Yikes! …What Shall I Wear For Summer 2015?


How goes it my loves? I’m hoping all of you are having the time of your lives. Did everyone have a chance to read my previous post “What Do You Bring To My Table?” If you haven’t, please check it out. It’s one of my non-fashion/beauty posts and it’s a doozy. I went all in LOL. Hey, sometimes you have to. Are you curious? Well then go check it after you finish reading this one and share your opinion.

Okay, so spring is upon us and summer is close on its heels. It’s time for sandals, cute summer dresses, fabulous pedis, heading to the beach and so on. That being said, I couldn’t let the moment pass without discussing my favorite staples for the warm weather. While I love following the shows to keep up with what is trending each season, I prefer to keep up my personal style and just enhance it by adding a touch of something new or even trendy here and there. I have specific tastes and I never follow the crowd. I’m down with certain new trends if I really like them but I tend to stick to my already fabulous style 😉 and just change it up with new ideas. LOL! Yes, I said that…

So let’s get to it my fashionistas. Below are my favorite must-have summer staples along with a couple items that are “trending” this season that I’m thinking of trying out:




These are the best. They’re super cute and girly plus comfortable for those oh so hot summer days. I love cotton dresses that have some flow and aren’t too tight. I mean who wants to be all hot and sticky in a tight outfit when it’s 90 degrees and humid out? Not most of us I’m sure.

These dresses can be worn with just about any shoe. I love a flat, pretty sandal or high-heeled ones (keeping in mind the heel height. If the dress is already short, the heels will give it more lift so be careful unless that is the look you’re going for). You can also wear them with ballet flats, flip flops on a casual, running errands Saturday, or with a pair of converse sneakers (OMG, the cuteness of this!) I’ve done it. ☺

BTW, I so want the above dress. It’s still available on the ASOS website. It’s called the True Decadence Striped Jacquard dress with Drop Waist and it’s priced at $81.



I ADORE the maxi dress and skirt. They add a certain type of elegance to your figure if you choose the correct style for your body type. They can be fitted or loose. The maxi dress can be strapless (like the above photo), with thin spaghetti straps or wife beater style, with capped or three quarter length sleeves if it’s not extremely hot. They can be a solid dark color, a bright color, beautifully printed or solid on top and printed on the bottom or vice versa. There’s no limit with this dress.  If you’re going with a skirt, again, any style goes fitted or loose, in a solid color or printed. You can wear it with a blouse tied in front, a cropped top, a tank top, just about anything. Both can be played up with a belt, a scarf or a short cardigan. Don’t forget to add a pretty long necklace to complete the ensemble.


I prefer flat sandals with my maxi dresses (even flip flops) during the day. For me, it’s a more comfortable option especially if I’m out and about. Just make sure the dress is not dragging if you’re of shorter height. Heels will enhance a maxi for an evening out. A strappy sandal is fabulous for a night on the town. Add a cute wristlet bag or clutch, some accessories and you’re ready to go.



Of course we cannot forget summer shorts. Shorts are a summer staple and like the summer dress, these can be paired with just about anything. A tank top, a blouse, a sexy top, a cropped top, flat or heeled sandals, flip flops, ballet flats, sneakers, wedges… anything goes. Shorts can be worn on a night out as well. Choose a non-denim fabric, a sexy top and heels and rock that look. Accessorize with great jewelry and a cute bag and you’re set to hit the town.


I’d also add the “mini-skirt” to this category and the same options apply. BTW, I’m in love with the tube top in the above photo. ❤



Summer tops are so much fun and there are so many variations. The tank tops, the spaghetti strap, capped sleeves, strapless, cropped tops, the tube top. They can be fitted, loose, flowy. With any type of detail such as beading, sequins, lace. The possibilities are endless. Just go with what catches your eye and pair accordingly with a skirt, shorts, jeans or slacks.



