I Lost My Spark But I’ve Found My Fire…


It’s been a while my darlings! One year and three months to be exact. Sheesh! :O

So how is everyone doing? We’ve got so much to catch up on and I honestly don’t even know where to begin, but all I know is that I somehow have to begin. Writing is such a pleasure for me, and for the past year I’ve been at a loss for words. It’s the same as when I try to sketch, that creative block is maddening. It’s been a helluva stump in so many ways but I’m determined to get out of it.

I figured I’d come back with a post related to what this blog is mostly about (fashion, beauty) but that would be so random and in a way, I just wanted to post a very fitting quote that describes how I’ve been feeling for the past 15 months. Maybe if I express my thoughts regarding the past year, I can finally move on to better things and get my groove back a la Stella yes? 😉 So here goes and please bear with me:


Boy did I lose that spark! Good lord it came out of nowhere you guys. One night in December of 2016 I was ecstatic because I had finally gotten my LLC approved and I had so many plans going forward. Then in early January 2017 my flame burned out. Poof! I couldn’t understand it. I think knowing that I finally became a business owner was both shocking and freakin’ scary AF! I felt it. It was like “what do I do now?” I had no clue. I’ve wanted this for so long and now that I had it, I had no idea what my next move was and so I fell down hard. I allowed the fear of not knowing paralyze me and that was so unlike me. I usually jump in. It may take me a while, but I jump in. Not this time though. So I did nothing! Nada! Zilch! It was exasperating. 😦

I also let things that were completely out of my control bring me down. Let’s be honest, the state of this country is bleak for some of us. I worry every day at where we’re going. I now pay more attention to certain issues that didn’t seem so hopeless in the past. Last year I became almost obsessed with staying up-to-date on everything that was happening, but that just drained me to exhaustion. I needed to stop before I made myself sick. So towards the end of last year, I made myself take breaks from social media and TV and little by little my outlook became a tad less bleak. Just a tad though. I still pay attention but when I feel myself getting down, I take breaks. I mean by the looks of things, some of us have a long road ahead of us. I’ve got more to say on this one but that can be a whole other post. 😉

The other thing was my physical health. Asthma showed its ugly face and it would not let me go. I try to keep it under control but stress induces it and boy was I stressed. I then stopped working out not only because of the asthma but because I just couldn’t be bothered. I began eating way too much junk food especially at night and so I was always feeling tired and my energy was super low. When I would get home, all I wanted to do was get into bed and do nothing. It seemed like I couldn’t ever get enough sleep and on weekends I slept for most of the day especially on Saturdays. 😦 The one thing I made sure I did on Sundays was head to the salon to get my hair done. LOL! Because y’all know the whole vanity thing. 😀

But the mild depression was real y’all. I knew it from the beginning. I’ve gone through depression at various stages in my life so I know the signs. I feel like once you go through it the first time, it stays inside you and it comes out many times when you least expect it. This is always the case with me. I can be as happy as can be, and one day it’s like POW it hits me out of the blue (no pun intended). The good thing is that I know when it hits me so I somehow know how to deal with it. This episode was long though. I mean a year is a long time. Granted I had great moments in 2017 as well. It wasn’t always that black cloud over my head type of feeling. I traveled a bit, I had one of the best vacations ever with one of my best friends. I was myself often enough like I still laughed and played pranks on my friends, I shopped, I listened to music, etc. The only thing was that my soul was sad. However, if I didn’t come right out and say it to anyone, nobody would have known to be honest. I wasn’t hiding it but I’m weird that way lol. In the midst of those blue days, I could also feel okay.

The thing about me is that I handle my depressive moods in my own way. I’d like to first say that if you are suffering from depression and you cannot get through it on your own, by all means please seek help. Whatever you think will make you feel better. Nobody should feel like they have to handle depression on their own. Thankfully, with the exception of one really extreme episode about six years ago and compared to what others go through, my depression is usually mild enough that I can get through it.

I usually try to air things out. I pick a friend or two that I can talk to about absolutely anything without any judgement on their part and I vent. I listen to music as much as possible and I read a lot. I read fun books though. I love mystery, whodunit stories the most. I make an effort to get out more. I love to walk just to think about things so I do that around my neighborhood mostly because there are some pretty spots (this is also exercise). I shop a little but I am budget conscious so I know my limits. I get my hair done every Sunday as I stated above and I try to travel at least once a year to some place fun with fun travel companions. A little bit of all of this usually gets me through my blues. This time it took a bit longer but in the end, it worked.

