My Beach Day Essentials…


How are my darlings doing? I’m hoping all is well and that life is treating you fantastic. I’m doing marvelous. I’m feeling much better, less exhausted and my mood has picked up. I was bummed about a project that didn’t come through, but the way to look at this outcome is that it was not meant to be. Something better will come along. Plus I’ve got some fun projects coming up that I have no time to be pouting over a lost one.

Did everybody have a chance to read my last post? I got plenty of comments. It was a quote of the week feature titled: “Uhh… Please Let Me Finish.” Many of us are guilty of listening with the intent to reply rather than to understand. It’s an interesting topic so if you haven’t caught it, go on over and have a look after reading this one.

So spring is in the air my loves, and what a wonderful thing this is. I know we’re all fast-forwarding ahead and dreaming of those lazy, summer days yes? Those days where you play hooky from work and head to one of the best places on earth… The beach! ❤ Yasss! Who’s with me on this? This year, I also want to go to a beautiful island on vacation and just lay on that beautiful white sand, looking out into crystal clear blue waters, while I blog away. Ayeee! #VacationGoals. 🙂

Given that this WILL happen this year, I wanted to get a lil bit ahead of the season and write about what I’d need on this wonderful vacation. I’m not sure yet where I’ll go, but I’m there! 😉 Note that even though this is all about ME and MY vacation, I know you can all agree that my choices are pretty much what make for the perfect beach day. There are items that are considered a given and others that vary by individual. We’ll see how much we all have in common. Let’s do this mis amores. Here are my beach day essentials or my #BeachDayMusts:


AnnaCris’ Beach Day Musts






The bikini is a must for me. They are entirely way too cute and with all the different styles available, you cannot go wrong if you pick the right one for your body type. Bikinis offer different types of coverage so you can either go with a teeny bikini or one that offers more coverage especially for your cute booty. I love bright colors, printed, with polka dots or stripes. Anything goes and the yellow one above (of course I’d go with yellow), is definitely a must for me. This one is by the brand Adore Me and they have the cutest, affordable beachwear in all sizes so go take a look at their website to see all their lovely beachwear and more. The yellow bikini is called “Tricia.” C. To see more by Adore Me, check out their website.






Who says a one-piece can’t be sexy? I love the back view of this bathing suit. While I tend to lean towards the bikini, there are beach days where I feel a lil bloated and such so I’d rather go with the one-piece instead. Although, some people just prefer the one-piece because they feel more comfortable and that’s just fine. Whatever works for you is what you should go with. The above swimsuit also by “Adore Me” proves that bikinis aren’t the only belles of the beach.






The sun hat is an absolute necessity for me. Not only does it pump up the cuteness factor and adds style, but it also helps keep the sun out of my eyes and my hair away from my face. I have the above hat but I like to change up the ribbon according to the color of my bikini. Haa! It’s like the IT thing to do. Y’all should do it too. LOL! There are different sizes and styles of the floppy hat but make sure to take one with you.






The cover up is just too adorable and it adds a bit of flair at the beach. I love the bright, printed tunic styles like the one above by Victoria’s Secret. They are so lovely and girly. If my stay at the beach goes right into the evening, the cover up is perfect for when the night turns chilly.






Because nobody should head to the beach without a pair of shorts… I love denim, low-rise shorts. I feel super comfy in them and I reach for a pair to wear over my bikini bottom when I head out the door. Again, shorts come in handy if I plan to stay into the evening. I will also throw on a t-shirt over my bikini top and I’m ready for whatever comes next.





Just an FYI that you’re “cool factor” goes up by 100% when you wear a great pair of sunnies. I adore over-sized sunglasses. They are my go to style and I have several different pairs. Sunnies are a complete must at the beach because they guard your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. I mean we all love to have fun at the playa (aka beach), but we should also take precautions to safe-guard from those harmful rays. Get a pair, whether they are over-sized, aviator, cat-styled… It doesn’t matter and never leave the house without them.





Okay seriously, HOW can you NOT love flip flops? They’re colorful, comfortable, they come in so many cute styles and they SCREAM beach! I mean there should be a law or something that nobody is allowed to set foot on any beach without a pair of flips (mmhmm, I said “flips”). I have a bunch so that I can switch and sometimes match them to my swimsuit because… Yasss! 🙂




How CUTE is the beach tote with the coordinating mat above by Brit & Co.? I WANT!! ❤

I never forget my tote because how else will I carry everything else on this list? 😉 I have a really pretty one that I got as a gift from Clinique. Of course it’s yellow and white and it’s large enough to fit all my essentials including my beach towel. I always choose a colorful towel just because hey, it’s the beach… 🙂




Summer is never complete without a great mani and pedi especially if I’m headed to the beach. I love bright colors because that’s what the season is all about. I hardly ever match my mani and pedi. I love to complement certain colors that work well together and it works for me. Whether you like to match or not, whether you like bright colors or not, always have your toesies flip flop and beach ready. I mean how else will you be able to take that super cute “at the beach leg selfie?” 😉 😉







Sunscreen and lip balm are on the top of my essentials list. We’ve all heard from the experts how important it is to protect our skin and lips if we’re going to be out in the sun for long periods of time yes? I always pack both. We should use sunscreen no matter how dark our skin is. It’s just an extra precaution. I also pack this oil by Banana Boat that I love because it gives me the perfect bronze tan. I apply it after applying my sunscreen. As for the lip balm, that is a staple of mine on a daily basis, not only for the beach. I love the one in the photo above by Mountain Rose Herbs.




I never leave home without my music. Music is life! It touches your soul and takes you to faraway places. The beach and good music make for the perfect day.

I’m a total bookworm. I’ve loved to read since I can remember so of course, a good mystery/romance novel makes for a great companion on my beach day. However, if I bring a friend along, the book stays in my tote because nothing beats great conversation with your bestie or your squad. 😉

Last, being in the sun for hours can dehydrate anyone so I make sure to bring plenty of bottled water. I bring enough to last during my entire beach adventure. 🙂

…The End…


So there you have it my loves… These are my #BeachDayMusts. Everything I listed here is essential for my perfect beach day and I never leave home without them. I cannot wait to hit the beach this summer. Last year I wasn’t able to make my way there, but this year it will be a different story. Plus, that vacation I’m dreaming about is going to happen at some point this year as well so this list will come in handy.

Alrighty then, y’all know the drill… It’s your turn to join in on the fun. What are your essential items that make for a perfect beach day? Of course we all know swimsuits/trunks are first on the list, but maybe there’s something you must have that I didn’t mention. Why not share in the comments below? Do you pack a lot of extras or do you just hit the road and wing it? Do you prefer to go to the beach alone with good music and a good book, or do you prefer to hang with family and friends and make it a party? What do you do once you’re there? Do you just chill or do you spend most of the time in the water? Sheesh, I have so many questions. Come on my loves, don’t be shy. The majority of us love the beach so let’s discuss. Tell me what your #BeachDayMusts are and let’s start a fun conversation. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤



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