Why Small Business Saturday Rocks…


How are my lovely fashionistas doing? I hope everyone is doing fantastic. When I publish this post, it will already be the Thanksgiving holiday in the US so I wish you all a safe and happy time with many beautiful blessings. I will be spending mine with family of course, and am incredibly thankful for all the blessings that have come my way this year. The wonderful opportunities for blog collaborations, family reunited and so much more. Please stay safe and enjoy. ❤

Has everyone read my last post “Let’s All Start GOMO?” It’s been a while so you’ve all had enough time to have checked it out. If you’ve already read it, have you started going out more often? If so, please go comment and share your new adventures on that post. I’d love to hear them. 😉

So… As the holidays are upon us, so begins the shopping craze for gift giving. We all hit the stores/internet to get the best deals on whatever it is our hearts desire. Starting on Black Friday (which I never participate in because… madness!), then there’s Cyber Monday followed by all the other “sales” that the stores can come up with. But… There is one day that we all sometimes overlook because perhaps the word hasn’t spread as much as it should have. That day is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!






Yes my loves, This Saturday, November 26th is a very important day that you should all go out and support. This day is dear to my heart because as you all know, I plan to become a small business owner in the near future (umm, next year ;)). Small business owners are the heart of the economy because not only do they contribute to it, but they took a huge risk to follow their dream, they work super long hours to keep their dream alive and they are some of the most passionate, badass people. Did you know that small businesses make up for 99.7% of US employer firms? They also play a huge part in all sales in the US. Basically, small businesses are very important to the US and the economy so please take advantage of Saturday and go out and support.

That being said, I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite small business spots in New York City and on the internet. I love to shop, that’s a known fact. I also love discovering new places to do said shopping. Small businesses have a special feel to me because usually their shops are smaller and you have a more unique experience. But these businesses aren’t all retail. There are restaurants, cafes, health shops, salons, antique shops, repair shops, flower shops, etc. You get the gist. There are currently about 28 million small business owners.  I know, wow is right! This just shows you how vital these businesses are all around. So let’s keep them in business my loves, and take a look at my favorite spots below. Check it:


TICK TOCK BOUTIQUE (Jamaica, Queens, NY)


Tick Tock is one of my favorite places to shop for cute and affordable clothes. The store is located on the very busy Jamaica Avenue in Queens, NY where there is an array of different shops for just about every need. I discovered Tick Tock a few years ago while randomly window shopping and I was instantly in love. They’re extremely affordable and have the cutest stuff that match my style. From dresses to casual to shoes, you can always find something cute there. Unfortunately, there is no website available. #sadsies


El MIO SALON SPA (Corona, Queens, NY)




My cousin works at this salon so obvi, I’m a little bit partial to it ;). However, if you know me personally, you know that my cousin is an amazing hairstylist. She keeps my hair healthy and in beautiful shape. She started working at El Mio Salon Spa two years ago. Of course, wherever she goes, I follow and her clients do as well. There are six hairstylists who do everything from relaxers, blow outs, coloring, weaves, etc. (my cousin is the best though, shhh don’t tell them I said that). plus there are two women who do manis/pedis, eyebrows and other waxing. The prices here are quite affordable.

Check out their Facebook page: El Mio Salon Spa on Facebook


EMI JAY (Online Store)




I adore Emi Jay and what they do! Emi Jay was founded by two young girls who love fashion ❤ back in 2009. The young entrepreneurs were just 13 years old when they started this hair tie company in their home alongside their mothers. Today the company has grown so much and they’ve even expanded to make cute tees. I love their hair ties not only because they’re cute and fashionable, but they never leave a mark on your hair after you take them off. Yass! Also Emi Jay donates 20% of their profits to charity. Amazing!

Check out their website: Emi Jay – Hair Ties and More






I adore this website and if you’ve read any of my beauty posts, you know I’ve mentioned them before. Mountain Rose Herbs is a certified organic herbal small business located in Eugene, Oregon. Their beginning was fantastic, starting out in California, passing hands from the founder to several other people (I will share the website link so you can read their story), and ending up moving the business to Oregon.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers organic herbs, teas, aroma oils/sprays and natural beauty products. I’m all about using natural products because it’s a more healthy choice. I purchase my coconut oil, turmeric root powder, clay masks, argan oil and so many other natural, organic products from this company and assure you that they are simply fantastic! Please check them out and try their products. You will love them as much as I do.