I adore flat sandals during the summer. Last year, towards the end of the season I purchased a couple of cute ones which I didn’t get a chance to wear but this year they are coming out. I got a pair of black ankle high gladiator sandals that I adore. These will go perfect with my maxi and short summer dresses.


Trending this summer are the high-shaft gladiator sandals. They are everywhere so if you’re into that, by all means get a pair and post a photo here so we can admire your look. Of course you all know that the way to show these off is with a cute short dress/skirt or shorts so go ahead and be daring!


Then there are the ever fabulous high-heeled sandals. I ADORE the strappy style! They add a certain kind of sexy and elegance and these are meant to be shown off. The above sandal is by Zara and I really, really want them, however, they are no longer available on their website. :(.

There really is no standard when it comes to sandals. Whatever your taste, your style, whatever catches your eye is a go. Flat sandals, like the ones above, complement any summer item whether it be dresses, maxis, shorts, jeans, slacks, etc.



Flip Flops – #ThatIsAll … LOL! I mean what else can be said about them? They’re wonderful, they’re comfortable, inexpensive and I think everybody has at least one pair. Just keep in mind that flip flops are more for a day of running errands, going shopping or heading to the beach as opposed to the work place. Unless your workplace is a bit more relaxed then by all means get a really cute pair.



Sunglasses are a must-have for the summer. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like our summers are so much hotter and it feels like the sun is that much closer. Like it just sits right over our heads and tries to melt us to death. Sunglasses will protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and they also add great style to our personalities and outfits. The secret to rocking a great pair is to buy the correct style for the shape of your face. I always lean towards the over-sized pair or the aviator style. I have several pairs and alternate between all.



For those of you who know me personally or if you’ve followed my blogging, you’ll know that I ADORE accessories. I usually lean towards the simple but elegant/classy styles. I love long necklaces, bangles, stacked bracelets, earrings, rings (most especially, I’ve become a fan of the knuckle ring trend as in the photo below).


I believe that everybody has their personal taste as far as accessories go. If you lean towards a more gaudy or flashy look (there’s nothing wrong with that), just make sure to limit the amount of large pieces you wear so that the main attraction doesn’t get lost with your accessories. If you lean towards a more classic or simple look, feel free to add an extra piece or two to play up your outfit.


So now you all know my preferences for summer wear. I usually add to the above as I see fit. If I fall in love with any of the newer trends, I will add pieces accordingly and style to my taste. You can do the same. It’s all about what you like, what works for you and how much you can afford.





The shirt dress always makes a come-back in the fashion world and this summer they’re IN. As you can see in the above photo, any style goes. You can choose the high slits in the front, the more conservative style, or the sexy sleeveless and belted at the waist look. The shirt dress is very comfortable and styled correctly, can also be worn to work.



Yay! Yellow is my favorite color so this makes me very happy. Now some of you may be giving me the side-eye right about now but… allow me to plead my case here. There are so many different variations of the color that trust me there IS a shade of yellow for you. You just have to figure out your skin’s undertone (warm, cool, neutral) to find the perfect hue. I have warm undertones so anything yellow or gold works perfectly for me. If you have cool undertones, you lean more towards pinks, reds and blues however, perhaps a pretty pastel yellow or a greenish yellow will work perfectly for you. People with neutral toned skin can pretty much wear any color although each individual will lean more to either warm or cool. Just figure out what colors of the wheel complement you best. Do not fear my sweets, take a risk on this color. It’s so pretty and sunny that you can’t help but feel happy wearing it. 🙂



So Diane von Furstenberg brought gingham back in full force and I’m in love. The dress to your left in the above photo is DVF and I so want it. I know when you hear “gingham,” you think tablecloth but nope, go ahead and try this look. It’s so pretty and girly especially in a short summer dress. I’d pass on a whole suit though but that’s just me.



