Summer Trends For The Gents


Hello there my dolls. I’m back sooner than you thought huh? Well I have this goal that I have yet to keep which is to publish two posts per week. So here I am. How are things with you all? I’m doing great just trying to juggle my schedule in a way that is more productive, hence being back on the blog so soon. 🙂

I’m hoping you all had a chance to read my last post “Oh Summer… What’s Trending” and that it was helpful. I’m feelin’ the choices especially the off-the shoulder looks and the low-slung pants. I will be rocking both and perhaps will share some photos of my looks with you in a future post. If you haven’t checked out the post though, go ahead and take a look after reading this one. If anything, there are some pretty cool photos and you might be tempted to choose a trend.

So in continuing the “trend” topic, I figured I’d give the gents a lil something too. So per the title of this post, I’m going to give the guys some ideas of what’s trending for them this summer. I mean with New York Fashion having they’re first “Men’s Fashion Week” and all, there had to be some cool stuff on the runways no? Well…. I’m not sure that the everyday guy would go for some of the styles, and I will add that it took me a while to find something that I wanted to share. Some of the “trends” were way outta left field so I hope my picks are to your liking fellas. Let’s do this shall we?








As with the women’s summer trends, the wide-leg trouser is also in for the fellas. I’m kinda feeling this look for the guys as opposed to the whole “skinny jean” trend that has been a thing for a bit. It’s a more relaxed look that can be mixed and matched. You can get away with wearing them to the office as well. Just pair the pant with a shorter blazer.

Photo from left to right: Casely-Hayford, E Tautz, Universal Works, Topman Design, Sean Suen






Again, as with the women’s trend, stripes were also a thing on the men’s runway. Pinstripe suits, shirts and pants were major. The most noticeable thing was that the stripes were wider than usual which I think is kinda cool. If you go with an all-out striped suit, wear a solid shirt.

Photo: Givenchy






I think no explanation is needed here… I love the all-white look so go ahead and rock it.







This was one of those “outta left field” that I mentioned earlier. While I love a jumpsuit for myself, I don’t love the idea for men. I’m still debating. Guys, I would love your input on this one. Would you or wouldn’t you? Share!







Hmmm… Well at least if your shirt is wrinkled, you can say your “trending.” I mean maybe go with the “crumpled” shirt but I’m not feeling the head to toe look. It’s a bit messy unless you’re really into this. Yeah, the shirt would work and let that be the stand out piece.







The longer tee made an appearance on the runway and it seems doable. This is more of a casual look so maybe skip this trend for the office.

Photo from left to right: Alexandre Plokhov, Ovadia & sons, Robert Geller




810 (1)


The safari look made a splash on the runways with very nice tones like greens, tans, browns and cool animal patterns as well. Pair your look with a solid pant of course and don’t be afraid to mix colors.

Photo from left to right: Coach, Christopher Reaburn, YMC, Burberry Prorsum, Richard James




810 (2)


The colors blue and gray were popular for the guys. Both colors are pretty much easy to match but since it’s summer, why not pair with a pop color like yellow, orange or a jewel-toned green? It would spice up the look a whole lot.

Photo from left to right: Christopher Kane, Baartmans & Siegel, Aquascutum, Hardy Amies, Matthew Miller, Tiger of Sweden, Margaret Howell, Gieves & Hawkes


*All photos found on GQ, The Fashionisto, Stylishly Beautiful, Vogue, Become Gorgeous


…The End…


So there you go gentlemen… I gotta tell ya, it wasn’t an easy task combing through the interwebs and trying to find something that I felt y’all would be down with. LOL Sheesh! Some of the trends were beyond and although I’m not feeling ALL of these, these were the looks that I felt were more suitable for the everyday guy because that’s who I write for.

With that said, what did you think? This is my second post dedicated to the guys so I hope y’all actually liked it. 😉 Would you wear any of these looks? If so, which ones and what would you do different to make it sensible and suitable for the occasion? If you’re not feeling any of these trends, tell me why not. I would love to know what the gents are really into when it comes to fashion so please chime in.

Well it’s about that time for me to say that… You all know the drill. Comment below and let me know what you think. Needless to say, that I’m looking forward to what the guys have to say about these trends. I mean summer is the “laid-back and relaxed” season when you just want to put on a pair of shorts and a top and go out and enjoy the sun and the great weather. Of course it’s not written in stone that what’s trending for a season is what we all have to wear so go with whatever you prefer and feel comfortable with.