Visit Mountain Rose Herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs







Para Ti Colombia Con Sabor translates to: For You Colombia With Flavor. This Colombian restaurant is one of my favorite places for Latin food. One of my cousins put me on to this place a while ago. The food is delicious and the service is great. My favorite is their steak which I usually order with rice and beans and a side of tostones (fried green plantains) #yummy! Lord I want some now! Oh and they also deliver around the area so if you’re in the mood for some delicious Latin food and you live in Queens, NY, go check them out.

Here is a link to their Facebook page: Para Ti Colombia Con Sabor Restaurant


Martha’s Country Bakery (Forest Hills, Queens, NY)



Martha’s County Bakery described in one word is YUMSIES! They have several stores but the one closest to me is in Forest Hills, Queens. They have the most abso amazing everything. From red velvet cake, to cupcakes, to pastries and pies and oh my God cheesecakes! The store is super cute and quaint and the service is great. You’ve probably tried them but if you haven’t, go on and get some deliciousness this Saturday. 😉






Aye! I am so in love with Pearls and Rocks. This is my new favorite store to purchase accessories from. I discovered pearls and rocks on Instagram. They followed me (btw, follow my blog’s Instagram page. My handle is @crisanna6), and of course I followed back after perusing their profile. Pearls and Rocks is an at home mother/daughter run e-boutique (their story is so cute).  What made me click the link in their bio was this beautifully patterned blanket scarf which I now own. Check it:




See? And while on their site, I discovered even more fabulous items like the Eternity Diamond Bangle Bracelet above and a couple of other things as you can see in the above photo. Pearls and Rocks also sell necklaces, earrings, watches and other cute stuff. I am so happy with my new accessories. The service was wonderful. It didn’t take long for the order to ship, their prices are affordable, I loved everything I purchased and even the packaging was wonderfully girly! Please go check them out this Saturday if you’re addicted to accessories like I am.

Visit Pearls and Rocks: Pearls and Rocks Online





So there you go my loves! These are a few of my favorite small business spots. Don’t forget to click on the links so you can check out each place. Please take time on Saturday, November 26th to visit a small business shop and make a purchase. You will be supporting a wonderful cause and contributing to our nation’s economy in a good way. Plus, you’ll be keeping someone’s dream alive so do not hesitate to spend a lil money for the cause. 🙂

Remember the only way to keep this part of our economy alive and strong is by supporting in your community or online. Whatever it is that you’re looking for to gift for the holiday season or for yourself, please consider shopping at a small business shop.

To those who are small business owners, I congratulate you for following your dream and I wish you continued success. If you’re like me and have a goal to open your own shop, you can start by supporting others this Saturday. Remember you get what you give so go ahead and support your fellow small business owners while you get started on your own. Also, do your research because there are tons of companies out there that can help you get started along with the Small Business Administration. Check out companies that focus on helping small business owners to get started with funding and other resources like the company Fundera. They assist you in getting small business loans by matching you with the top lenders in your industry. Pretty cool huh?




Well my darlings what do you think? Did I convince you to participate and shop on Small Business Saturday? I hope your answer is YES because this is one important cause. What do you think about my favorite spots? I mean it was a diverse list from clothes to Latin food to organic products. Haaa! I bet some of you already clicked on some of the links. ;). If you are planning to do any shopping on Saturday, where will you be shopping? Did you know about Small Business Saturday already? Are you like me and can’t wait to start your own business? OMG! I have so many questions. LOL you can read how passionate I am no? 😉

So y’all already know the drill… Comment and share your thoughts below. Were you already planning to shop on Saturday at a small business shop near you or on the internet? If you weren’t planning to, did I convince you to do so? Did you like any of my favorites? Comment below and let’s start a fun conversation. I mean who doesn’t like to shop? Go on now and comment below. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


Don’t forget to click on the “widgets” section up top to follow my blog on WordPress or via email and to follow me on social media. Thank you!