I am blessed with a wonderful mom and great friends. My tribe is quite small but they are absolutely everything. It’s a beautiful bond and they all know who they are. They listened, they made me laugh, we went places and enjoyed and little by little and with the start of this New Year, I felt my mood start to slowly lift. Whatever kept trying to hold me back is slowly disappearing. It’s very important to have genuine people in your life. People who will listen to your problems and will sincerely try to find a way to make your life better. Who give off good vibes and have positive energy and clean auras. I am so grateful to have that circle to turn to. I would say to you to please choose your tribe wisely and when you find them, cherish them. Great friendships make a huge difference in how you overcome some situations.


So I basically allowed fear, worry, exhaustion, sadness and yes sometimes laziness to keep me down for 365+ days of my life. Days that I could have been building my new business, blogging, doing my workouts and staying healthy, and I could have been enjoying this life that the good lord has blessed me with more often than not. Please believe that not a day went by during this time that I didn’t think of this. I’d constantly berate myself for not doing what I should be doing. That I didn’t ask myself WTF was going on with me and WHEN was I going to get my shit together. Not one day went by that I didn’t try to do something but I just couldn’t. It was like there was an invisible wall that I conjured up and that wall would not budge even though I pushed. But I kept pushing and I am knocking down that wall. This post is my first step in that direction. *high five* 🙂

In closing, I’d like to reiterate that if you’re going through depression be it mild or severe and you just cannot find your way through, please seek help. There are so many options available to you. It can be via therapy, support groups, staying in touch with family and friends, outdoor activities, exercising, meditation and yoga, keeping a journal, eating healthy, volunteering or doing things that make you happy, listen to music and dance, and last if you really need it, medication may help. These are only a few of the options but my point is that you should never feel like you cannot ask for help. There is strength in asking for help when you need it the most so please do it.


So I hope you guys remember the drill… Comment below and share your story. How do you cope through those hard times when you just can’t find any motivation to do anything? What do you do to cure your blues? How do you handle dealing with things that you know are out of your control but still affect you? What do you do to get past the fear of doing something so scary but you know if you do it, your life could change for the better? Share your story below. Maybe we can help someone whose soul is also sad right now to find the strength to get through it. All it takes is one person to change another person’s life.

I’m happy to be back my loves, and I pray that this is the beginning of doing what I’ve always wanted to do ;). *fingers crossed* … I fell hard in 2017 and I lost my entire spark, but I am back up and my soul is slowly lighting up with the whole damn fire. (y’all see what I did there? Haa!) I got this! I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage

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AnnaCris ❤


Let’s All Start GOMO…


How are my darlings doing? I’m hoping you’ve all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty busy. I worked on building my empire, multitasking on different sides of it, and I was super productive the entire weekend. I worked on my other social media side-project too which is another great adventure. Plus, I did some girly thangs :). I took a wonderful detox bath on Friday night, I got my hair done, I gave myself a facial and did my eyebrows so all in all, it was a good one.

Has everyone read my last post “Why I Tried Warm Lemon Water and Turmeric Milk?” It was all about the healthy lifestyle. I discussed my experience with both. Do they live up to the hype we’ve been hearing on the internet streets? Were my results positive? Well go take a look at the post after you’re done with this one and find out. Oh and feel free to comment if you’ve also tried either or both and let’s compare our results. Deal? 🙂

So my comeback post back in September (haha, like that was so long ago), was a huge hello to fall and my favorite things about this season. Now I’d like to get out and enjoy those things. Y’all know how much I love adventures but given that I’m trying to build a business, I’m sticking to a budget that keeps me from going out more often. However, there are tons of things I can still do that can get me out of the house and experience life. So I decided I wanted to share with my loves the things I plan to do this fall/winter to GOMO! (Uhh, don’t know what that is? Well it stands for “Going Out More Often”). GOMO is taking over the old FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) which seemed to be a thing a few years ago. I was not affected by FOMO but I’m all for GOMO! 😉 So let’s see what I’ve got planned:








