Bra-Blems Anyone?


How goes it mis amores? I’m hoping all is going just fabulous for all of you. I know, I completely slacked off last week and didn’t post anything. The exhaustion took over again so I was feeling under the weather and blah but I’m back! *still exhausted though* but pushing through it. 🙂

Did everyone have a chance to read my last post? I mean I gave y’all ample time this go around (LOL). If you missed it, you missed a really fun post called “Eyelashes On Fleek.” I reviewed my three favorite mascaras all by Benefit Cosmetics – what are the odds? They are amazing, no really… UH-mazing! If you’re curious, go on over and take a look but finish reading this post first of course. 😉

So ladies, I know we all have experienced an uncomfortable bra in our lifetime. Y’all know the feeling… There’s some slipping, pinching and mostly just plain unbearable. What do we do about this? Well a few weeks ago, I was introduced to ThirdLove and thought it would be fun to bring you the ultimate guide to fix all your bra problems. ThirdLove is a company that specializes in great fitting bras! ( < click this link to take a peek). They have great information on how to fix some of the more common issues that we have with bras and I figured why not share.

I know that all of us ladies know good and well how uncomfortable wearing the wrong bra can be. I for one can’t wait until I get home to get rid of mine. I’ve been known for taking them off through my sleeve at times. LOL, don’t judge or give me any “side-eye” because I KNOW y’all have done it too. So the gang at ThirdLove calls our issues with ill-fitting bras “Bra-Blems.” Get it? Bra-Blems = ProBlems? Haaa, I love it! So I figured I’d write about my own “Bra-Blems” and hope you all will share yours… I will also share an exclusive promo code that you can use on Thirdlove’s website to make a purchase so keep reading. 🙂




Before I begin, let me just put it out there that my breast are small so my issues are all “small-boob” related bra-blems. My bra size is a 32A. Mmhmmm… Don’t judge. My hope is that those who have been blessed with bigger boobs will share their own bra-blems in the comments section and their own solutions if any. So let’s get this started:



I’ve noticed that my strap starts slipping after I’ve worn and washed my bra for a while. The straps get looser and looser and no amount of tightening helps. I know I have some pretty cute, sexy bras that I refuse to get rid of so what to do?


For me it’s a matter of tightening the straps as much as possible or moving to the last hook on the band to tighten things all around. I’m no expert but this helps for a little while.


Lately, I’ve gain some weight (yay) – I know, strange to hear a woman say that but it’s true. I don’t know if because of this weight gain that perhaps my boobs have grown some, but I’ve noticed some side boob action and no amount of gathering of the boobage variety helps.


Right now the best fixer for me is bending forward and gathering the ladies towards my cleavage area. That seems to do the trick. I read on ThirdLove’s site that the better solution for this is to go up a cup but I have a number of pretty bras in size 32A that I just don’t want to give up just yet. LOL I mean really… They’re cute!


I think women with small boobs tend to lean to the underwire bra because it lifts and adds some sexy cleavage, hence the push up bra. However, there are so many times when that underwire just digs in and it’s so uncomfortable and sometimes painful! For me, the digging occurs in the center of the bra so yes, it’s painful. This is when I have no problem removing said bra via my sleeve if I’m out in public.


I know this isn’t the correct fixer, but since the underwire digs in the center for me I try to bend it outward just a little bit so it doesn’t. Who else does this? Either that or I just won’t ever wear this bra again. Haaa! I know #quitting but lord knows this is a tough one so if anybody has a better idea, ahem ThirdLove, please share. 😉


I love sports bras. They seem to be the most comfortable to wear but they offer no support or lift. I usually wear mine under a tank top in the summer but again, no support to my already tiny twins. So what to do?


My simple solution which again may not be the correct one is to wear my sporty on the tightest hook, bend forward and gather these babies as much as possible and hope they stay through the day. Is there a sports bra that offers more support? If so, it makes me wonder would the comfort level decrease. Not sure but I remain faithful to my sporty because it’s the most comfortable.


This is an issue with me in the summer. We all wanna look cute during those hot summer months, and halter tops or backless tops where the back of your blouse falls below the waist are a go to especially on a night out on the town. I for one prefer to wear a bra most of the time unless I’m home. However, I wish that someone would come up with one that fits this bill. I know Victoria’s Secret came out with a bra that you could wear in multiple ways (backless option being one of them) but it was like an obstacle course to put it on. It was just too complicated. It felt impossible and some of the band still showed. #drat


I honestly have no fixer for this one. I just wanted to drop this here in case any bra company reading this would be interested in coming up with this fixer. I promise that women will love you for this one. I mean who wants their bra showing when you’re trying to look sexy while dancing it up? Not I! Plus we all want that lift and support so if you could possibly work on this one, that’d be great.

images (11)

So these are my own bra-blems and how I fix these issues. Some fixers may not be the best option, but they work for me. Again, for the ladies with bigger boobs, PLEASE feel free to share your issues. I’m including a link to ThirdLove’s website which contains some of their own bra-blems and fixers that I’m sure many of you can also relate to and maybe these can be of help. Check it:

ThirdLove_Fit Issues

Please take a moment to click on the above link. It has excellent information that may be useful with different issues and the correct fixers for each as well as the correct way to “put on a bra.” Bwahaha! I know I laughed too but you’d be surprised at how many of us are doing it all wrong. So take a peek!