AnnaCris ❤



Are We Loving The “Printed Pant” This Season?


Hey there my loves! How are things in your world going? Mine is pretty good. I’ve been making some super cool moves as far as taking steps to further my entrepreneurial goals. I won’t say what they are because being a Latina, I have to admit that I am a bit superstitious so I don’t want to jinx anything. However, I’m absolutely making progress so stay tuned. 😉

Has everyone read my last post “Yikes! …What Shall I Wear For Summer 2015?” What did you think? Did you like my personal style ideas? How about the “Trending This Summer” section? Will you try and of the suggestions listed? I’m definitely up to going with the “All White Everything” trend only because I’ve done it before and loved it. Also the “Shirt Dress” is a lovely touch to add to our wardrobes this summer. If you haven’t read that post yet, I may have struck your curiosity so finish reading this one then go over and have a look. 🙂

So the other day I got an email from my all time favorite store “Express.” I’m sure I’ve mentioned that it’s my favorite in some of my previous posts but if you’ve missed that, now you know.  I do most of my shopping there and hope with all of my “corazon” (that’s “heart” in Spanish, BTW) that this store never goes out of business. Anyway, I’m digressing… So when I opened this email (because I open ALL of Express’ emails *winks*), the title read “Patterned Pants” and I just had to go and check this out. Why? Because I usually don’t go for patterns but I’ve decided to open up my possibilities and give certain styles a chance. I mean why not? Express hardly ever gets it wrong in my eyes so on with it.

Note: The photos and the style descriptions below are from the Express website. I’ve added my own touches/views in the descriptions as well because how could I not? 😉

So… Let’s shop Express:



These pants are so cute. They are described as a flower-filled diamond medallion print in stretch cotton fabric. They come in my favorite low rise cut. Plus they are a slim fitting, skinny leg style and are shortened to just above the ankles. I’d be daring and pair this pant with a bright top maybe in yellow to spice it up or a white top if you’d rather not :). The shortened length pant looks great with both flats and heels.



You may not be able to clearly see the color of this print in the above photo (get a closer look on the Express website. Links are provided at the end), but it is a bold navy and pink plaid pattern and it’s quite lovely. This pant sits just below the waist, it comes in a shortened length and has a slim fit. I’d pair this exactly as above or if you want to skip the blazer, go with a navy blue, a light pink or a white top. Ankle pants look elegant with heeled pumps or any type of heeled sandals.



Needless to say that I plan on doing some shopping soon and these pants are on the list. This ivory and blackish/gray plaid pant is so classy. I prefer a longer pant like this one because it adds extra length to the legs. As stated in the name, this pant is a barely boot cut which means it’s not a skinny fit but not flared either. It has more of a tapered hem. I say play with this pant as far as what to pair it with. You can go with a solid bright or dark top. Go casual with a bright white, v-necked t-shirt and of course you cannot forget a fabulous pair of heels to complement this elegant style.



Is this not a cute and fun print? I think polka dots are always fun and girly. This pant is of a textured fabric, it’s a low rise fit, slightly tapered below the knee and is a cropped length. Heels or flats go well and a solid black top will surely complete the ensemble so as to let the pretty print be the main attraction.



Now this is an interesting print. What do you all think? Would you wear these? Again, you may not be able to tell by this photo, but there is a light pink hue to this paisley print. This pant has a soft feel to it, it’s more of a slouchy look with a tapered fit and banded cuffs at the hem. I would definitely go with a solid colored top with this print. Heels (preferably, a strappy sandal) are the shoe of choice to enhance the slouchy, taper look at the hem.



Okay so you all know that I adore the “houndstooth” print. In fact, I sketched a houndstooth print dress a while ago and it’s one of my favorite sketches ever. I see this pant on my shopping list as well… (there goes the budget!) :O! I LOVE that this is a low rise fit plus it’s also barely boot cut so bring out those heels ladies. Pair this with a bright colored top (as seen above) or a dark one. Don’t be afraid of wearing brights though, keep in mind that the pop of color will enhance this print. Go for it. 😉



I’ve fallen in love with this pattern. The low rise, slim fit, slim leg pant in large blue plaid that can be paired with any bright colored top as in the above photo. I’m “obvi” a fan of plaid so maybe this will go on my shopping list as well. Sheesh! I may need to play the lottery after this… *shakes head*. Anyway my sweets, this pant hits just below the ankle so you can show off your sexy, high-heeled shoes, perhaps in an awesome eye-catching color.