Alrighty then, I would love to get a man’s point of view along with the ladies. Go ahead and share your opinions below. Whether it’s a yes or a nah, don’t be shy and join in on the conversation. Also guys, feel free to let me know what your style is because fashion is a bit different for men. It’s obvious that there isn’t a lot of variety so y’all probably have to make more of an effort to find items that don’t fall under the usual trousers, jeans, dress shirts, and suits. Now is your chance to speak and let me know what is missing for the guys as far as fashion. I promise I will post something that hits more to your style at a later date. So please share your comments below. Let’s start a fun conversation. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤











Oh Summer… What’s Trending?


How goes it my loves? My wish is that all is going well with each of you. That life and the Universe are both treating you kindly. I’m doing pretty well. I’ve had a bit of “writer’s block” lately so that explains why I haven’t posted new content in about two weeks. In the words of one of  my bestest “sometimes it beez that way.” 🙂

So here comes the part where I ask if you’ve caught up with my previous post/posts… So have you? LOL! Since it’s been two weeks, I’m going to ask if you’ve had a chance to read my last two posts. The first “My Beach Day Essentials” was a fun one where I listed all the items I need for the perfect beach day. Check it out and see if I missed something. The second was incredibly sad for me as it was my tribute to one of my all-time favorite stars – Prince, titled “Heaven Has Turned Purple.” His death was so untimely and unexpected. I mean who else thought the man was immortal? How could he leave us so suddenly? Go ahead and have look. I felt so melancholic for days after his death. #sadness 😦

Alrighty, let’s lift the mood up some shall we? I figured, and I feel this post has been overdue, that I’d let you all know what the designers decided would trend for spring/summer in 2016. Technically, this post is not really overdue because it’s still spring per our calendar so there! 😉 Anyways my darlings, I’m pretty excited about these trends and y’all know I’m not really big on them but these are making me feel like I can jump on a bunch. Some not so much but I have to add those as well because everyone has different tastes. Plus, there are lots and lots of my favorite thing… COLOR! Yasss! So let’s get to it:








Shoulders were a thing on the runways, and I will include other examples so you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are screaming summer no? I love this look and I really want the two dresses on the left! Oh screw it I can rock all these looks. My point is, is that this look is so girly, flirty and summery that how can you NOT go for it? Whether it’s a short dress, a maxi dress, or a top, anybody can pull this off. You can match with flat sandals for the boho look that I adore, with heels or flip flops for a more casual day. Accessorize with hoop earrings, bracelets, a wristlet as shown above and even layered necklaces. Note: Make sure to highlight your shoulders with a little bit of bronzer.

Photo from left to right: Paul & Joe, Peter Pilotto, Chloe, Michael Kors, and Francesca Liberatore






Tassels were also a big thing on the runways. I think they’re pretty cute. I wouldn’t let mine trail to the floor since I live in New York City and with the hustle and bustle of the crowds, someone is sure to step on them and have me tripping. Yikes! However, I’m down to try this look. They can match your outfit or you can just add a long piece of fabric to make your look unique.

Photos from left to right: Boss, Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Michael Kors, and Joseph






Yasss! <3! This is the pant version of the low-rise jeans which I adore. This look is more loose and slouchy with a wide leg so you can maybe get away with wearing them to the office just make sure your top reaches a little below your hips. For any other occasion, go ahead and rock that cropped top and show off the pants. I’m definitely going to try this trend.

Photos from left to right: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Derek Lam






This is another example of the bare shoulders. This style is called “shoulder cut-out” for the obvious reasons. This is also a very girly and flirty look. I have a long sleeved dress with shoulder cutouts that fits like a glove. It’s a very sexy look and you can go with the long or short dress or a cute top paired with a flirty skirt or the low-slung pant.

Photo from left to right: Bernard Chandran, Guy Laroche, Andrew Gn, Issa, and Milly






Y’all know my love affair with denim yes? I mean if I could wear jeans every day, I would. Jeans are that item of clothing that you can dress way up or dress way down and still look good. This summer your jeans will come in patterns, textures, indigo, acid washed, etc. I’m going to buy a pair because… Yes! Will you?

