and feet are NEVER cold. I can wear these boots every day. I really have to remind myself to switch things up because these are my everything during the winter. You can even flip the top of the boot over to give them a shorter length but I never do. I want all that coziness and I always wear a pair of really cute boot socks to play them up.





These are so cute! I don’t own a pair but looking at these sure does make me want to go shopping. The military boot always has a flat heel with the lace-up style. They are extremely comfortable and fashionable as you can see the above looks. You can wear this boot with jeans, or a casual mini skirt or dress. Add some boot socks, like a pair with a lacy peek-a-boo elastic that pops out on top to add that lil extra of feminine flair. I think I’m going to get a pair. 😉



One of my besties (Tanji – aka “my lil munchkin”) read this post and kindly reminded me that I had forgotten to include the snow boot. See what happens when your peeps follow your blog? They come in handy! 😉 So here it is my sweets… The snow boot.

The above snow boot – the women’s Iceland boot by Baffin – is amazing. I bought this boot in 2014 when I was going skiing in Colorado with the besties, and it was a godsend because that year was a pretty rough winter in New York City. This boot is incredibly light and it feels like you’re walking on air. It is super warm and it has a removable “thermaplus” liner to add extra warmth. The faux-fur trim brings on the style along with even more warmth. This boot is perfection. Needless to say, that the snow boot should be worn during those snowy days of winter. I also wear mine on rainy days and remove the liner, unless it’s freezing out. This boot is a great investment if you get rough winters or just to look good if you like to ski. Baffin is an excellent brand for your winter footwear. Check Them out here: Baffin or check out: Zappos, they also sell this brand.





Last but not least, the thigh-high boot! Ahhh, these are something huh? The thigh-high was definitely a thing at the runway shows for winter 2015/2016. I don’t own a pair because again, I like my boots to be fitted/snug around my legs or in this case, my thighs and I feel like this style just won’t accommodate me. I’ll just leave the thigh-high to everyone else. They are fabulous, however. The right style can definitely bring the sexy. The best way to pair these is with a short skirt or dress where you can see some of your thigh. Y’all know that peek-a-boo effect. If I were to get a pair, I would skip the platform boot because those just scare me! LOL!

…The End…

So there you have it my loves. As you’ve read, boots are really my “forever weakness” and I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit it. I mean let’s face it, how sexy are they? They add a special kind of beauty, elegance and fabulous style (no matter what style you pick) to any outfit. Do you agree?

What are your favorites? Are you a boot lover like I am or nah? How do you incorporate them to your outfit? Do you tend to wear them more with pants/jeans or skirts/dresses or does it not matter? Do you like color? I do. I have black, browns, tans and grays. I would love a pair of navy blue boots…

Okay you all know the drill… Comment below and let me know what you thought of this post. If you love boots as much as I do, please share your favorite styles and if you have photos, please post them in the comments as well. Do you prefer the higher heel as opposed to the flat heel or vice versa? Let’s chat, let’s discuss our favorites and how we pair them. This way we can give those who have a hard time picking and pairing some great ideas. After all, we all just want to look and feel beautiful and sexy and there is NO harm in us helping each other out. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s talk. Go! #engage

One last thing, I would like to wish each and every one of you reading this post and those who clicked the follow button, those who comment and share my blog a very safe, healthy and happy new year. May 2016 be the year that all your dreams come true, that your health gets better, that any disagreements with loved ones are forgotten and forgiven, that the job you may be looking for comes through, that your outlook on life becomes more positive, optimistic and adventurous. Thank you all for joining me in another year of this adventure. I really appreciate you visiting this page to read what I publish and share my passion for fashion, beauty and life. Stay tuned for great new topics in 2016 and also news on the fashion business front. Cheers to a wonderful new year my darlings! Stay safe and again, thank you! 🙂


AnnaCris ❤


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