Why Small Business Saturday Rocks…


How are my lovely fashionistas doing? I hope everyone is doing fantastic. When I publish this post, it will already be the Thanksgiving holiday in the US so I wish you all a safe and happy time with many beautiful blessings. I will be spending mine with family of course, and am incredibly thankful for all the blessings that have come my way this year. The wonderful opportunities for blog collaborations, family reunited and so much more. Please stay safe and enjoy. ❤

Has everyone read my last post “Let’s All Start GOMO?” It’s been a while so you’ve all had enough time to have checked it out. If you’ve already read it, have you started going out more often? If so, please go comment and share your new adventures on that post. I’d love to hear them. 😉

So… As the holidays are upon us, so begins the shopping craze for gift giving. We all hit the stores/internet to get the best deals on whatever it is our hearts desire. Starting on Black Friday (which I never participate in because… madness!), then there’s Cyber Monday followed by all the other “sales” that the stores can come up with. But… There is one day that we all sometimes overlook because perhaps the word hasn’t spread as much as it should have. That day is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!






Yes my loves, This Saturday, November 26th is a very important day that you should all go out and support. This day is dear to my heart because as you all know, I plan to become a small business owner in the near future (umm, next year ;)). Small business owners are the heart of the economy because not only do they contribute to it, but they took a huge risk to follow their dream, they work super long hours to keep their dream alive and they are some of the most passionate, badass people. Did you know that small businesses make up for 99.7% of US employer firms? They also play a huge part in all sales in the US. Basically, small businesses are very important to the US and the economy so please take advantage of Saturday and go out and support.

That being said, I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite small business spots in New York City and on the internet. I love to shop, that’s a known fact. I also love discovering new places to do said shopping. Small businesses have a special feel to me because usually their shops are smaller and you have a more unique experience. But these businesses aren’t all retail. There are restaurants, cafes, health shops, salons, antique shops, repair shops, flower shops, etc. You get the gist. There are currently about 28 million small business owners.  I know, wow is right! This just shows you how vital these businesses are all around. So let’s keep them in business my loves, and take a look at my favorite spots below. Check it:


TICK TOCK BOUTIQUE (Jamaica, Queens, NY)


Tick Tock is one of my favorite places to shop for cute and affordable clothes. The store is located on the very busy Jamaica Avenue in Queens, NY where there is an array of different shops for just about every need. I discovered Tick Tock a few years ago while randomly window shopping and I was instantly in love. They’re extremely affordable and have the cutest stuff that match my style. From dresses to casual to shoes, you can always find something cute there. Unfortunately, there is no website available. #sadsies


El MIO SALON SPA (Corona, Queens, NY)




My cousin works at this salon so obvi, I’m a little bit partial to it ;). However, if you know me personally, you know that my cousin is an amazing hairstylist. She keeps my hair healthy and in beautiful shape. She started working at El Mio Salon Spa two years ago. Of course, wherever she goes, I follow and her clients do as well. There are six hairstylists who do everything from relaxers, blow outs, coloring, weaves, etc. (my cousin is the best though, shhh don’t tell them I said that). plus there are two women who do manis/pedis, eyebrows and other waxing. The prices here are quite affordable.

Check out their Facebook page: El Mio Salon Spa on Facebook


EMI JAY (Online Store)




I adore Emi Jay and what they do! Emi Jay was founded by two young girls who love fashion ❤ back in 2009. The young entrepreneurs were just 13 years old when they started this hair tie company in their home alongside their mothers. Today the company has grown so much and they’ve even expanded to make cute tees. I love their hair ties not only because they’re cute and fashionable, but they never leave a mark on your hair after you take them off. Yass! Also Emi Jay donates 20% of their profits to charity. Amazing!

Check out their website: Emi Jay – Hair Ties and More






I adore this website and if you’ve read any of my beauty posts, you know I’ve mentioned them before. Mountain Rose Herbs is a certified organic herbal small business located in Eugene, Oregon. Their beginning was fantastic, starting out in California, passing hands from the founder to several other people (I will share the website link so you can read their story), and ending up moving the business to Oregon.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers organic herbs, teas, aroma oils/sprays and natural beauty products. I’m all about using natural products because it’s a more healthy choice. I purchase my coconut oil, turmeric root powder, clay masks, argan oil and so many other natural, organic products from this company and assure you that they are simply fantastic! Please check them out and try their products. You will love them as much as I do.