And last but not least, I could not not include the striped pant. I usually go with the vertical stripe but this horizontal black and white print is pretty fabulous. This cotton pant sits below the waist, has a slim fit and is a skinny leg style that hits above the ankle. Again, with this type of print, let the pant be the main attraction and pair it with a black top. I added both photos to give you a sense of how you can wear this look differently depending on what you’re going for. You can add some color by going with a statement shoe as shown in the second photo. Heels or ballet flats, if you lean more towards comfort, work well with this style.


So there you have it my sweets. I gave you your very own online stroll through the fabulous and ever loved by me Express store. If you’d like to shop for any of the styles above or any of the other assortment of wonderful pants available for this season, below are the direct links for you to browse and shop:

Dress and Patterned Pants At Express.

Blue Windowpane Plaid Columnist Slim Leg Pant. It’s the third one in the first row.

So what do you think? Will you try the printed pant this season or have you already done so? How have you combined them? Have you been super daring and mixed prints as in a printed pant AND top? It can be done you know… You just have to mix correctly to pull off the look.

Okay, you all know the drill… Share your thoughts on what you’re willing to wear. I know prints can be scary for most of us but these are pretty awesome and if put together correctly, you can end up with an elegant, chic, sexy and fabulous look. Do you have your own ideas on how to wear prints or how to mix them so as not go overboard? Share your ideas, post photos in the comments below and let us know. I’m looking forward to this discussion so let’s do this. It’s time to chat. Go! #engage

Until next time…


AnnaCris ❤

Look Book #2 – My Latest Finds…


What’s going on my fellow fashionistas? How’s life treating you these days? Can you believe it’s already April? Sheesh! I need for time to slow down just a little bit because I have so much to do, or maybe I just need to pick up my pace… 😉

So I hope everyone has already read my last post “Spa Time… How to DIY At Home” and that you even tried some of the recipes I shared. They really are super easy and affordable so you should at least try a couple. If you haven’t checked out the recipes yet, go on over after reading this post and let me know what you think. I plan on doing more DIY posts in the future so if you liked that one, stay tuned for more. If you have any that you’d like to share, comment them or email me and I will include them in my next series and give you a shout out.

Alrighty then, I know I’m really behind in my “Look Book” series and I figured now would be the perfect time to introduce the second installment. I’ve actually made some really cute, fabulous and cool purchases in the last few months. However, I’ll only post a few as most of what I bought was for winter wear. I did buy some adorable and affordable accessories so get ready for some cuteness. If you don’t know the “Look Book” drill, the idea is to post photos, descriptions, prices, brand names (if any), and links to a website if available so you can go and perhaps do some shopping yourself. Now let’s get started my loves!

~ ~ ~

So a few weeks ago I had a couple doctor appointments scheduled and I took the day off to make traveling to and from easier. My first appointment was in the city and when I was done, I had enough time to check out what was new at TJ Maxx which is where I found this beauty…

The “Jazzy Geos Satchel” by Anne Klein. At TJ Maxx for $49.99 (original price was $89.99). This vibrant blue was what first caught my eye being that it’s already spring plus given my love affair with bright colors, how could this bag not be mine. My one and only con is that the bag does not have enough outside pockets. I like these pockets for easy access to my metrocard, office key card, tissues, etc. Other than that, I adore it. It’s very comfortable, and it does have a slit pocket on the outer backside where I can fit my metrocard. I’ve made it work. The lining is black with white polka dots which I find simply adorable. It also includes a strap which I’ve attached and shorten to the perfect length. I usually just carry it on my elbow because that’s the “stylish” way of carry bags these days. So if you like it, check out the link:

Note: The above link is to the Anne Klein website as I’ve combed TJ Maxx’ and the bag seems to not be available online. However, you can go the Anne Klein site and check out the other colors that are available or visit your local TJ Maxx store. 