I LOVE spending time with my friends. I don’t have a ton but the ones I have in my life, those that I consider my true dear friends, are pretty awesome women. Whether they’re friends or family members (love my cousins), I need to make more of an effort to get together with them. Nothing beats a day of brunch or a night out for dinner, great conversations, laughter and of course getting all dolled up with the squad. I’m thinking at least twice a month if time permits. ❤






One of the reasons I adore fall is because of this beautiful scenery. The changing of the leaves is spectacular especially when you head towards Upstate New York. The colors are breathtaking and the ride is so calming. I had a friend who would take a drive with me almost every weekend just for this occasion, with no exact destination but just to drive and catch a glimpse of this beautiful sight. Yes, this is definitely on my to-do list for fall. 😉





Those who know me know that I’m not a huge drinker. However, I do love a good wine and visiting a winery is always fun. The tasting is great and learning about the whole process is intriguing. Best of all though, you get to buy your favorite bottles and take them home for those cozy fall and winter nights. I think fall is the best time for this adventure because it’s not so hot and not so cold that you’re comfortable being outside if need be.






Now this is way beyond my comfort zone. Meet-ups are the rave in the networking world. They’re actually pretty cool but if you’re like me and you don’t like small talk, these can be overwhelming. Meet-ups are events or gatherings for people with similar likes. So for me I’m building up to go to a bloggers and/or a fashion meetup sometime soon. They are great events to meet new people, make new friends and definitely make connections for your business. Yikes! I’m lil nervous about this one y’all.

A great way to create one of these events if you’re interested is via the website Eventbrite. You can create different types of activities like parties, networking, classes, sporting events, etc.  You can also sell your tickets for your event, track progress and they even offer discounts for non-profits. Eventbrite supports activities in many major cities. Go take a look at their Online Event Management Page to set up an event. I plan to create a bloggers meetup via this website in NYC at some point so bloggers stay tuned. 🙂




Yasss! Going to a haunted house attraction is so much fun to do with people who love the spookiness of Halloween. I did it two years ago and loved it. I haven’t done a haunted hayride so that is definitely on my list this year. Who’s with me? 😉






Over the summer I took several weekend trips, and they were so awesome that I’m hooked. I flew to Atlanta for a wonderful weekend, I took a road trip with great friends to Boston for my birthday, and I flew to Miami for a family wedding on Labor Day weekend. Now I know I mentioned that I’m on a budget and all because of the whole building an empire thing, but I’ve become rather savvy at finding good deals on flights if the weekend trip requires flying. Also, using a travel rewards credit card can get you a tremendous amount of great travel perks. I plan to take a couple more weekend trips before the year ends. I’d love to visit Atlanta again and perhaps New Orleans. 😉





This makes for a really fun day especially if the weather is perfect. Plus there’s not only apple picking, but there’s pumpkin and strawberry picking too! Ayee! I want to do all three. There are some cool pumpkin and strawberry picking places out in Long Island, New York that I’m going to research and as I’ve already mentioned, the squad and I have an apple picking trip scheduled this month which should be loads of fun! I’m so excited for this. Plus you can get into all sorts of shenanigans while picking. 😉






I went to a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden last year and it was awesome. Two years before I went to a Jay Z concert and it was freakin’ fabulous. I love music. Music heals the soul and calms the mind. I never leave home without my iPod, and I’ve been known to sing while I walk the streets of New York City. LOL! Hey, I’m Dominican. We’re born with music in our blood ;). Anyway, I want to go to a couple concerts if possible. Umm, I’d really like to see Beyonce though. Yep I said it. The woman does give a good show.

Also, I saw Kevin Hart’s “What Now Tour” at MSG last year and that was completely hilar! OMG, I laughed so hard I nearly cried, my cheeks and tummy hurt from laughing so much. So yeah, laughter is up there with music. Both are great remedies for the mind and soul. So comedy clubs are also a way to GOMO!






I love taking long walks. Not only is it great for exercising but it’s an opportunity to clear my thoughts. With the exception of a shower, I do some of my best thinking while taking long walks. GOMO doesn’t necessarily have to be nights on the town or flying to some wonderful getaway. When I don’t have any plans on a weekend and weather permitting, I love taking a walk around my neighborhood. I live in a very pretty area where there are tree-lined streets and little cafes and sitting areas to enjoy. Walking is great for getting my creative juices flowing too. Who knows what cool things I can find that I can photograph and post to my blog’s Instagram page!