Visit Mountain Rose Herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs







Para Ti Colombia Con Sabor translates to: For You Colombia With Flavor. This Colombian restaurant is one of my favorite places for Latin food. One of my cousins put me on to this place a while ago. The food is delicious and the service is great. My favorite is their steak which I usually order with rice and beans and a side of tostones (fried green plantains) #yummy! Lord I want some now! Oh and they also deliver around the area so if you’re in the mood for some delicious Latin food and you live in Queens, NY, go check them out.

Here is a link to their Facebook page: Para Ti Colombia Con Sabor Restaurant


Martha’s Country Bakery (Forest Hills, Queens, NY)



Martha’s County Bakery described in one word is YUMSIES! They have several stores but the one closest to me is in Forest Hills, Queens. They have the most abso amazing everything. From red velvet cake, to cupcakes, to pastries and pies and oh my God cheesecakes! The store is super cute and quaint and the service is great. You’ve probably tried them but if you haven’t, go on and get some deliciousness this Saturday. 😉






Aye! I am so in love with Pearls and Rocks. This is my new favorite store to purchase accessories from. I discovered pearls and rocks on Instagram. They followed me (btw, follow my blog’s Instagram page. My handle is @crisanna6), and of course I followed back after perusing their profile. Pearls and Rocks is an at home mother/daughter run e-boutique (their story is so cute).  What made me click the link in their bio was this beautifully patterned blanket scarf which I now own. Check it:




See? And while on their site, I discovered even more fabulous items like the Eternity Diamond Bangle Bracelet above and a couple of other things as you can see in the above photo. Pearls and Rocks also sell necklaces, earrings, watches and other cute stuff. I am so happy with my new accessories. The service was wonderful. It didn’t take long for the order to ship, their prices are affordable, I loved everything I purchased and even the packaging was wonderfully girly! Please go check them out this Saturday if you’re addicted to accessories like I am.

Visit Pearls and Rocks: Pearls and Rocks Online





So there you go my loves! These are a few of my favorite small business spots. Don’t forget to click on the links so you can check out each place. Please take time on Saturday, November 26th to visit a small business shop and make a purchase. You will be supporting a wonderful cause and contributing to our nation’s economy in a good way. Plus, you’ll be keeping someone’s dream alive so do not hesitate to spend a lil money for the cause. 🙂

Remember the only way to keep this part of our economy alive and strong is by supporting in your community or online. Whatever it is that you’re looking for to gift for the holiday season or for yourself, please consider shopping at a small business shop.

To those who are small business owners, I congratulate you for following your dream and I wish you continued success. If you’re like me and have a goal to open your own shop, you can start by supporting others this Saturday. Remember you get what you give so go ahead and support your fellow small business owners while you get started on your own. Also, do your research because there are tons of companies out there that can help you get started along with the Small Business Administration. Check out companies that focus on helping small business owners to get started with funding and other resources like the company Fundera. They assist you in getting small business loans by matching you with the top lenders in your industry. Pretty cool huh?




Well my darlings what do you think? Did I convince you to participate and shop on Small Business Saturday? I hope your answer is YES because this is one important cause. What do you think about my favorite spots? I mean it was a diverse list from clothes to Latin food to organic products. Haaa! I bet some of you already clicked on some of the links. ;). If you are planning to do any shopping on Saturday, where will you be shopping? Did you know about Small Business Saturday already? Are you like me and can’t wait to start your own business? OMG! I have so many questions. LOL you can read how passionate I am no? 😉

So y’all already know the drill… Comment and share your thoughts below. Were you already planning to shop on Saturday at a small business shop near you or on the internet? If you weren’t planning to, did I convince you to do so? Did you like any of my favorites? Comment below and let’s start a fun conversation. I mean who doesn’t like to shop? Go on now and comment below. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


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