~ ~ ~

So for the longest time I’ve wanted a pair of cowboy boots. I think they are so cute and they go great with summer dresses and shorts. I never really got around to shopping for them because I have this issue that all my boots have to be fitted around my calf since I have slim legs. Most of my boots are taken in for this reason but obviously, you cannot take cowboy boots in because of their shape. Anyway, my lovely friend Gretchen put me on to these cuties below… She’s quite the expert as she’s been riding horses for like forever. She promised that they would fit perfectly around my calves – not completely fitted but not too wide and she was right.

The Ariat Magnolia Sunflower Stitch Cowgirl Boot in brown. Purchased online at Sheplers. Discount price of $149. The original price is $169.99. I have yet to wear them because we’ve had such awful winter weather in New York City and I didn’t want to ruin them. I do plan on wearing them soon with jeans, maybe with a cute summer dress and perhaps throw all caution to the winds, and wear them with some shorts this summer. Will keep you posted. 😉

The link to the boots is below:

~ ~ ~

I’m going to guess that by now, you all know that I adore over-sized watches. I have several but I really wanted a rose gold watch. I found the perfect one online at my favorite store Express. Again, I got it on sale with a discount so try to grab one of the many sales at Express if you’d like to buy.

The “Multi-Function Watch” in Rose Gold. Purchased online at Express. Price: $88.00. The original price is: $148. The color is so lovely and it goes with anything you wear whether it’s casual or dressy. It’s a bit large on the wrist, well at least on mine because I have the wrist size of a toddler LOL. I had to re-size it which by the way, I learned how to do it myself. Hmm, that could be another DIY blog post though ;). Anyway before I continue to digress, the watch is still available online along with other beauties so go ahead and click on the link below to have a look. Simply said, this watch is gorgeous!

Check it out here:

~ ~ ~

I purchased this flirty skirt below at Express as well. I actually picked it up on the very last day of 2013 during one of their best sales ever. The original price was $59.90 and I think I only paid about $30 for it. It’s no longer available but it’s so cute that I still wanted to include it. This style is great for the summer months to wear with a sexy pair of heeled or flat sandals. It will go great with a dress shirt for work or a tank top/t-shirt for a more casual setting. Plus my favorite thing about this skirt is that it has side pockets!! Oh the loveliness and what a great surprise for me! I love dresses and skirts with pockets.

~ ~ ~

Accessories are in my top five must haves. They undeniably add flair to any outfit whether casual or dressy. There’s a store in New York City called “Afaze” which I love. They have walls of costume jewelry at great prices. I mean let’s face it, until we can all afford to go all out on diamonds, rubies and such, costume jewelry will have to do. So a few weeks ago I went in to check out what they had and found this cute little set. A little bling, gold and chains cannot steer you wrong. They were a hit with my girls and the price was perfect: $5.95/set. Not available online.

~ ~ ~

So let’s go back to boots… Every time it would rain, I’d say to myself “AnnaCris, you HAVE to buy a pair of rain boots.” The thing was I didn’t want just the same old boots I saw everyone wearing. I wanted something stylish, cute and different and I finally found them. Check out these beauties…

The “Everham Rain Boot” by Sperry Top Sider. Purchased online at Zappos. Price: $60. How fabulous and stylish are these boots? They’re waterproof, with a micro fleece lining to keep your legs warm. The great part is that the fleece is not too heavy so you can get away with wearing them during a rainy spring/summer day. The checkered shaft is made of a canvas like material that also remains dry and the even better part is that they fit perfect around my calves! I get so many compliments when I wear them and one of the ladies at my cousin’s salon went as far as to buy a pair for herself. 🙂 #flattered

Unfortunately, the boots are no longer available at Zappos, but they are at Sperry Top Sider for $64.99. Check them out at the link below:

~ ~ ~

Hat’s and scarves are also on my top five. These days I’ve a soft spot for “slouchy hats.” They are so cute and comfy. The same goes for “infinity scarves.” I love them in bold and bright colors as well as prints as seen below. Spring is the perfect time for both. Be cautious not to choose fleece or wool material as these will be too warm for the weather.

