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What’s going on my darlings? How is this third week of 2016 going for you all? I’m hoping that depending on your location that you are keeping warm because winter has definitely arrived. It is “brick” in New York City right now and snow is expected this weekend. I’ve been doing pretty well except for feeling so exhausted since last week. It was a draining week physically and mentally, but all for a good cause hopefully… 😉

So did everyone catch my last post “My Love For Chuck… Taylor… Converse?” It was a short one sort of reviewing my new Converse All Stars that I am totally in amor (<3) with! I went on the Converse website and customized my pair and am psyched with the end result. I give them two thumbs up! If you haven’t checked out that post and the sneakers, please do so after reading this one and let me know what you think.

Well then, in keeping with the “cold weather” theme, I figured I’d grace you all with my picks for winter accessories to keep us warm and toasty in this frigid weather while also looking stylish and chic. Y’all know my love for pretty scarves and cute socks but there’s certainly more where that came from so here you go:







Scarves are definitely a weakness of mine. I love the different textures, colors, patterns, etc. Scarves can be worn all year round as long as you choose the right material for the season. In this case, we’re going with the knitted version to keep us nice and warm. The above photo features the infinity scarf which is pretty handy and can be worn in different ways.





The wrap is an over-sized scarf that’s long and wide and will keep you super warm during these cold days of winter. This also can be worn in different ways and they usually come in beautiful patterns that you can match to your outfit or use it as the stand out piece of your ensemble. I have a pretty checkered red, black, white and gray one from Express that I love. The above scarf is by Zara.





Without a doubt, gloves are a must for this “brick” weather. I mean I even refuse to text anyone if I’m out in the freezing cold except if I have the above gloves. These are made to allow you to use your phone without removing your gloves. The thumb and pointer fingertips are covered with a special fabric that allows you to swipe your phone’s screen. I have a pair by Under Armour that I love. They are very useful especially for the tech at heart. The above pair is by American Eagle Outfitters.





Of course if you want to go a little bit more stylish, the leather glove is the way to go. They may not keep your hands/fingers completely warm but you’ll be looking super fabulous. I love the camel color above by H&M. I have a pair of dark brown faux-leather gloves that have a long knit extension that you can either fold over or extend it to your forearm for extra warmth.





My girls know just how much I LOVE cute boot socks. I always wear them with my knee high boots and have them peeking out of the top. I love all of them! It doesn’t matter the color, pattern, texture as long as I think they’re cute, I will buy them. I love the thick material because they also keep your feet and toesies warm in your boots. The long length allows you to do the “peek-a-boo” effect so that you can see a lil bit of the sock coming out of the top of your boot. I always find the cutest pairs at DSW.






I know, I know leg warmers were a thing in the 80s but trust me when I say that they’re back. Leg warmers are as cute as boot socks and can be worn in two ways. You can wear them under your boots for an extra layer of warmth or be a lil bit stylish and wear them over your boots as shown below. You can also wear them over your shoes if you’re skipping the boot. The point is, is that they’re cool and nowadays they come in very pretty styles like lace, with buttons, bows, colorful patterns, etc. etc. etc… Go ahead and try them. I have two pairs and this year I’m going to try wearing mine over my boots just because… 😉






I love the beanie because it’s just plain adorable and they keep your head and ears feeling cozy. You can go with the basic beanie as shown above by GAP or a more colorful one, one with a little puff up top, or one with ear flaps. I have a couple of them but if I’ve just gotten my hair done, I won’t wear a beanie because it flattens my hair. Instead I go with a….





The slouchy hat is sort of an “oblong” version of the beanie that adds a bit more style to your look. It is also less fitted thereby not “flattening” your hair. These also come in very pretty colors and patterns and are super warm as well.





How CUTE are these? The above are faux-fur by Anthropologie. While I’m not a fan of the earmuff because they just feel tight and give me a headache, they are a good source of warmth if you prefer not to wear a hat. Just keep in mind that although your ears are protected, your head is still vulnerable to the cold.





The fedora screams cool. I mean MJ rocked one in his “Smooth Criminal” video and I was glued to the TV. My love, Robert Downey Jr., rocked one in Sherlock Holmes and had my heart doing extra thumps! So yes, the fedora is not only cool but will keep your head warm as well and can enhance any outfit. I have one in a checkered pattern in tan/black/brown that I love. Just keep in mind that this hat will not protect your ears from the blast of frio (cold).





I know some of us regardless of how cold it is, cannot go without our dresses and skirts so tights are definitely a must. They can keep your legs fairly warm and if you wear boots, you can add boot socks or leg warmers to the mix. There are plenty of pretty patterns and colors these days so you can be creative with your choices.

Leggings are a great way to layer under your pants/jeans. I have a bunch just for this purpose. They keep your legs warm and aren’t bulky so nobody would ever know you’re wearing them underneath your slacks.





Last but not least, let’s throw in a lil bit of shade… Sunglasses that is. They’re not only made for the summer months. Sunglasses are great during the winter because they keep the wind out of your eyes, keep your eyes from tearing because of the unbelievable cold, and of course they contribute to the “fabulous” factor. I love the over-sized style with the darker lenses. Make sure they have some type of UV protection to guard your eyes.

…The End…

So there you go my sweets my essentials for keeping warm during these cold, blustery winter months. Did I miss anything? I mean there are certainly different variations of all of the above so you can pick and choose according to your tastes.

Okay so y’all already know the drill… Comment below and let me know your thoughts. Did I miss anything? What are your favorite pieces that keep you warm during winter? Do you prefer cute and fun or practical and toned down. I love colorful, fun and stylish. For the guys, you can relate as far as scarves, gloves, hats, beanies and socks go. What would you add to the list? Should I dedicate a post solely for men? Sheesh, I have so many questions. In any event, I repeat… Comment below and let’s discuss. I love winter because of the clothes and accessories so this topic is super fun for me. If you agree, let’s start a conversation and share and maybe help somebody out there that has yet to discover the wonderful accessories that can “upgrade” any look during these cold months of winter. There’s no reason why we can’t keep ourselves warm while looking fabulous, stylish and chic during these freezing days of winter. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤


11 thoughts on “The Warm & Fuzzies… Accessories

  1. Hi AnnaCris, I found your blog through Opinionated Man and I wanted to pop over to say hello and to check out your blog. I really like this post and just about everything in it but I was a little skeptical about the leg warmers until I saw the lacy crocheted one – NICE!!! If I could find something like that I’d definitely sport it. Can’t wait to check out more of your blog. ~Steph

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    1. Hi Stephanae, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you like the rest of my blog as well. LOL about the leg warmers. I can’t blame you for the skepticism but those lacy ones are pretty darn cute. Let me know if you decide to buy a pair. I found those on Pinterest. DSW has a couple of nice ones. I look forward to interacting with you m

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As always, that was an awesome and informative article. I have shared it with my family members. However, I have one gripe as I did not see any item built to hide a flask of rum needed to keep you extra warm and fuzzy….lol!


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