I LOVE to travel so much! I truly wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid so my obsession with airplanes is real y’all. Like flying a fighter jet real! LOL, no seriously this is on my bucket list. Anyway, whatever chances I get to head out of New York, I take them. I had so much fun in Miami with family back in September that the plan is to head back to Florida for the Christmas holiday. I’ve been researching flights for both me and my mommy and am hoping I’ll find something that won’t break the budget. The idea is to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve/Day with family in Orlando. Ahhh, I can see the fun now… Dancing, delicious food, laughter… so much laughter, late nights just talking and lots and lots of family shenanigans! This will be the perfect farewell to 2016 no? I’m crossing fingers that this one comes through. 😉






So there you go my loves! These are my plans for GOMO this fall. Don’t they all sound like fun? I’m really looking forward to getting out and doing all these fabulous things. How much fun would my fall season be?! I think experiences are so much more important than spending money on things we probably won’t use a year from now. We all work so hard and so many things can stress us out that creating moments with people we love and whose company we enjoy is so necessary. Don’t you all agree?

Life is about experiences, it’s about the special things that touch our hearts, clear our minds and heal our soul. Even a simple walk can make a rough time so much better. Keep in mind that you can do lots of things on your own if nobody is available. Be brave! Create beautiful memories. Experiences are what we remember when we’re old and telling wise stories to the younger folks. Experiences are what life is all about so join me in GOMO and collect wonderful moments to share. Who’s in?




Do y’all agree that GOMO is the IN thing to do now? If so, what are your plans to GOMO for fall? Are any of my plans on your list as well? Why not comment below and share yours and let’s compare. Maybe there’s something on your list that I’d love to add to mine.

Now y’all already know the drill… Share your thoughts and let’s start a conversation. I bet you have some awesome experiences to share so don’t be shy. The world is so crazy today that I think starting a conversation about good things, moments that light up our lives is so important! Well… whatcha waiting for? Join me in this fun discussion. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


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AnnaCris ❤


Heaven Has Turned Purple…


It is with a heavy heart that I come to you to pay tribute to a magical man. He was one of the few artists who truly captured my heart with his talent. He was one of my all-time top three favorite artists. He was a man who lived by his rules and never cared what others thought. He was a man who gave some of us life through his music. He was a sexy man whose fashion style was beyond compare. He was a philanthropic man who quietly helped so many in so many ways. He was a musical genius, an icon with a generous heart, a legend… Prince!

I remember the first time I saw Prince in my early teens in one of his rare interviews. He was all of 5’2, dressed of course, in the sexiest outfit, wearing dark eyeliner and heels, and I was not expecting what came next… When he opened his mouth and this ridiculously sexy, baritone voice came out of that 5’2 body, I was mesmerized. I actually did a double and was like “whoa!” From that moment on I was hooked and then he performed and I was in love.




Prince to me was like I said, magical. He had this allure that you just couldn’t quite explain because it was just THERE and you had to have more. His talents were incomparable. What could this man NOT do? He could sing, he wrote, he played like a million instruments (LOL, okay I’m exaggerating but y’all get the gist), Nobody could play a guitar and make it seem like the sweetest love-making like he did, he could dance and groove like the best of them, he was an actor, a producer, a philanthropist, good lord the list is endless.




The man had this flirtatious thing going on with that mysterious look in his eyes, and that coy smile with that sexy side-eye that made you think he knew a secret that nobody else knew. Thus making some women melt into a million lil puddles of mush. Prince just all but screamed sexy and he did so even in his songs, his videos and his performances.


prince-1 (1)




What about his fashion style? Good Lord! This man did it his way each and every time and he always won. The way he dressed was beyond compare. I mean from ruffled blouses in his “Purple Rain” days, to those tight chest revealing jumpsuits, to that cropped black top he wore in his “Kiss” video. Even when he wore a suit, you had to bust out that fan and fan yourself because Ayeeee! The man could rock a hat and sunglasses like no other. He accessorized like nobody’s business. What I adored about him was that he loved color (and y’all know how I feel about color) and he was not afraid to mix and match. He loved patterns from polka dots to stripes to paisley (ahem, Paisley Park) to anything in between and it always worked. Even his guitars were in so many different colors and of course, my favorite was his yellow guitar in his “Get Off” video. Yasss! ❤