…The End…

So there you have it my darlings. While my issues pertain to the smaller boob variety, I’m sure all of us have pretty much the same issues – straps sliding, underwire digging, maybe your straps dig into your shoulders or the band rides up (this one is awful). Whatever your case may be, trust that there are easy solutions and if you checked out the link above, you’ll see I’m right.

As I mentioned earlier, Here is the  exclusive promo code for 15% off of your purchase on Thirdlove’s website – PERSONALITY. I’ve gone through their collection and their bras look super cute and they have underwear too! I meant to purchase one before writing this post but stay tuned for my review at a later date. Here’s a peak of their best seller:

ThirdLove’s Classic T-Shirt Bra



So what are your bra-blems? Maybe your issue was not listed here or was not included in the link above. I KNOW y’all have one or two or five so why not share? Perhaps by sharing we can find more options for a more comfortable bra life. Maybe you need to change to a different style. I love the push up because yes, but there are so many different styles that I could be wearing that could offer more comfort. What is your favorite bra style? What do you all do when your bra is just unbearable and you have a long day ahead of you? Do you remove it via your sleeve a la moi or do you endure it like a champ? Are you willing to change to a different brand if it is more comfortable? So many questions….  But y’all already know the drill. Comment below and share your BRA-BLEMS and fixers. Don’t be shy because I know y’all have at least a couple.

Alrighty then, I repeat… Ya’ll already know this drill. Don’t be shy and share your thoughts. Let’s discuss this subject that unites us in so many ways. So please comment below so we can compare and find solutions. Gentlemen if you’re reading this, share with your girlfriend, fiancé, wife or just a friend and ask them to participate. Don’t forget to visit ThirdLove and do a little shopping with their promo code. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤



6 thoughts on “Bra-Blems Anyone?

  1. My biggest bra-blem is that I hate wearing them. Period. In fact, when I’m at home, I never wear one. I save the bra for when I leave the house. I despise the constant straps falling over. I need an actual side bra. And when I DO venture out for a new bra purchase, I receive different fit sizes from different stores. It’s ridiculous. I look forward to my summer trips to France so that I can run topless on the beach and allow my girls to be free when venturing outside. Fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao! Awesome comment Catherine. I agree about getting different fit sizes. I truly believe I’m maybe a band and a cup larger than what I am but what do I know. I also do not wear a bra when I am home. The minute I get home, it comes OFF! When you go to France, please share your escapades. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Happy you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh the complaints are endless. I am also one of those many that cannot WAIT to remove their bras (and yes I admit I pull it through me sleeves as well 😛 I thought it was pretty cool when phoebe from Friends did it and I never stopped doing it since then :D) Anyway, so I’ve got big boob, small body bra-blems. I am forever looking for the right fit, either the cup size isn’t right (lots of spillage) or the straps are too long (even after shortening it to the max). Sigh. Seems like I’m a rare breed. A rep at VS once told me that I should consider a special size 30C or D.. for better support and named a couple speciality shops that carries those. This was a bit bizarre to me as I didn’t know those even existed so I never bothered to look but I’d love to know if this could actually be a case for others. I wish stores carried petite sizes (not petite boobs..petite body size bras)

    Another big brablem I face is the bra gradually slips down by the end of the day till you literally feel like it’s serving no purpose but to irritate the heck out of you. Tightening the straps doesn’t help.. I sometimes try sitting up straight and manually lift my bra from the bottom to get some relief.

    I’ll check out the link above for advice and look forward to see what this thirdeye company has in stores for us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg! Yours are worse than mine! Aww, I truly feel for you. I think people don’t quite understand just how many issues these contraptions cause. There definitely should be specialty sizes and I think those stores do exist. Maybe we can have the gang at Thirdlove give us some info on this.

      I forgot that we chatted about the bra slipping. That’s also an annoyance when wearing a strapless bra for some of us.

      Check out Thirdlove. I noticed they have 1/2 cup sizes which I never knew existed. Go to the sizing section. Maybe these can help you. I’m going to buy one myself. They look so pretty and I wanna see how comfortable they are because I will switch brands. Thanks for sharing your “bra-blems” Arya! I love that name. 😘


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