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Hey there darlings! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone in the US had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Mine was great and gloriously quiet. I also did some work on my side projects which was quite fun.

Did you all get a chance to read my last post “Why Small Business Saturday Rocks?” If so, did you go out and support small business Saturday on November 26th? What did you buy? If you haven’t checked out the post yet, go have a look after you finish reading this one. It’s a topic dear to my heart as I strongly believe in supporting small businesses in our communities. So again, go read it and don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

So, since the holidays are in full swing, this is a great time of the year to surprise your significant other or someone you’re currently interested in with an all-out date no? I mean think about it … It would be so romantic because cities especially New York City, are decorated beautifully which adds an extra touch in itself. Plus lots of wonderful feelings are in the air. This being said, I figured I’d let you all know what I consider to be some of the best details to make a date fun, exciting and memorable. Remember how I always say that it’s the little things that matter? Well that phrase definitely applies to this especially for the ladies. We love all those little romantic gestures. It shows that you went out of your way and made an effort and that really counts. So let’s do this my darlings:









Every woman will tell you that one of the cutest, most adorable gestures on a special date night is being handed flowers. They’re so pretty and girly and it shows that you made time to pick up something special. Remember that it’s not just about roses. There are so many different types of beautiful flowers so change it up a lil bit and pick some pretty colorful daises or something more exotic.







Yesss! Who doesn’t love getting a box of chocolates? I know I do. They’re so yummy and studies have found that eating chocolate is good for you. Is it not or did I just make up an excuse to get some? LOL! Whatever the case may be, showing up with chocolate can earn you major brownie points (pun intended) ;). The ones with the creamy chocolate on the inside are so delicious. So take my word for it and give chocolate. 😉






Okay, so I really want this lil dining set for two. It’s so cute! Anyway, sometimes you can make a date extra special by planning a lovely dinner at home. Where is this rule that demands that you have to go out on the town to have a special night together? On the contrary my darlings, I think it’s so much more special when someone takes the time and makes the effort to prepare dinner for you or just ordering something that you love like PIZZA! 🙂 Set the table with lovely dinnerware, light some candles, play some music and ta daaa…. A beautiful night! Or…






Ayeee! The car in the photo is a Tesla, and I’m in love with it. If you’re more of the going out type, you can change things up by renting a fancy car for the night. By fancy I mean something completely different than what you would normally rent. There are companies that rent these types of cars. One example is the company “Turo.” Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental company that provides a selection of locally owned classic and rare cars that you can rent from the owners. How cool is that? Turo also makes it easy to rent. Just go on their website, enter the date you’d like to rent the car, and browse their selection. Once you’ve made your choice, book it and the owner of the car will confirm or deny your request within eight hours or less. For more information about renting a Tesla or other fabulous cars, check out Turo Rentals and see what it’s all about. I really want to rent the Tesla though, hmm… Must plan a date. 😉






So now that we’ve covered the introductions and whether or not we’re staying in or renting an awesome car to go out on the town, at this point we should be about to sit down and chat it up. One of the most awkward moments during a date (mostly if you’ve just met) is avoiding “awkward silences.” OMG! Isn’t that the worst though? So keeping the conversation going from the very beginning is key to making it a special night. Ask questions, throw in a joke, talk about your likes and dislikes, and laugh a lot. If you’ve been dating a while, put aside your arguments and enjoy the night. My point is that both of you need to make an effort to keep everything flowing smoothly not forced. If you cannot have a great conversation with someone, chances are the date will end in a negative way. So let’s communicate people!






These photos of food and chocolate are making me hungry. 😉 I love when someone picks a great place to eat. A place where the food is delicious, the ambiance of the restaurant is great and the service is spectacular. If the food is yummy, you will both enjoy yourselves even more. If you’re setting up the date, do your research and ask what the person’s favorite foods are. If you’ve been together for a while, you should already know so it’s easier to choose and surprise him/her. The majority of us love food, and I think it’s such a lovely detail when someone goes beyond to take me somewhere they know for a fact that I will enjoy.