Nobody did it up like the Purple One…






Let’s not forget his ever-changing hairstyles which ALL suited him to a tee… And btw, I loved him in this all white outfit with the hoodie. ❤




So can we talk about his heels? LOL, I mean the strut and the swag surpassed so many levels. He walked the walk like the best runway models out there. Prince was quoted as saying “People say I’m wearing heels because I’m short, I wear heels because the women like ’em.” Bwahahahaha indeed my Prince, indeed! It’s been said that “Prince is the only man that can put on heels and lipstick, and still take your woman.” LOL! Yasss I concur! ❤






I never had the privilege to attend one of his concerts, but I’ve watched almost all his videos and love many of his songs. His music was transcendent. It captivated you if only because of the “funk” and the “groove.” How could you NOT move to his beats? If you listened closely, his songs had messages in them and though some were purely sexual, some were meaningful to what went on in the world. His vocal range was sick and his stage presence was fascinating. It’s like you were glued to his every move.

And his songs… Oh how they grabbed you and pulled you into his world. I mean, I can’t even pick ONE favorite because there are so many. Let’s name a few… There’s When Doves Cry, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Raspberry Beret, 1999, Let’s Go Crazy. The funky ones like Musicology, Dear Mr. Man, Controversy. The ballads like Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls, Insatiable, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World and The Morning Paper. The sexy ones like Get Off which also has the sexiest fucking video ever! Then there’s… I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, Cream, 7, Gold and Call My Name. But the one that ALWAYS made me say “awww shit that’s my song” was KISS! Man, whenever I hear that song I have to sing it at the top of my lungs (in that voice) and just move and groove. LOL, don’t judge because… Prince! Had he heard or seen me, I know he would’ve been like “yeah, get it girl!” 😉




We never even heard about all the generous things Prince did for others. He helped many people on the DL and that’s how you know it was genuine. When you don’t need recognition for the good that you do, you are indeed a wonderful gift to this earth. He donated, anonymously, to many issues that touched him. He was described as wanting to do everything possible that would benefit those he wanted to help. What a blessing!

It’s been said that Prince had a shy demeanor but I believe it was more of a reserved manner. He was very private but far from shy in my opinion. He was candid in his interviews so definitely not a shy person. And lord have mercy his voice when he spoke was so sensual that it made many a woman all hot and flustered. He was sexy, confident, talented and just somebody you wanted to know personally. His performances were just on another level and that I will forever miss.

One thing I LOVED about Prince was that nobody could beat him when it came to “throwing shade.” Bwahahahaa! He mastered that skill to the point where when he did throw it, you didn’t even realize it. He had that “side-eye” game down to a tee and I adored him for that. I mean he was like my kindred spirit because I learned that game through him. 😉 But he was THE BEST! The original “shade thrower.” 😉


So on Thursday, April 21, 2016, I refused to believe the news. However, once his publicist confirmed it, my heart broke and I was filled with sadness. How could Prince be dead at 57, just like that? No fucking way! Prince was like my unicorn (those who know me, know I’m obsessed with unicorns). So yes, Prince was my unicorn… He was magical, he was enchanting, mystical, charming, mysterious, and to me he would always BE. Like this immortal being that would always grace us with his greatness. But he was gone so quickly and what broke my heart even more was that he died alone in an elevator. My God I got home that evening and shed tears listening to the awful news and few details. The next day I woke up with this melancholic feeling that has stayed with me ever since. 😦

There are those that mock others when we mourn the death of an artist. I can bet my left foot that everybody on this earth has an artist that touches them in some deep way with whatever talent they have be it vocal, instrumental, acting, dancing, etc. Artists are those beings that through their talent they bring us joy and laughter. If they sing, they can heal our broken hearts with soulful words, they make us cry, and they bring back memories and make us smile. We may not know them personally, but we know them in the most important way… We know them through their talent because that’s how they’ve touched us. So if you don’t care, let the fans mourn Prince. Let us feel that sadness in our hearts that we will no longer have such greatness walking among us. Let us mourn if only for the fact that a life was lost too soon. It’s called RESPECT. Let us mourn our “Purple One.”




