Heaven Has Turned Purple…


It is with a heavy heart that I come to you to pay tribute to a magical man. He was one of the few artists who truly captured my heart with his talent. He was one of my all-time top three favorite artists. He was a man who lived by his rules and never cared what others thought. He was a man who gave some of us life through his music. He was a sexy man whose fashion style was beyond compare. He was a philanthropic man who quietly helped so many in so many ways. He was a musical genius, an icon with a generous heart, a legend… Prince!

I remember the first time I saw Prince in my early teens in one of his rare interviews. He was all of 5’2, dressed of course, in the sexiest outfit, wearing dark eyeliner and heels, and I was not expecting what came next… When he opened his mouth and this ridiculously sexy, baritone voice came out of that 5’2 body, I was mesmerized. I actually did a double and was like “whoa!” From that moment on I was hooked and then he performed and I was in love.




Prince to me was like I said, magical. He had this allure that you just couldn’t quite explain because it was just THERE and you had to have more. His talents were incomparable. What could this man NOT do? He could sing, he wrote, he played like a million instruments (LOL, okay I’m exaggerating but y’all get the gist), Nobody could play a guitar and make it seem like the sweetest love-making like he did, he could dance and groove like the best of them, he was an actor, a producer, a philanthropist, good lord the list is endless.




The man had this flirtatious thing going on with that mysterious look in his eyes, and that coy smile with that sexy side-eye that made you think he knew a secret that nobody else knew. Thus making some women melt into a million lil puddles of mush. Prince just all but screamed sexy and he did so even in his songs, his videos and his performances.


prince-1 (1)




What about his fashion style? Good Lord! This man did it his way each and every time and he always won. The way he dressed was beyond compare. I mean from ruffled blouses in his “Purple Rain” days, to those tight chest revealing jumpsuits, to that cropped black top he wore in his “Kiss” video. Even when he wore a suit, you had to bust out that fan and fan yourself because Ayeeee! The man could rock a hat and sunglasses like no other. He accessorized like nobody’s business. What I adored about him was that he loved color (and y’all know how I feel about color) and he was not afraid to mix and match. He loved patterns from polka dots to stripes to paisley (ahem, Paisley Park) to anything in between and it always worked. Even his guitars were in so many different colors and of course, my favorite was his yellow guitar in his “Get Off” video. Yasss! ❤






Nobody did it up like the Purple One…






Let’s not forget his ever-changing hairstyles which ALL suited him to a tee… And btw, I loved him in this all white outfit with the hoodie. ❤




So can we talk about his heels? LOL, I mean the strut and the swag surpassed so many levels. He walked the walk like the best runway models out there. Prince was quoted as saying “People say I’m wearing heels because I’m short, I wear heels because the women like ’em.” Bwahahahaha indeed my Prince, indeed! It’s been said that “Prince is the only man that can put on heels and lipstick, and still take your woman.” LOL! Yasss I concur! ❤






I never had the privilege to attend one of his concerts, but I’ve watched almost all his videos and love many of his songs. His music was transcendent. It captivated you if only because of the “funk” and the “groove.” How could you NOT move to his beats? If you listened closely, his songs had messages in them and though some were purely sexual, some were meaningful to what went on in the world. His vocal range was sick and his stage presence was fascinating. It’s like you were glued to his every move.

And his songs… Oh how they grabbed you and pulled you into his world. I mean, I can’t even pick ONE favorite because there are so many. Let’s name a few… There’s When Doves Cry, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Raspberry Beret, 1999, Let’s Go Crazy. The funky ones like Musicology, Dear Mr. Man, Controversy. The ballads like Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls, Insatiable, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World and The Morning Paper. The sexy ones like Get Off which also has the sexiest fucking video ever! Then there’s… I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, Cream, 7, Gold and Call My Name. But the one that ALWAYS made me say “awww shit that’s my song” was KISS! Man, whenever I hear that song I have to sing it at the top of my lungs (in that voice) and just move and groove. LOL, don’t judge because… Prince! Had he heard or seen me, I know he would’ve been like “yeah, get it girl!” 😉




We never even heard about all the generous things Prince did for others. He helped many people on the DL and that’s how you know it was genuine. When you don’t need recognition for the good that you do, you are indeed a wonderful gift to this earth. He donated, anonymously, to many issues that touched him. He was described as wanting to do everything possible that would benefit those he wanted to help. What a blessing!

It’s been said that Prince had a shy demeanor but I believe it was more of a reserved manner. He was very private but far from shy in my opinion. He was candid in his interviews so definitely not a shy person. And lord have mercy his voice when he spoke was so sensual that it made many a woman all hot and flustered. He was sexy, confident, talented and just somebody you wanted to know personally. His performances were just on another level and that I will forever miss.

One thing I LOVED about Prince was that nobody could beat him when it came to “throwing shade.” Bwahahahaa! He mastered that skill to the point where when he did throw it, you didn’t even realize it. He had that “side-eye” game down to a tee and I adored him for that. I mean he was like my kindred spirit because I learned that game through him. 😉 But he was THE BEST! The original “shade thrower.” 😉


So on Thursday, April 21, 2016, I refused to believe the news. However, once his publicist confirmed it, my heart broke and I was filled with sadness. How could Prince be dead at 57, just like that? No fucking way! Prince was like my unicorn (those who know me, know I’m obsessed with unicorns). So yes, Prince was my unicorn… He was magical, he was enchanting, mystical, charming, mysterious, and to me he would always BE. Like this immortal being that would always grace us with his greatness. But he was gone so quickly and what broke my heart even more was that he died alone in an elevator. My God I got home that evening and shed tears listening to the awful news and few details. The next day I woke up with this melancholic feeling that has stayed with me ever since. 😦

There are those that mock others when we mourn the death of an artist. I can bet my left foot that everybody on this earth has an artist that touches them in some deep way with whatever talent they have be it vocal, instrumental, acting, dancing, etc. Artists are those beings that through their talent they bring us joy and laughter. If they sing, they can heal our broken hearts with soulful words, they make us cry, and they bring back memories and make us smile. We may not know them personally, but we know them in the most important way… We know them through their talent because that’s how they’ve touched us. So if you don’t care, let the fans mourn Prince. Let us feel that sadness in our hearts that we will no longer have such greatness walking among us. Let us mourn if only for the fact that a life was lost too soon. It’s called RESPECT. Let us mourn our “Purple One.”




Prince… Thank you for sharing your talents and greatness with us. I personally thank you for making me get up and dance, sing at the top of my lungs and heal many a broken heart with your songs. You will forever be my magical purple unicorn. It is still raining purple for some of us. I will continue to listen to your music and dance and sing like everybody is watching. The world has lost a musical legend, a visionary, an icon, a true inspiration and someone who always managed to make our souls sing and dance.


The word has turned blue since you left us my Prince, but “Heaven Has Turned Purple” for sure! Rest in Peace Prince Rogers Nelson. 1958 – 2016. ❤

AnnaCris 😥