picture of couple in spa salon getting massage


Surprise your date with something totally unexpected and have a spa date night. Now this is for people that are already a couple because imagine someone you just met doing this… *queue blank stare* I know, it would be a bit creepy. LOL! So for those of you who are already a couple, change it up and schedule a spa night with the works as your date night. Hop into that awesome Tesla car you rented and don’t say where you’re going until you pull up to the location. Your mate will love it because WHO doesn’t like getting a massage? *winks*






And last but not least, let’s get our groove on. I LOVE to dance. I mean it’s in my blood. Dominicans teach their children to dance from the moment they turn two. LOL! Dancing is a sure cure for the blues, it’s fun and it’s great exercise. Even if you don’t know how to dance, why not have a date at a dance class? Pick a fun genre like salsa or merengue or the tango! Yasss! (I must try the tango). Trust me that even if you have two left feet, it will be one of the funnest nights for you. You’ll laugh, you’ll dance or sorta dance 😉 and you’ll work up an appetite for the delicious food I mentioned earlier. Get out of your comfort zone and try it.




So there you have it my loves. These are just a few of the suggestions that I feel make for a fun and exciting date night. Whether it’s your first date or your 100th, I think it’s so important to change the routine up in any relationship. Remember that the little things always matter. For me, it’s the simplest details that always get me. So make an effort, pick something entirely different than what you normally do and have fun.

Well, what do you think? Are any of my suggestions on your list as well? What do you consider a fun, surprising night out with your love? Do you prefer going out or staying in and snuggling together? I would love to hear what’s on your list. I’ve left out a whole bunch of ideas because had I included them all, y’all would be reading forevs. Haa!

Alrighty then, you all know the drill… Comment and share your thoughts below. Let me know what you think of my suggestions, and please don’t be shy and share yours. Have you been surprised with a wonderful date or have you surprised someone with one? Either way, I’d love to hear about it. I mean there’s so much we can do right down to adventurous dates like zip lining, hiking, paintball. The world is our oyster so use it as much as you can. In any case, comment below and let’s start a conversation. Let’s help each other along because you never know who is need of spicing up their relationship *wink wink*. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


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AnnaCris ❤



To End or Mend…


Quote Of The Week:


This rarely happens though… Why?

When it comes to those we love, we can be so harsh and sometimes end up pushing those people away and losing them forever. Why?


People prefer to make assumptions.

They prefer to keep it moving, to stay quiet rather than talk things out.

The biggest mistake is ASSUMING and taking it to heart without confirming. Nobody knows what the other is thinking. It could be something completely different than your assumption, but here you are so sure that you’re right.

If someone offended or hurt you, they may not be aware. If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

What if in their eyes they did/said nothing to upset you? Would you rather leave things as is and just distance yourself with no explanation?

Such a shame! You don’t even know if the other side is open to talking. What ever happened to giving things and people a chance or to “innocent until proven guilty?”

“A simple talk can save millions of relationships.”

It’s as simple as that. Few make that effort though.

We’re all about keepin’ it movin’ these days.

We’re all about being so sure that WE are right.

We’re all about “I’m not going to say anything,” let them figure it out. Because we ALL have psychic powers… *queue sarcasm*

We’re all about not getting the facts and so quick to end rather than mend.

Such a shame!

There have been so many good relationships broken because we’d rather not communicate, talk things out and fix the problem.

And what about all the great times you had? Is it THAT easy to throw all of that away rather than being open to making things right again?

If the relationship and person is dear to your heart, wouldn’t you want to save it and keep that person in your life? That is the question…

So… Do you agree?

How do YOU handle difficult situations, fall-outs and/or misunderstandings? Do you confront (in a mature way, of course) or do you keep things in and let things build? Do you take the coward’s way out/easy way and walk away with no explanation never to be heard from again?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been guilty of this many times. However, I’ve chosen in the past several months to change that and be more open. So far it’s done wonders. It’s a work in progress, but I’m willing to continue trying.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship whether it’s a romantic one, a family member or a close friend. If you don’t communicate, how will this person that matters to you know what you’re feeling or thinking, whether they hurt or offended you, if you have a need that’s not being met? Without communication, there is nothing. Yet so many people choose not to. Why is that?

I found this quote on my Facebook photos and thought I’d start a “quote of the week” feature on my blog. I figured tonight is a good night to discuss this… I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