I purchased both items at a store called Joyce Leslie. They’re similar to Forever 21 in prices and cuteness. The price for both items: $8. A colorful or neutral slouchy hat and a bright scarf both go great on a casual, kind of windy spring day. You can wear either or both if you’re wearing jeans and a light jacket. I included a photo of two different ways I wear my favorite hat to give you a sense… Website was not available.

~ ~ ~

This little number is all kinds of cute. I purchased the flirty skirt at H&M several months ago so it’s probably no longer available. This skirt is great for the warm weather months. The mix of dark, light and bright colors of the material make it easy to pair with any solid colored top. It will look great with a tank top or even a t-shirt during the summer. The price in store: $29.95.

The black short-sleeved crop sweater has no buttons and is perfect to wear over a maxi dress or a tank top during the summer months. I found this at Joyce Leslie as well. The price: $16.

~ ~ ~

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I had traveled to Colorado for work back in February. While at this fabulous hotel called the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, I found these adorable pair of wedge booties by TOMS at a cute little shoe boutique and I just had to buy them!

The “Suede Desert Wedge” in Chestnut has a 2 3/4 heel and has a cute lace up front. Available online at TOMS. Price: $89. I wore them that same night to a dinner and then drinks and fun until the wee hours, and I must say that these are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve worn in a while. Not to mention that these are my first pair of TOMS shoes, and I have now participated in the “One for One” program where when you buy a pair of shoes, you are also helping to improve the health, education and well-being of a child.

Go ahead and click on the link below to check them out. You’ll have a better photo as I could not get the right light to enhance the color of the shoes:

~ ~ ~

Let’s continue with the Colorado theme… I found this beauty in a quaint little shop in Breckenridge, Colorado. As you can see, I lean towards coppery, gold and/or rose colored metals as they complement my skin tone. This store had tons of cute jewelry, hats, socks, scarves, etc. I couldn’t decide what to buy, but I definitely wanted this bracelet. It goes with everything since it’s a neutral metal with brown leather straps. I’ve also gotten plenty of compliments about this item. I must visit Colorado again as it’s an incredibly beautiful state! The price of the bracelet was: $10.

~ ~ ~

Of course I couldn’t go without buying at least one pair of jeans. The “Super Skinny Super Low” Jean. Purchased at H&M. Price: $29.95. I actually bought three different pairs, but these turned out to be my favorite. I usually buy most of my jeans at either Express or Guess because since I’m so slim, I need something that will fit to a tee and enhance my tiny curves. You know some of us slim ladies do have cute little butts and some small curves too ;). Both Express and Guess seem to fit all my jeans needs to perfection. This time, however, since I’ve been on a strict budget I went out on a limb and bought all three pairs at H&M. The prices were very affordable (19.95-29.95). I was not disappointed. Wow! The fit is perfection all around. The color is dark denim blue which I love and also the super low rise slim fit is fabulous.

Click the link below to check them out:

I’m a true fan of stripes. Mostly thin stripes if I have to choose. This knit skirt is the cutest thing. I purchased it at H&M along with the jeans. The stripes are navy blue and white. I wore this to work the other day with a pair of black boots, dark tights and a white top. This skirt will also work during spring and summer paired with a tank top, fitted t-shirt or for the office, a short sleeved blouse. Price in store: $5.95. Not available online.

~ ~ ~

In keeping with the H&M theme, I picked these up as well. Yep, I’m on a budget but trust me that I got a good sale and did not, by any means, break my bank. These cute little rings need no caption. Price in store: $2.95 – $5.95. Not available online.

~ ~ ~

Last but certainly not least… These wonderful, amazing and super comfy UGGS are to die for! I know winter is over, but I had to include these because they are just so delightful.  The “Ugg Sunburst Tall Boot.” Purchased online at Victoria’s Secret. Price: $295 (same price as on the UGG website). I have to admit that I did break the bank with these, but I deserve to splurge once in a while. With fur trim on the inside all the way into the foot area, these boots are the coziest, sweetest things ever made. My feet were never cold during all the freezing winter days in New York City. I adore these boots with my heart and soul. They make me feel so warm and fuzzy. My heart is hurting at the thought of not being able to wear them until winter returns. 🙂

Note: The boots run a bit large so I would buy a size smaller than your usual. Also, I checked both the Victoria’s Secret and UGG websites, and could not find them so they may no longer be available. 😦 or you’ll have to wait until fall or winter to see if they re-stock.