Prince… Thank you for sharing your talents and greatness with us. I personally thank you for making me get up and dance, sing at the top of my lungs and heal many a broken heart with your songs. You will forever be my magical purple unicorn. It is still raining purple for some of us. I will continue to listen to your music and dance and sing like everybody is watching. The world has lost a musical legend, a visionary, an icon, a true inspiration and someone who always managed to make our souls sing and dance.


The word has turned blue since you left us my Prince, but “Heaven Has Turned Purple” for sure! Rest in Peace Prince Rogers Nelson. 1958 – 2016. ❤

AnnaCris 😥

Uhh… Please Let Me Finish!







Another favorite quote of mine!

I’m going to estimate that these words fit about 90% of the human population. Humans just refuse to give up the reins and just LISTEN.

Don’t believe me? Well, just go ahead and start a conversation with someone. Pay close attention to the moment when the other person doesn’t let you finish your sentence before they interject… Boom! I rest my case. It happens more often than not.

Let’s face it. Humans love to hear themselves talk. Very few have mastered that elusive skill called “listening.” When you listen with the intent to reply, you’re not really hearing what the other person is saying. You’re missing out on whatever emotion they’re feeling. You miss out on important details because you’ve already hit fast forward in your mind, and formed a response in your head without allowing the other person to finish speaking. It’s selfish and rude. Learn to listen! Show the person or persons you’re conversing with the respect to have their say as well. Here are some clues that give away this type of behavior:

  • If you interrupt before someone is finished telling you their story, you are not listening to understand.
  • If you continue to talk when someone tries to say their part in the conversation, you are not listening to understand.
  • If you talk OVER someone during a conversation thereby not allowing them to get their word in, you are not listening to understand.
  • If you manage to turn the conversation around to something about yourself while someone is sharing THEIR story, you are not listening to understand.

I know it’s ridiculous that a person can’t shut up for even a few seconds to let another person speak. It’s downright annoying and rude. Soooo…. How do you deal with these types of people?

I’ve gotten into the habit of not even bothering to join the dialogue. I’ll just look at them wide-eyed; sit back, cross my arms and just mmhmm and uh-huhh through the entire conversation. I mean if all you wanna do is hear your voice, then by all means knock yourself out. You obviously don’t value my opinion or feedback so why am I going to bother and waste my energy? And what does it say about this person that they can’t even quiet their mind and respectfully let you finish what you’re saying? Not much except that their highly inconsiderate and selfish. I rarely share my personal stories with people like this because they just leave you empty and sometimes worse off than when you started…

How about you? How do you handle people like this? Are you one of these people who already have the reply beforehand? Why do you suppose you do this? Aye, I have so many questions about this topic but let’s start a two-sided conversation here. Get it? 😉

So y’all know the drill… Comment below and let’s discuss. This is an interesting subject and I’d love to get some feedback so don’t be shy and share your thoughts. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤

Shhh… Hush… Don’t Tell!







I LOVE this quote so much!

When I was a little girl, my mommy always told me this. She didn’t word it exactly this way (and of course, it was in Spanish) but it was the same message. It was so ingrained in my head that ’til this day, I try to live by these words. To have found it worded in such a lovely way by Iyanla was the icing on the cake.




This quote to me described in one word would be “RESPECT.”

If I share good news with you and ask you not say anything just yet, don’t say anything. Don’t take that moment away from me by sharing it first. If I tell you something sensitive about my life and I ask you to keep it to yourself, then keep it to yourself. Don’t take my story and share it with the world if I ask you not to. Maybe I don’t plan to share with the world, but here you are… Y’all get the gist.

When you go ahead and share somebody else’s story without permission, you’re depriving that person of sharing their good news themselves. If they told you something confidential, by telling their story you’re betraying their trust. You’re basically showing no RESPECT towards their faith in you keeping that secret.

Learn to keep your mouth shut. Seriously, it’s NOT that hard. It doesn’t matter how trivial you think the story is, don’t tell it. Just HUSH! I’ve always made it a point to respect other people’s wishes when they ask me not to tell because I would like the same favor in return. It’s as simple as that.