Photo from left to right: Chanel, Chloé, Tomas Maier






I have a confession to make… I HATE ironing! I do! So this trend is perfection for me. I’m feelin’ it though. How about you? I would try the crumpled skirt or top and use that item as the wow piece. I’d go with muted tones like the photo in the far right. Also try nudes, grays, browns, and even metallics.

Photo from left to right: Margaret Howell, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Nina Ricci






I’m not a huge fan of pleats but these are okay. The key word is “micro” so I can work with this. If you choose to wear a pleated skirt, I’d pass on a pleated top. Let the skirt pleats shine.

Photo from left to right: J.Mendel, Gabriele Colangelo, Sonia Rykiel, Giles, and Stella McCartney






I had to add this trend only because it’s very interesting. So designers decided to take a dress shirt and do a variety of intricate things to it. Of course, most of these are not created for the workplace and I’m not sure how wearable they are in our everyday lives, but I just had to add this because… Interesting. 😉

Photo from left to right: Zac Posen, Palmer Harding, Jacquemus, Delpozo, and Fyodor Golan






Here is another example of the bare shoulders. I also love this look because again… girly and flirty and so lovely. This trend shows less of the shoulders than the other two. This leans more to that one shoulder look. A great look for a sexy night out with the girls or a date and go all out with heels and stuff… 🙂

Photo from left to right: J JS Lee, Christopher Kane, Antonio Marras, Sacai, and Versace






Ruffles were in full effect on the runways. They have that romantic feeling to them and let’s not forget that Prince made them look sexy as f**k during his Purple Rain days. While ruffles come in all shapes and sizes, it seems this year they’re larger and varied in shape. I have to add that when I’m sketching, I love drawing ruffles for some reason. LOL I know, totally not related but I wanted to share that. HA!

Photo from left to right: Marques’Almeida, J.W. Anderson, Luisa Beccaria, Lanvin, and Gucci






I love stripes! This year designers went for the bold and colorful stripe. Yeah, make that statement! Go for a striped dress, a top or mix the stripes as shown in the middle photo above. I love striped tank tops with jeans. I’ll accessorize with a bunch of layered necklaces, some hoop earrings and some nice sandals and I’m ready to go. Also, contrary to popular belief, there are stripes for every body type. If you’re curvy or plus-sized, try a thicker or wider stripe as opposed to the thin.

Photo left to right: Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Christian Dior






And last but not least… Of course when I saw that there was a “Latin Influence” on the runways, I just HAD to add this trend. I mean I have to represent no? So yeah, there were ruffles again, flamenco skirts, bold colors like red and anything Latin in between. Of course, these are more for a night on the town as opposed to the office. If you’re feeling sexy, go for it. Slip into those sexy high-heeled sandals and go dance the night away in these dresses.

Photo from left to right: Blugirl, Proenza Schouler, Oscar de la Renta, Osman, and Roberto Cavalli

*Photos found on both and

**All Photos used in this post were from Imaxtree, The Brand and IndigitalImages.


…The End…


Well there you have it my lovelies. These are some of the summer trends chosen by the top designers. Do you agree that some are over the top but some are doable in real life? I’m going to try a few especially the bare shoulder looks and the low-slung pant. How about you?

Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit. Silver or gold hoops are lovely during the summer months especially if your hair is pulled back from your face. Layer your necklaces, add bracelets or cuffs, over-sized rings and don’t forget your sunnies. Also, add powdered bronzer to your bare skin to give it that glowy effect especially on your bare shoulders. Last, go light on the makeup and accentuate with a bold red, matte lipstick because those are also in this season. Well it doesn’t have to be red or matte, but make your lips the focus. I love a glossy, dewy lip tint during the summer as well.

Sooo… You all know the drill. Comment below and share your opinions. Will you try any or most of these trends or will you pass because they seem over-the-top to you? If you’ll try, which were your favorites and how will you match them up to make it YOU? What are you most looking forward to wearing this summer or are you just a laid-back, chill and relaxed type of gal who doesn’t follow trends and wears what she wants? I lean more towards the latter but I also love dressing up spontaneously even if it’s to go to the office. Let’s discuss because I love hearing about and/or checking out other people’s style. Feel free to share photos in the comments. Don’t be shy and share your thoughts below. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