… The End …

Phew! Can we say shopping spree? I came home with plenty of goodies in the past few months and these were just a few of them. The fun part was that I not only shopped in New York City, but I also traveled and did some more shopping. I was quite busy but also impressed that I did not break my budget (well minus the UGG boots, but I couldn’t resist). I’m looking forward to posting “Look Book #3” as that will mean that I’ll have to hit the stores again pretty soon. 😉

So there you have it my loves. I hope you enjoyed part two of the “Look Book” series. Feel free to click on any of the links and visit the stores. Even if you’re not interested in what I’ve purchased, you can browse around any of the sites and maybe see something that you’d prefer. If you do, you know the deal… come back and share. Otherwise, if you have anything you’d like to share, questions about my purchases, etc., please comment below and let’s chat about our fabulousness. Go! #engage

As always, thank you for stopping by my “Open Closet.”

Hasta Luego…

AnnaCris ❤

Prints Anyone? …Oh Wait!

What’s new my fashionistas?
So… now that you’ve seen the title of this blog, can you guess what I’ve decided to chat about this week? If you guessed “printed fabric,” you are correct. I figured since color was last week’s theme, why not elaborate a bit on solid colors versus print and what is most popular. So let’s go…
While I believe that solid colors are by far more popular than print, printed fabrics always seem to find their way onto our fashion runways. Some are quite beautiful and eye-catching. There is no denying that some designers use print in a lovely way. It all depends on your personal tastes and what type you prefer. Some of the more common prints are floral, polka dots, stripes, animal, plaid, geometric, paisley, hounds tooth and conversation print which is most often used on t-shirts. They can be bold, bright and busy or more subdued. Again, it all depends on your taste.
As for myself, I prefer solid colors. I actually went through my closet before writing this blog just to see what I had going on, and I admit I’m guilty of going pretty much “print-less.” I have a pair of Hollister plaid shorts which I adore, and a few other prints but not too many. I do like a pretty, tasteful animal print, a hounds tooth coat or short dress is also very pretty. Hmm, I just may invest in a printed coat this winter ;).
Now then, if you are going to go the print route, I would ask you to keep it to just one article of clothing. Everything else you wear should be solid and subtle. Let the print speak for itself and stand out on its own. Mixing prints is hardly ever a good idea except on the runway or if you find prints that really work together which is very possible. Here are some “how to wear” suggestions by yours truly:
  • Animal print goes perfect with black or dark brown, depending on which color is used on the fabric. Both of these solid colors will give the print an elegant look and will allow the print to shine.
  • Floral goes well with neutrals (black, white, brown, gray), depending on the type and the colors on the design. You can also choose one of the stand out colors on the print and wear that shade as your solid color.
  • Hounds Tooth looks great on a skirt, blazer or coat. I usually prefer this material for winter which makes it easy to pair with a dark solid color. Very lovely!
  • Stripes and Plaid again, depending on the design you can match accordingly. A well designed plaid pant can be really cute (i.e.: my cute Hollister plaid shorts).
When I choose print, I usually go with a top, dress or skirt. It’s kind of tricky finding a really cute pair of pants with a nice floral design, polka dots or animal print. I feel like it would be too much; too busy. I would, however, suggest a striped pair of pants in a subtle design with a gray, navy or black background. You cannot go wrong especially if you need to dress for business.
As far as body type, some printed fabrics can be tricky. Horizontal stripes are not a good choice if you are on the curvier or stocky side. Same goes with prints that are extremely busy (too much floral, polka dots). These prints can work against my curvier fashionistas. Definitely go with animal, a delicate hounds tooth or a very subtle geometric print. Remember you can tone these down by wearing a solid black. All in all, there are great choices for everybody but you just have to choose the right ones. Go ahead and try, work it!
So there you have it my loves. My take on print… Going back to my title and the reason I added “oh wait” is because I would prefer that you not go overboard or jump right in. Think it through first. I repeat, prints are very tricky but as long as they are worn correctly, anyone can wear them. Stop and make a wise decision when shopping. Make sure you have purchased or have a solid color in your closet that you can pair the item with. If you take these ideas into consideration, you will be one sexy, confident and fabulously dressed woman in print! I promise.
So what do you think? Are you a fan of any or all prints? How do you wear them? Do you agree with my point of view? Have you ever mixed prints and if so, did it work? Let us all know. Comment below and let’s chat. Go… #engage!
Until we meet again! Hasta luego.
AnnaCris ❤
ps: Thank you to the lovely “Gretchen” for her input. 😉