So… what do y’all think? Do you agree with this or nah? Comment below and let me know your thoughts or experiences. I’m sure we’ve all been betrayed at some point by someone who told our story and shouldn’t have. It’s not a great feeling. What was your reaction? Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤


To End or Mend…


Quote Of The Week:


This rarely happens though… Why?

When it comes to those we love, we can be so harsh and sometimes end up pushing those people away and losing them forever. Why?


People prefer to make assumptions.

They prefer to keep it moving, to stay quiet rather than talk things out.

The biggest mistake is ASSUMING and taking it to heart without confirming. Nobody knows what the other is thinking. It could be something completely different than your assumption, but here you are so sure that you’re right.

If someone offended or hurt you, they may not be aware. If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

What if in their eyes they did/said nothing to upset you? Would you rather leave things as is and just distance yourself with no explanation?

Such a shame! You don’t even know if the other side is open to talking. What ever happened to giving things and people a chance or to “innocent until proven guilty?”

“A simple talk can save millions of relationships.”

It’s as simple as that. Few make that effort though.

We’re all about keepin’ it movin’ these days.

We’re all about being so sure that WE are right.

We’re all about “I’m not going to say anything,” let them figure it out. Because we ALL have psychic powers… *queue sarcasm*

We’re all about not getting the facts and so quick to end rather than mend.

Such a shame!

There have been so many good relationships broken because we’d rather not communicate, talk things out and fix the problem.

And what about all the great times you had? Is it THAT easy to throw all of that away rather than being open to making things right again?

If the relationship and person is dear to your heart, wouldn’t you want to save it and keep that person in your life? That is the question…

So… Do you agree?

How do YOU handle difficult situations, fall-outs and/or misunderstandings? Do you confront (in a mature way, of course) or do you keep things in and let things build? Do you take the coward’s way out/easy way and walk away with no explanation never to be heard from again?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been guilty of this many times. However, I’ve chosen in the past several months to change that and be more open. So far it’s done wonders. It’s a work in progress, but I’m willing to continue trying.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship whether it’s a romantic one, a family member or a close friend. If you don’t communicate, how will this person that matters to you know what you’re feeling or thinking, whether they hurt or offended you, if you have a need that’s not being met? Without communication, there is nothing. Yet so many people choose not to. Why is that?

I found this quote on my Facebook photos and thought I’d start a “quote of the week” feature on my blog. I figured tonight is a good night to discuss this… I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Let’s chat. Go! #engage


AnnaCris ❤

Why Are We Killing Each Other…?


How are you all doing today? I wish for you that life is treating you with much kindness and blessings. As for me, I feel disheartened today and not because of anything going on in my life but because of what is going on around us all. Tonight I was going to write a post on beauty but instead I want to focus on something that should interest us all. I want to focus on all the violence going on in our country, hell around the world that is so heartbreaking and scary. This time I did not want to stay silent after last night’s horrible actions by one person.

If you live in the US, I’m sure you’ve seen and heard the news about the deadly massacre that happened at the hands of one person in South Carolina. A group of people gathered in a church for a bible study group, a place of worship, of peace, of prayer, of welcoming anyone in need of a good word was turned into a horrific place where nine people were killed. Nine INNOCENT people who had nothing to do with whatever the shooter’s issues were. It was apparent that his issues were related to race so I guess the only thing those INNOCENT bystanders were guilty of was the color of their skin. What a shame that in this day and age we STILL cannot get past that. The shooter, so young at 21 years of age, capable of such violence went as far as to leave a woman alive so that she could tell the world what happened there and why. This just gives me chills.

WHY? Why are we killing each other? Why has the world turned so violent? Why do we hate each other so? Why do we seem to only focus on the differences that separate us like physical appearances, religious beliefs, where we come from? Do we not realize that all these differences are what make up this wonderful universe? Isn’t diversity and variety something that we crave? Yet diversity and variety are held against so many people these days to the point where one will not think twice to kill over this. Should we all think, look and act the same in order for acceptance to win? Can anyone enlighten me because I just don’t understand why the careless regard for life? Where have empathy, compassion and respect gone?