The comfy shoe is back! For those of you who squirm at the thought of wearing a 5+ inch heel, this has to be good news. Go ahead and rock your flats, slides and those super cute sneakers. I adore converse and need to replace my current ones which I’ve had for years and are just falling apart. *tears* I refuse to get rid of them though.

The above slides are by Peter Som.



Hmmm… So the baggy jeans are back. Jeans are a must in my closet and I’m sure they are for you as well. Jeans go with everything even for a sexy night out. While I’m not crazy about this look, I can certainly get a pair for the summer. Like I said earlier, who wants to be in a tight outfit when it’s so hot outside? I’d pair this style with a cropped top or a fitted top for the perfect contrast. As far as shoes, a heeled wedge goes perfectly as well as sneakers or ballet flats.



The polo-style shirt can lighten up an outfit giving it a sporty chic look. As the above photo demonstrates, this top can be paired with a pencil skirt, a long flowy maxi and/or a mini and look absolutely fabulous. I’m definitely going to try this look this summer. I’m leaning towards the pencil skirt look… 😉



Culottes are back in style. I just don’t know how I feel about them though. However, If I go for it, I would certainly rock a pair with a pretty blouse or fitted top and some strappy high-heeled sandals (wedge-heels also look good with this style of pant). I think I’d prefer the shorter, calf length version as opposed to the longer style which is shown to your left of the above photo.



Ahhh, I love wearing anything white… It’s just such a clean, crisp and airy look. Nothing is more refreshing during those hot summer months than a pretty white, cotton dress. Perhaps a pair of white linen pants with a white t-shirt. White is just lovely for the summer. You can mix textures and/or different shades. A bright white top with an off-white bottom looks classy. Go with neutral toned sandals to complement the look and depending on your choice gold or silver jewelry will complete the outfit. BTW, white is no longer just for the summer… Wearing white during the winter months is so IN. 😉

~ The End ~

So there you have it my loves. I hope you got to know a little bit more about my personal style for the summer months. I’m more of a laid back, classic, girly type of woman plus I lean more towards comfort than anything else. You all know how much I adore that pop of COLOR but I can certainly wear white anytime that heat wave hits. The streets are hot so anything that I can breathe in is a blessing. What is your summer style? Do you stick to your own personal tastes or do you go with whatever is trending? Do you go for comfort or do you deck yourself out regardless of how hot it is? What are your favorite staples? So many questions….

So you all know the drill, share your thoughts, share your style tips, post photos in the comments section, post any suggestions that I may have omitted. What trends are you looking forward to wearing during the summer? Anything goes when it comes to fashion these days. There are no longer set rules on what to wear. We all have our own sense of personal style and usually we know what works best for us so this is just an added bonus in case you were thinking of trying something new and different. So…. let’s discuss. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions. It’s time to chat. Go! #engage

Until next time…


AnnaCris ❤


Photos in the “Summer Staples” section compliments of Pinterest.

Photos in the “Trending This Season” section compliments of Glamour Magazine.


3 thoughts on “Yikes! …What Shall I Wear For Summer 2015?

  1. Great suggestions! I have a tendency to sometimes buy things simply because it looks amazing on its own but then end up being in a pickle about what to pair it with. I loved how you included the all white everything section as it’s been around forever but we often forget about it. I bought this really cute subtle patterned off-white pant the other day and I was wondering what would go best with it. I think I’ll try the bright white top idea with gold jewelry and a pair of nice shades 🙂 I can’t wait! To add a pop of color I may wear these red flip flops I have with a bit of gold in it…plus red lipstick 😍..what do you say? Do you think that would mess up the look?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss! Go for it. The red and gold will definitely spice it up nicely. Go with a dark red lipstick. You know the one… I love it!

      I used to be the same way. I’d buy something just because it was cute then have nothing to pair it with. I still do it at times but not as often. Now I’m more mindful of what’s in my closet before I shop and go crazy. 😉

      As always, thank you for reading and sharing your opinion. I love getting feedback. 💖


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