It’s A "Colorful" Season

How are all my fashionistas doing today?

So I’ve chosen my first official fashion blog to chat with you about “color.” The obvious choice would have been to discuss the upcoming “clothing trends” for spring/summer, but I’m not an obvious person so “color” it is! 🙂
I personally think color is very important in a wardrobe. It’s among the first choices we make with any ensemble. When we’re shopping, we choose what color matches with what, what shade will draw attention, make us look sexy, elegant, classy and beautiful, what works best with our skin tone, etc. Some of us even color coordinate our closets. So yes, color is a major factor in the world of fashion. I believe that there is nothing more refreshing than a splash of something bright and eye catching in an outfit. While I am a fan of the basic neutral tones (whites, browns, tans, grays), I can’t exclude lovely hues of yellows, blues, greens and yes, even orange from my closet. These shades go very well with your basic neutral tones as well as with the ever popular black.
For the spring/summer season of 2013, the prediction is looking quite colorful. The most popular fashion runways were a delicacy of delicious brilliant, dusky blues, emerald greens, poppy reds, gorgeous violets, vivid oranges and sunny yellows. The beauty of these colors is that they can be mixed and matched. Yellows, oranges and greens go very well with blues. You can also wear any of these shades with “white” which goes well with just about everything, and is a great option especially during the hot summer days when you want to stay cool. Other neutral tones can be played up with any of these gorgeous colors as well. Have fun and play with your outfit to see what works best together; you will be pleasantly surprised at the unlikely matches. Go with whatever makes you comfortable and happy. Just think of how lovely spring and summer will look if all of us beautiful women decided to add any or all of these lovely, bright colors to our wardrobes. It would be simply delightful! Go ahead… Give it a try.

Check out this cute summery, design by yours truly in green and yellow. This design will be a part of the dress collection that I plan to develop in the coming months so please stay tuned. This is the perfect example for you to see that unlikely colors can work well together:

With that being said, I’m not suggesting that you completely disregard darker tones such as black for the spring/summer months. However, if you are going to wear black, I would recommend keeping it at a minimum. Perhaps a cardigan or a jacket over a bright dress (you can always take it off during the day). Wear a black pair of slacks, a skirt or a dark pair of jeans (indigo is fabulous), but add a “splash” with a bright top. I know black is pretty much the “go to” shade for most women and is considered safe, but this season I would ask you to try something new and take a risk. These colors will stand out in a beautiful way, and they can make you feel so sexy and confident plus give you a “light and airy” feel during those breezy spring days and hazy days of summer. So go on and work it!

As for myself, I have to confess that yellow is one of my favorite colors. It is definitely a nice “splash” for most of my outfits, plus I really like how it compliments my skin tone. During the summer, I love wearing different shades of yellow either with a pair of jeans, a white skirt or pant. This works for me. Find what works for you, and have some fun.
So… what are YOUR favorite bright colors for this spring/summer? Are you excited to put away the dark hues of winter and bring on the lovely shades of the season? Comment below and let me know what colors you are most looking forward to adding to your wardrobe and how you will match them up. If you have to go on a little “shopping spree” before you comment, I encourage you to do so and then please come back and share ;). Otherwise, let’s chat below and give each other fabulous ideas. Go… #engage!
Until next time!

Annacris ❤