Over the past 13 years there have been quite a few horrible events that will stay forever in our minds. The September 11, 2001 attacks, innocent children being killed at an elementary school in Connecticut, the deadly shooting in a movie theater in Colorado. How about a number of unarmed people being shot and killed, choked to death or mysteriously injured and later dying while in police custody? By the same token, police are being shot in the name of “payback.” If you look at all of these incidents, they are all in the name of religion, race, somebody’s profession or somebody taking out their problems or beliefs on innocent bystanders. Again I ask the question WHY?!

When did our world become so anti-everyone? Why is it that we cannot accept each other as we are? With all our differences, with our own beliefs, with whatever religion we choose to practice, with our physical perfections and imperfections? All of this is what makes each and every one of us unique, beautiful and interesting. Instead of killing each other let’s ACCEPT! Let’s talk, communicate, and learn each other’s cultures, language, thoughts and feelings. What a wonderful world it would be then.

What are we teaching our children with these actions? That it’s okay to hate someone who is different than we are. That if somebody doesn’t believe in the same God, then something is wrong with them. That if we’re going through major problems perhaps emotional, that it’s okay to take those out on our innocent neighbor because THAT will help our situation. That it’s perfectly fine to judge somebody by their appearance and in turn it’s just as okay to take violent action against them…

Come on! PLEASE stop this madness! Stop the hate, the thoughts that one is superior than someone else for whatever fucked up reason you may have in your head, stop solving everything with killing, stop justifying these killings with excuses of “I thought he had a gun” because wake the fuck up, not every black man carries one. Each and every person on earth has a right to live WITHOUT fear of oppression, fear that just because one looks or dresses a certain way they’re automatically a thug, fear of hate, fear of walking down the street and getting killed, raped or beaten just because. What does anybody gain with all this hatred and violence? In my opinion, they gain absolutely nothing because in the end they either end up in jail (or maybe not, if we go by the outcomes lately in our justice system) or they end up losing their own life at the hands of authorities or their own and then what did that prove? What was the point that they were trying to make to begin with? It makes no sense.

Is it too much to plea to the world to choose acceptance over violence, hatred and fear of somebody else’s differences? Unfortunately, I think it IS too much to ask for because I realize that no matter how much I and those who are also fed up beg and plea, it seems that this is our reality. This is the new way of life and none of us will do a damn thing about it. The world around us is going to shit and we remain in denial. We’d rather look the other way or say that hatred and racism do not exist because if we admit it, that means we’d have to DO something about it. This is the way we live now. This is the new “normal” and sadly, there is always somebody out there plotting the next horrific act. There is always someone out there who refuses to accept somebody who looks different than they do. There is always that somebody…


Today I’m so sad because it hit home that we as a people aren’t even safe in a house of worship. A place where safety and peace are a given, no longer feels that way. I know that this isn’t the first time a church has seen violence but just the thought that Dylann Roof spent one hour around his victims is shocking to me. He was welcomed into the group, probably prayed with them, introduced himself, read the bible with them and then committed such a senseless act. This hurts my heart. It baffles me and prompts me to ask WHY! WTF goes through a person’s mind to make them capable of doing such a thing? I don’t know my loves… I just don’t know.

What I do know is that the families of these victims (all victims not just from this massacre) will never recover from the pain and loss. What I do know is that we all live in fear of being caught in this type of crossfire. What I do know is that sadly, hatred and racism still exist in this day and age. We may have broken many barriers but with the state of the world today, it is my opinion that we have taken many steps back. We cannot close our eyes to this truth no matter how much most of us want to. However, we MUST all join in and end this for the sake and good of our world. We must come together on this if only to leave our children a better place to live in. Let’s not stay silent. Let’s not turn a blind eye. I’m just one person who has no idea how to end this but is willing to try. What are you willing to do? Do we all not want a better world to live in? Don’t we want a world where rather than disliking diversity we come together with these differences and create something beautiful? A world where there is no fear of these types of violence against our human race. That is the world I hope for. It can happen if we all just unite, understand and ACCEPT each other as we are.

What do you think? What do you want for your world? What are you willing to do to obtain it? Are you willing to set aside your beliefs and be open-minded and accept everyone around you? Are you willing?

I leave you with these questions. My heart is heavy tonight so I’ll just say good night and thank you for reading and for commenting respectfully if you wish. Please open your eyes to the truths that we are living with and do your part to end the violence!


AnnaCris ❤